Pre-code Horror Comic Book Strange Mysteries Two Nov 1951

Strange Mysteries number two published by Superior comics in November of 1951 plus swamp monsters classic monsters of the precode horror comics from Yoe books.
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I thought I’d begin this article on strange Mysteries number two by showing you swamp monsters from Yo books the classic monsters of precode horror comics.  I’ve had this particular book for a little while and I always loved this image this is the cover to strange Mysteries number two so I finally found a copy in good shape that I could afford and I’m going to be showing that to you soon.

The cover and the story which is called swamp Terror. I love Strange Mysteries and Superior comics from Canada.  They also published Journey into Fear and Mysteries weird and strange for example and they used a ton of Iger shop artists. I am 99% sure most of the pencils were done by the artist Robert web as well as the interior story was drawn by Webb.
If you go to you’ll see either question marks or “Iger shop” for the art credits on this book.  It is true that Robert Webb was part of the Iger shop along with artists like Matt Baker, Jay disbrow and others. Robert webb was one of those guys that belted out a ton of stories for Superior Comics.  He’s got an unmistakable style and I’ll show you a couple of similarities that make me believe that this cover was done by Webb and that he also did the interior art but now, just a quick look at Swamp Monsters by Steve Baines and Craig Yoe.  Introduction by Steven Bisette of course his swamp monster right there on top. A rather lengthy article from Bisette with some really cool illustrations there are a variety of stories in here all related to swamp monsters including Basil wolverton’s classic “Swamp monster” from Weird Mysteries number five June of 1953 published by the famous or infamous Stanley Morse.

So that’s just a little look at Swamp Monsters and now let’s get to the actual comic book strange Mysteries number two from November of 1951 published by Superior Comics.  Look at that cover!  The colors everything about this is just phenomenal it is one of my favorite covers from the superior Comics line now it did have a couple of issues with it but not really that extreme.  There’s a few tears down here, a couple of spine issues but overall a pretty solid copy.  This comic book leads off with the story Swamp Terror and as you can see the artist and I believe it’s also Robert webb.  A couple of trademark things about webb are his faces, his female faces, they just have that look.  Another thing that Robert webb always loved to do with his panels is he would add circular panels like this or semi-circular panels.  You can see a little bit an example here with this circular panel is that they would have object coming out of the panel and dangling into other panels like this woman’s legs are coming down into another panel.  He would always have objects going into other panels including a lot of legs, folks. He loved the ladies and the legs.
Swamp Terror!  This is the tale of a horror beneath a slimy gurgling acre of swamp land and of a dead man who fulfilled and carefully planned a plot to murder his entire family for a very surprising reason.  This is my favorite story in the book and it is what I would call a Classic “weird tale” like something you would probably even find in weird Tales pulp magazine.  As a story you’ve got a rich guy, he dies and they’re at the reading of the Will.  The man says, “You’ve all heard Jeff Jenkins Will before. His fortune is left to you two Kay and Ned as his only remaining niece and nephew.  The niece says, “Yeah, that’s easy to take,” and then the old woman says, “…and nothing for me again!  But we were so close in life.”  So you got got the conniving couple and they’re going to get their comeuppence.
The next tale is called Chamber of Doom.  Once again, Robert webb.  They had him doing a lot I think occasionally he would be the sole interior artist doing pencils.  Of course they had inkers and other people but Robert Webb did a ton of pencils for Iger shop and of for Superior Comics.  His trademark circular panels and the layouts, his faces that is just classic Webb.
Midway through we have a two-page story text story called “Ghost bait” by Kermit Wells.
Another good story in this particular book is called “The Haunted hand.”   Once again it’s Robert web, you just tell look at the faces you go back you have your circular panels.
Our final story “Planet without death.”  You notice some tape I put this archival mending tape tissue on these Pages because they’re were some bad tears.  This character looks like Mrs Jolly Green Giant.
Iger shop was kind of like a factory where they would would have some artists do the pencils, inks, even artists that would for example do the figures and then another artist might do the backgrounds. I think the art is great I love the story swamp Terror and the haunted hand in particular.  I hope you enjoyed this video as always please like And subscribe.  Thank you.

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