Mike Lyddon’s Bon Appetit Selected for Reels of the Dead

Dateline: Charlotte, NC
No-budget indie genre filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon’s short film BON APPETIT English language version is an official selection and will make it’s WORLD PREMIERE at Reels of the Dead Charlotte, part of the incredible Days of the Dead horror convention taking place at the end of September.
Bon Appetit is one of the segments in WITCH TALES aka CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA.
The film was shot simultaneously in Spanish and English using a bilingual cast.
Visit the Days of the Dead site for info on this great horror convention.

Halloween International Film Festival

Dateline: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
Writer – Director Mike T. Lyddon and Reel Progress LLC are very pleased to announce that the Peruvian made indie horror anthology movie, CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA, is an official selection of the 2019 Halloween International Film Festival in Kill Devil Hills, NC.
More info on this great event soon, for now here is trailer #2 which Halloween Daily News has uploaded to their site –

Peruvian Horror Anthology Movie Wins at SWFF 2019

Dateline: Atlanta, Ga.
Mike T. Lyddon’s latest feature film, Cuentos de la Bruja, has won two more awards at SWFF 2019.
The horror anthology film, made entirely in Peru and starring Mayella Lloclla as The Witch, picked up the main award for BEST FEATURE FILM and the Directors’ Award for BEST MAKE-UP EFFECTS which were done by Nanistronix Crimson, Mike Lyddon, Rubi Dioses Chavez and Ygor Sants Mayorca assisting.
Something Wicked Film Festival is headed up by Kevin L. Powers and showcases truly independent films every year at the festival held in Georgia.

Cuentos de la Bruja Wins at Flicks Film Fest London

Dateline: London – The feature length indie horror anthology movie from Peru has won in the major category of “BEST B-MOVIE” at the annual Flicks Film Festival awards in London.
CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA picked up the top prize in one of the top 8 categories at the event making it the fourth award the film has earned so far this festival season.
The film stars Mayella Lloclla, Raul Chamorro and Magally Aramburu in a seasonal series of short films woven around one Halloween night.
Written for the screen and directed by Mike T. Lyddon, the film is now half way through the festival season and has been featured at six film festivals thus far.
Check out more pics and info on the Cuentos de la Bruja IMDB page.

SWFF 2019 To Host Cuentos de la Bruja

Dateline: Atlanta, Ga.
The feature length horror anthology movie CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA is an official selection at Something Wicked Film Festival happening August 2-4 in Lawrenceville, Georgia.
The festival, directed by Kevin L. Powers, is celebrating it’s 4th year.  6 live action and 6 animated features along with a variety of short films were selected out of many entries received.
Cuentos de la Bruja was made in Peru and filmed simultaneously in two languages using a bilingual cast.  It represents the first ever feature length horror film produced in this manner in South America.  Filmmaker Mike Lyddon is still editing the English version with a target date of September, 2019.

Cuentos de la Bruja Wins at Flicks Film Fest London

Dateline: London – Director Mike T. Lyddon has confirmed that his latest horror opus CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA has picked up two awards from FLICKS FILM FEST LONDON.
The Peruvian made horror anthology film won for BEST B-MOVIE and BEST HORROR FILM in the April awards block and now goes onto the final judging in those categories at the FLICKS FILM FEST event at the end of June.
“I’m really stoked that Cuentos got the Best B-Movie award,” said Lyddon, “and we’ve had a great start to the 2019 film festival season.”
CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA is the spanish language version of the feature length anthology film currently on the festival circuit throughout 2019, while the english version of the film, WITCH TALES, is still being edited.
Short selections from the movie are also being considered for festivals worldwide.

Flicks Film Fest London selects Cuentos de la Bruja

Cuentos de la Bruja, the new feature length horror anthology movie by Mike T. Lyddon, is an official selection of the FLICKS FILM FESTIVAL in London, England.
This festival has monthly and yearly judging, and Cuentos has made it past preliminary rounds to final judging stage which will be announced at the end of May.
Visit the Flicks Film Festival.
London film festival Cuentos de la Bruja

Cuentos de la Bruja Official Selection Moody Crab Film Festival

Reel Progress is pleased to announce that Mike T. Lyddon’s new feature anthology film CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA is an official selection of the Moody Crab Film Festival in India.
The film played over the weekend of April 28 to a packed house of enthusiastic film goers in West Bengal, Calcutta.
This makes the fourth official selection for Cuentos de la Bruja since the beginning of festival season in January.
Please visit the Moody Crab film festival for more detalis.
cuentos de la bruja moody crab film festival

First Man on Mars Spectrum VOD

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