New Horror Story from Mike Lyddon Being Published

mike lyddon horror story the house on greenville streetDateline: California
Sacramento based Black Bed Sheet Books has picked up Mike Lyddon’s latest short horror story called “The House on Greenville Street” for publication in a new anthology being produced by Days of the Dead.  This new horror anthology series will see books published from all cities DOTD has conventions in.
The first city is Atlanta with a convention coming up February 7 – 9, 2020.
The project, headed up by horror personality Joe Moe and the publishers at Black Bed Sheet Books, is a perfect way to introduce indie horror writers to a convention which is otherwise more concentrated on genre movies and the celebrities who attend them to sign autographs and do photo-ops.
Celeb guests attending Atlanta include Richard Dreyfuss and John Cusack.

Visit Days of the Dead Atlanta here.

Thing in the Shed Official Selection at 2020 Days of the Dead

thing in the shed at days of the deadDateline: Atlanta
Mike Lyddon’s short science-fiction – horror film THING IN THE SHED is an official selection of the 2020 Days of the Dead – Reels of the Dead film festival coming up February 7 – 9 in Atlanta, Ga.
The indie film was originally released in 2013 as part of the HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOL. 1 movie.
Last October, Lyddon sold the short story he adapted from the film to Deadman’s Tome Publications and it is now part of the MONSTER PARTY collection available at several outlets including Amazon and Indiebound Books.

For more information on the Days of the Dead convention, click HERE.

MONSTER PARTY Horror Anthology Color Edition

monster party horror anthologyThe new horror anthology book released on Halloween, 2019 gets a full color cover.  MONSTER PARTY featuring stories by Jessica Bayliss, Carlton Herzog, Andy Rausch, and others is now available in this full color cover edition from Amazon, both in paperback and on Kindle.
You will also find Mike Lyddon’s adaptation of his own film THING IN THE SHED in this collection.
In a reversal of the normal process, Lyddon adapted the movie to a short story which now resides in the pages of MONSTER PARTY from Deadman’s Tome publications.

Click here for the MONSTER PARTY color cover edition.

Note: MONSTER PARTY is also available on Kindle.

Mike Lyddon added to Goodreads

Mike Lyddon

Mike Lyddon on Goodreads

Indie filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon has a new author’s page on featuring several editions of MONSTER! magazine with non-fiction articles about films by Lyddon as well as a new horror anthology book called MONSTER PARTY which contains the short story THING IN THE SHED, the first short story Lyddon sold to indie publisher Deadman’s Tome.
There is also a teaser video from the original THING IN THE SHED film which is currently available as part of an indie DVD produced by Lyddon called HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOL. 1.
Check out the MONSTER PARTY book now for sale on AMAZON.


First Man on Mars on Movies and Mania

Retro write-up for First Man on Mars.
Nice little article from Movies and Mania highlighting some news and reviews on Mike Lyddon’s sci-fi comedy indie feature film FIRST MAN ON MARS (2016), with quotes from a variety of revew sites.
“The script is chock full of sly pop culture and sci-fi references which actually make it better. There are a lot of great one-liners and clever dialogue.”  UK Horror Scene
“The over the top gore, silly dialogue, and ridiculous plot will definitely remind you of Troma’s best films.” Anything Horror
The FIRST MAN ON MARS DVD is available on Amazon.
Streaming on GOOGLE PLAY.
movies and mania covers first man on mars

Mike Lyddon Launches Amazon Author’s Page

Filmmaker writer Mike T. LyddonIndie filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon has recently launched his author’s page at
There are several of the volumes of MONSTER! which contain film and filmmaking articles written by Lyddon.  MONSTER PARTY is a brand new horror anthology book that features his short story THING IN THE SHED.
Thing in the Shed was originally written as a screenplay by Lyddon and developed into a short film which was part of HORROR ANTHOLOGY VOLUME ONE (2013).  The reception for the short film was very good with several critics calling it “very creepy” and “unique” in the indie horror genre.  Bolstered by the critical acclaim, Lyddon did something rather unusual.  He took the original story and screenplay he wrote and adapted it into prose, the exact opposite of what is usually done.
MONSTER PARTY is available in paperback or on Kindle, and free on Kindle Unlimited, so please visit Mike Lyddon’s Amazon Author’s page for more info.

Experiment in Terror at Krampus Festival

Dateline: Boise, Idaho.
Saturday, November 30th, the Idaho Krampus Con and Film Festival will be showing Mike Lyddon’s short film EXPERIMENT IN TERROR followed by the 2015 feature film, KRAMPUS.  Starring Raul Chamorro, Experiment in Terror is a segment from CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA which has seen great success during the 2019 film festival season.
The story revolves around a couple who are searching for an apartment to rent during the holiday season.  They think they’ve found the perfect cheap place to rent, but sometimes “cheap” comes with a very steep price!
The film starts at 8pm at the Lounge at the End of the Universe in Boise, Idaho.
Please check out the Idaho Krampus Con official Twitter page.
Experiment in Terror at Idaho Krampus Con and Film Festival

experiment in terror

Raul Chamorro stars as Dr. Chadwick in Experiment in Terror.

Witch Tales Filmmaker Mike Lyddon at HIFF 2019

Dateline Outer Banks, NC – Indie genre filmmaker Mike Lyddon attended the annual Halloween International Film Festival in Kill Devil Hills, NC this past October, and here are a few photos from the event where Lyddon’s new film,  Cuentos de la Bruja (Witch Tales) screened along with many other features and short films during the 3 day event.
“It was great seeing Cuentos de la Bruja on the big screen at HIFF,” said Lyddon.  “It’s a great independently-owned cinema and the quality was stellar.”

Interview with Indie Filmmaker Mike Lyddon on HWWS

During the Fantasm Orlando event in October 2019, the hosts of Hanging with Web Show interviewed indie genre filmmaker Mike Lyddon whose latest film WITCH TALES aka CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA has been making the film festival rounds for the past year.  They also discussed science fiction in films and writing stories and screenplays based upon emerging technologies, i.e. bio-nanotechnology as used in Lyddon’s short film THING IN THE SHED which is available on the HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOL. 1 DVD.  Lyddon also adapted the screenplay into a short story available in the collection MONSTER PARTY on

Thing in the Shed Published in Horror Anthology Book

In 2013, Mike Lyddon and Reel Progress LLC released Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 featuring 6 tales of terror and clocking in at nearly 2 hours in length.
It was well-received and one of Lyddon’s short films THING IN THE SHED was particularly praised for its creepiness and originality.
“I combined the classic backdrop of ‘One dark and stormy night’ with a cautionary tale about new technology run amok and people really liked it, so I decided to take the original script and adapt it into a short story to sell it.  After a few years and a few dozen rejection notices, Deadman’s Tome publishing bought it this last October for their new horror anthology collection MONSTER PARTY.  It only goes to show that it pays to keep pursuing your goal, even when things look hopeless, because someone, somewhere down the line is going to recognize your work.”
MONSTER PARTY is now available in a limited edition on Amazon.