Vintage Man in the Moon Retro Halloween Garland Decoration

Classic Man in the Moon Halloween Garland – Hang them up around the crypt for a festival Halloween season!  These are Vintage photo reproductions on heavy card stock!
Vintage Man in the Moon Retro Halloween Garland Decoration

• Made in the USA
• Beautifully printed on heavy cardstock
• Double Sided Art
• 30% BIGGER!
• 7 feet Black & White Bakers Twine
• Gift Packaging
• Amazing reproductions of vintage German die cuts

Man in the Moon Halloween Garland On Sale NOW!

Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Giant Halloween Cauldron

Double, double, toil and trouble,  Fire burn and cauldron bubble!
Calling all witches and gourmets!
Be a hit during Halloween with this high quality Bruntmor pre-seasoned cast iron cauldron.
This 6 Quarts capacity African Potjie Pot with Lid has 3 Legs for Even Heat Distribution perfect for cooking up your favorite Halloween season meals…perhaps even a guest or two!

This cooking cauldron is designed to let you indulge in your favorite dishes and is made with durable cast iron so it is sturdy and safe to use. 

Whether you’re a Halloween witch or a master chef, this fully functional high quality cauldron makes cooking holiday dishes with this pre-seasoned cast iron cauldron a joy! With a non-stick coating for particularly sticky food, this cook pot will make cleanup a breeze.

Cast iron cauldron features 3 legs and a round belly shape designed for even heat distribution! It has a dome lid and keeps liquids at the lowest point to prevent food from burning, so your meal is always delicious.

The Cast Iron Halloween Cooking Cauldron is on sale NOW!

Retro Halloween Dancing Black Cat Vintage Figurine

Remember when Halloween decorations looked cool?  We do!  And this Retro  vintage dancing Black Cat Halloween Figurine from One Holiday Way is sure to be a hit during the Halloween season…or all year long!
Decorative Tabletop Statuette Figure is a Standing Decoration to add a classic retro touch to your Halloween decor.

Figurines are in the great vintage style of old Halloween decorations. Makes a perfect gift for any vintage Halloween lover. The classic Halloween colors and figures will really liven up any house, office, or mausoleum!

Detailed by skilled artists, these vintage characters feel like they’ve popped right out of a spooky tome. Bright and bold orange black, and white paint make these fun and stylish pieces pop!

Use separately or buy all 3 for an impressive display! Great for small spaces, these ornaments can stand on any table, desk, windowsill, mantel and more!
Resin. Size: 7.5″ high, 6.25″ wide

The classic retro dancing black cat Halloween figure is on sale now!

Poe Ravens On Skulls Halloween Bookends

Based upon the timeless gothic horror works of Edgar Allan Poe, we present these delightful Poe “Ravens on Skulls” bookends for your favorite frightful tomes just in time for the Halloween season!

Books falling off the shelf? Nevermore! Keep your treasured classics and novels in great shape with these beautiful ravens on skulls bookends.
GREAT GIFT – A captivating and unique Halloween gift for that special book worm, Poe enthusiast, goth, or librarian in your life! Comes as a two-piece set with each piece measuring approximately 7″ H x 4.25″ W x 4″ D, adorned with an official DWK tag and carefully packaged in a decorative gift box.
Use these fine cold-cast polyresin bookends to hold books, magazines, file folders, and other items!
These Ravens on Skulls bookends are designed exclusively by in-house designers at DWK, meticulously sculpted, and hand-painted to capture every exceptional, macabre detail.
Impecable quality made to last from durable, high-quality, cold-cast polyresin.
The DWK Poe Ravens on Skulls bookends are on SALE HERE!

Edgar Allan Poe Perched Raven On Skull Halloween Figurine

Just in time for Halloween we present the fantastic Perched Raven On Skull Figurine perfect for seasonal decor during Halloween or display year round.
Inspired by the works of American author Edgar Allan Poe and in particular his classic poem “The Raven,” first published in January 1845, the poem is often noted for its musical quality, stylized language, and brooding supernatural gothic atmosphere.
This Skull with raven is measures 8.5″ H x 5.5″ W x 4.5″ L.
Made of Cold Cast Resin, hand painted and polished. Color tone may vary from pictures.
Decorate your home for the Halloween season with a delightful Poe Raven on Skull figurine, now on SALE!

IRON MAN 2023 Action Figure From HASBRO

HASBRO 2023 Marvel Comics Avengers IRON MAN Action Figure Model 01 From Marvel Legends Series.
We take a good look at the ALL NEW HASBRO 2023 Marvel Comics Avengers IRON MAN Action Figure Model 01 From Marvel Legends Series. This is the original proto-type suit built by Tony Stark in his first appearance as Iron Man in issue 39 of Tales of Suspense published in March of 1963 featuring an Iron Man cover by Jack “The King” Kirby and interior art by Don Heck. Examined in this video – the packaging – box art, accessories, and the 6″ action figure itself.
BUY the new Hasbro Iron Man Model 01 action figure ON SALE.

I’m a sucker for old school silver age Marvel comic book superheroes. I love all the original designs for the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Hulk, and of course, Iron-man. The original characters drawn by Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, the latter who co-created Spider-man with Stan Lee, had a unique proto-type, crude look about them that I find visually satisfying to this day. These characters have gone through so many changes over the years with mixed results depending on the artist but those original creations remain popular with many comic book fans.
I have a grand total of 8 action figures, so it take a lot to get me to fork over money to buy one, but once I saw this new Iron Man model 01 figure from Hasbro, the money flew from my wallet!

I have made a video so you can see the Iron Man action figure in action!  First, let’s take a look at the box and packaging. The box art and layout is very attractive, featuring the action figure on the front and left side while on the right side a close up of the cool Kirby artwork from the March, 1963 issue #39 of Tales of Suspense. The back of the box shows another nice shot of the action figure along with the accessories which include clenched fists, jet flames, and jet smoke. (pics of box and accessories)
Now for the main event, the Iron Man action figure – Here he is out of the box with open hands. Comparing this to the original Kirby and Don Heck art, it is very slightly streamlined but I think it’s a very close approximation of the original prototype model 01 from the comic book. The figure itself has a nice solid weight to it and seems to be of good construction.

It appears that there are 14 points of articulation on this figure beginning with the boots that move from side to side, the knee joints, thigh joints, hands, elbows, shoulders that swivel off the ball joint, the head and the torso.
We all know that with the fantastic first Iron Man movie starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, that when Stark is making the prototype in a cave in Afghanistan, we see more detail on the construction than was previously drawn by Kirby and Heck. That being said, this action figure is based upon the original Tales of Suspense art, and in that respect, I think Hasbro has succeeded.
I also recommend reading the original Tales of Suspense #39 if you have already done so. It is interesting to compare and contrast the original Stan Lee story with the film adaptation released in 2008. In the original comic book per the Grand comic book database, “Playboy industrialist and weapons designer Tony Stark is injured in Vietnam and captured by communists. While pretending to build a weapon for his captors he builds a suit of battle armor to keep his injured heart beating and uses it to escape and beat the communist commander.”
In the 2008 film, they updated the geo-political situation to take place in war-torn afghanistan where tony builds the prototype in a cave. While making his captors think he’s building a super destructive weapon, he secretly creates a unique weaponized suit of armor to fight evil.
So you can see that the same basic premise was maintained from comic book to movie adaptation making the first Iron Man film one of the best Marvel movies ever made.

TASCHEN Masterpieces of Fantasy Art 40th Anniversary Edition PRICE DROP

Fans of incredible fantasy art are familiar with the high quality art books that Taschen produce and one of their most amazing editions is Masterpieces of Fantasy Art now celebrating its 40th anniversary with a 512 page FULL COLOR hardcover edition with an incredible price drop!  Normally this edition sells for 80.00 to 200.00 but now you can get an authentic Taschen Masterpieces of Fantasy Art book for 30.00 with FREE SHIPPING!

This incredible book features fantastic art by Frank Frazetta, H.R. Giger, Hildebrandt, Druillet, and many more top tier artists in the realm of fantasy.

Get your copy of the Taschen Masterpieces of Fantasy Art for 30.00 with Free shipping NOW!

Horror Mike’s 1000 Subscriber Giveaway

NOTICE 6/29/23 – The 1000 subscriber giveaway is now CLOSED. 
Thanks to everyone who entered.

Mike T. Lyddon and Reel Progress LLC are pleased to announce Horror Mike’s 1000 Subscriber Giveaway where you will be entered to WIN one of THREE fantastic prizes just by subscribing to Horror Mike’s Youtube channel!  We have just hit 900 subscribers so we are close to reaching the 1000 subscriber mark.

Three simple steps:

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NOTE: We must be able to verify your subscription through our youtube channel.  Your subscriber name must be visible on our subscriber list.

We will email you your unique number starting from 001.  After we go over 1000 subscribers on the channel, we will have a LIVE drawing on a Friday Night show and the winners will be drawn from a hat during the show.  You do not have to be present to win.  We will contact you if your number was picked.

Every subscriber can participate! International winners will have to pay postage which will be anywhere between $20.00 to $30.00 depending on the item.

No purchase necessary, however, you can increase your chances of winning by buying one of my movies here –
A purchase gives you an additional number which doubles your chances of winning.

The prizes are as follows –
1)THE INCAL – Brand New Hardbound 316 page MOEBIUS and JODOROWSKY epic sci-fi graphic novel that first appeared in the pages of METAL HURLANT and HEAVY METAL magazines. (retail value $45.00)

photo of actual book

2)HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE ISSUE #2 – MAY 1977.  Rare copy in VG+ condition!  Fantastic Moebius cover features art by Druillet, Corben, Moebius, and more. (market value approx. $40.00)

photo of actual book

3)HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE July 1979 – VG+ copy of a great issue of Heavy Metal magazine with a mezmerizing cover by Richard Corben! (market value approx. $20.00)

photo of actual book

NOTE: All of these books are for ADULTS ONLY, so you must confirm that you are over 18 years old upon winning one of them.



sci-fi horror podcast movies comic books magazines pulps action figures“Horror Mike” Lyddon is pleased to announce his new podcast syndicated worldwide on Spotify, Amazon Audible,
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This podcast is devoted to sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and other genre films, books, comic books, magazines, pulps, action figures with an emphasis on 20th century artists.
Mike Lyddon is an artist, writer, filmmaker who has made seven features, a few dozen short films, over 100 live-recorded South American music videos, and the occasional regional commercial.
His latest film, Haunted Thrills, is a multi-award winning documentary on pre-code horror comics. His sci-fi horror comedy “First Man on Mars” has just been released on Blu-Ray for 2023.

Full Moon HORROR Presents David Allen Stop Motion Action Figures

If you love old school practical effects including animatronics, prosthetics, stop-motion animation, and Full Moon films, you have to read this!

alien action figure from Laserblast movie

Laserblast Alien Action Figure

A few weeks ago I became aware of the LASERBLAST alien action figure a few weeks ago and I immediately bought one.  It’s rare that anyone sells action figures based upon stop-motion puppets from classic sci-fi and horror films and the fact that David Allen built and animated the original alien creatures for the Laserblast film made this purchase a no-brainer.
I received the figure in the mail a week later and I LOVE IT.  Granted, it’s approximately three inches tall but the detail is great and it actually looks like the alien from the film unlike many action figures you see where the sculpt bears little resemblance to the film character it’s supposed to portray.

I immediately made a video about it called “Full Moon Entertainment Laserblast Stop Motion Animation By David Allen Plus Alien Action Figure” on my YT channel.
As I gathered more info about David Allen films, Charles Band’s Full Moon empire, I realized the deep connection between Full Moon and David Allen I’d been missing for so many years…
David Allen and his company created and did the special visual effects for many of the Puppet Master films produced by Charles Band for Full Moon Features and those very “puppets” are available for sale as action figures in the Full Moon merch shop.  I watched these films when they came out back in the day but I never paid much attention to the effects artists who did them.  The late 80’s – early 90’s were a tumultuous time in my life and details were something I rarely paid attention to.  I never thought about the David Allen – Puppet Master connection until recently.
I always loved the Puppet Master films, especially the first and third (Toulon’s Revenge) and some of the later movies.  The actual stop-motion in the films is minimal, perhaps 20 to 30 seconds per movie, but that animation is fantastic.  It is what great stop-motion should look like, and David Allen was one of the masters of the art.

Consider a few of the top stop-motion animators – Willis O’Brien, Ray Harryhausen, Phil Tippett, Jim Danforth, and David Allen.  How many mass produced, reasonably priced figures have been made from their creations?  I haven’t seen a lot.  There are high-end puppet replicas (Full Moon has some amazing “life size” replicas, more on that later) but I’m referring to 10 to 30 dollar action figures everyone can afford.  The pickings are slim, folks, so God bless Charles Band and the Full Moon crew for selling these figures that are affordable and do the original David Allen creations justice.

puppet master action figures pinhead and Tunneler

Pinhead and Tunneler Puppet Master Action Figures

In the Puppet Master series, people have their favorite characters.  For me, I always loved Pinhead and Tunneler.  Pinhead must be one of the most ingenious fantasy film puppet creations ever devised.  Using human arms and hands fit behind the puppet for live action worked beautifully, and of course, the animated shots are fantastic.  The Tunneler is a more straight-forward design like the other puppets and his spinning drill head always made me smile when he burrowed into the leg of an unsuspecting victim.
So how great is it that I discovered they have a combo set of Pinhead and Tunneler for sale on the Full Moon store?!  This is a seven inch high fold out box that displays the 4.5 inch characters on either side.  They look fantastic and I cannot wait to get these figures and do a video about them.
puppet master action figures pinhead and TunnelerThey also have a combo box of Blade and Torch and a newer issue of a few of the characters including The Jester, Blade, and Torch.
And then there’s Six Shooter, another one of my favorites!

As they say in the description: “Each ‘original series’ replica is handmade, every stitch of fabric is tailored and scaled to be a recreation of the rod puppets used in the iconic film series, PUPPET MASTER. Each replica comes with a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity and a metal display stand.”

“Made of wire frame and foam construction with artist-sculpted resin head, hands & boots. Clothing is cut from real cloth with tailored accessories. Six Shooter features detachable guns.”

So these are the real McCoy, friends, the “life size” Full Moon replicas of the beloved Puppet Master characters.  I’ll be doing a separate video about these amazing puppets in the future but for the time being, check out my new video on the Laserblast action figure and look for an upcoming video on the Pinhead – Tunneler combo action figures on my “Horror Mike” YT Channel.