Horror Anthology Movie Volume 2 on Vimeo

Horror Anthology Movie vol. 2 now on Vimeo VOD.
Based on both modern and classic horror stories by Joe R. Lansdale, Edgar Allan Poe, Jeff Strand, and Lafcadio Hearn.
Directed by Jeremiah Kipp, Gregory Lamberson, Christian Walker, and Mike T. Lyddon.
87 minutes of wall-to-wall indie film TERROR…no filler!
WARNING: This movie contains mature, or explicit, sexually suggestive content and scenes of a disturbing nature. Mature audience suggested.
Click HERE to watch the trailer.

Witch Tales Horror Movie Trailer English Version on Vimeo

Watch the new English version trailer for the feature length horror anthology movie WITCH TALES now on VIMEO. 
You can also catch the original Spanish language version of the horror movie trailer here –
Peruvian made indie horror film WITCH TALES arrives on BLU-RAY MAY 28TH.
For more info on the film and the WITCH TALES HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST, please visit The FB Reel Progress Page and www.horroranthologymovies.com.
witch tales blu-ray

Witch Tales Blu-Ray Horror Trivia Contest

The new indie horror movie from Mike Lyddon is being released on May 28th on blu-ray and Vimeo VOD, and here is a special offer you won’t want to miss!
Only 300 limited edition blu-rays will be made and inside each blu-ray case you will find 3 horror trivia questions.
Just email us the answers with your special disc number and you are entered to win one of 10 authentic props used in the film WITCH TALES.
Your odds of winning are an incredible 1:30, so if you love a good gory or sexy prop, you’re going to love the WITCH TALES HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST!
The fun starts on May 28th when the blu-ray is officially released. There is no time limit and the drawings will be held one week after the blu-rays are sold out.
Here is the main advertisement along with photos of all the props.
You can now buy the WITCH TALES blu-ray from the following sites –
Ebay – https://www.ebay.com/itm/203022663315 (better for international orders because shipping is much cheaper)
Amazon (more $ because they charge more $ to sell) –
On this sitehttp://www.horroranthologymovies.com/witch-tales-blu-ray/ (international shipping is very expensive)


Witch Tales Anthology Coming May 28th

The feature-length horror anthology movie filmed in Peru, WITCH TALES aka CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA, is being released in a special limited release blu-ray and on streaming VOD Thursday, May 28th.
Mike Lyddon’s seventh feature film was shot simultaneously in Spanish and English language, both versions of which are on the blu-ray.
A very special contest is also being created in conjunction with the blu-ray release, so stay tuned to this site for further details!
witch tales blu-ray vod

Mike Lyddon’s THE SILVER SQUIRREL in Allegory Magazine

Indie filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon’s latest short story THE SILVER SQUIRREL has been published in the new issue of ALLEGORY, the Biannual Online Magazine of SF, Fantasy & Horror.
Based on a years-old concept concerning humans, robotics, and A.I., Lyddon only recently developed it into a short science fiction – speculative fiction story about Man’s last days in a failed Martian colony.
Click Here to visit Allegory Magazine.
The Silver Squirrel story can be found here.
mike lyddon's the silver squirrel

Thing in the Shed on Apple Podcasts

THING IN THE SHED is now available on Apple Podcasts as an audio story read by Kitsie Duncan for the Get Scared Podcast.  You can find the audio version on Spotify and Podbean.
Mike Lyddon’s creepy tale of nanotechnology gone horribly wrong on one dark and stormy night is also a short film segment in the indie film, Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1.
Lyddon also adapted the screenplay from the short movie into a short story which is in the new anthology book, Monster Party.
thing in the shed apple podcast

Get Scared Podcast Presents Thing in the Shed

Mike Lyddon’s short story THING IN THE SHED is now on the GET SCARED PODCAST, read by Kitsie Duncan.


A brand new audio recording of my story for your Saturday FRIGHT NIGHT!
You can listen to it on SPOTIFY or PODBEAN
Many thanks to Kitsie Duncan and the Get Scared Podcast
#horrorpodcast #horrorstories #indiehorror
get scared podcast thing in the shed

Lowest Price Ever for Horror Anthology DVD

horror anthology movie DVD on ebayReel Progress LLC presents the lowest price ever for Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 DVD on Ebay.

Producer and co-director Mike T. Lyddon is also signing the copies which are on sale for $6.95 with FREE shipping.

Starring Ben Matheny of American Horror Story and Scream Queens, the movie is nearly 2 hours long and features 6 original tales of terror from four different filmmakers including Lyddon, Will Frank, Jeff Hollins, and Karl DeMolay.
The stories in this indie horror film are a diverse mix of supernatural terror, sci-fi horror, Lovecraft inspired frights and horror-comedy which have drawn critical praise from both viewers and critics alike.

This is the first in a series of horror anthologies also featuring volume 2.

“Awesomely Gruesome!” Ground Score
“4 Cigars Out Of 4..Fantastic!” Rogue Cinema
“..you’re in for a horrific treat..” Film Threat
“At times equal to or better than V/H/S.” Scared Stiff Reviews
“A bone chilling collection that will give your nightmares bad dreams.” Dale Ashmun

Buy a copy today!

Monster Party Book Signed Now on Ebay

Monster Party Horror Anthology Book on EbayThe new horror anthology book called “Monster Party” is now on sale on Ebay for the lowest price ever offered and SIGNED by one of the authors.
This book is a collection of 14 horror stories written by 14 indie writers and spans the range of sub-genres including supernatural horror, sci-fi horror, horror-comedy, and more.
The color cover edition of Monster Party was published in December, 2019 by Deadman’s Tome.
Here are some of the stories included –
THE ANT PEOPLE by Carlton Herzog.
This is surreal comedic horror tale that reads like an insane version of Gulliver’s Travels. A man is accosted by a civilization of intelligent ants who invade his apartment via his bathroom toilet, using a very small submarine.
Well written and enthralling for the depiction of the rapidly deteriorating scene inside the main character’s bathroom, this is another MONSTER PARTY entry that makes the book well worth reading.
THING IN THE SHED by Mike T. Lyddon.
A horde of very tiny monsters unleashed on one dark and stormy night in this creepy tale that combines classic horror with modern science fiction.  People familiar with nanotechnology or bio-nanotechnology will also find this cautionary tale of interest.
MOTHSQUITO by Pedro Iniguez.
A film crew is shooting a b-movie about a giant scorpion called “Scorpisaurus” when they discover that there is a real mutant horror lurking in the sun-baked desert…
This is the classic concept of “monster movie becomes real,” and Iniguez hits it right on the money with the annoying low budget director Dino DeLuca, the clunky fumbling with the giant scorpion creature (which figures beautifully into the plot), the starlet trying to make it in Hollywood.
MOTHSQUITO is a very well written horror-comedy that never slacks on the pacing, delivers gallons of blood and gore, and totally pays off with a suspenseful yet hilarious resolution.

All of these great stories and much more are part of this fantasic new anthology book called MONSTER PARTY…and you’re invited!

CLICK HERE for the special EBAY pricing on the limited edition signed by author Mike Lyddon.

CLICK HERE to see the book on AMAZON (unsigned).