VOODOO Pre-code HORROR Comics Volume One PART TWO

New VideoVOODOO Pre-code HORROR Comics Volume One PART TWO from YOE Books 2015 with Art by Iger Shop, Matt Baker, Robert Webb, and more.
voodoo precode horror comics part twoIn part two we look at VOODOO comic book issues four through six with many jungle HORROR stories included.
Matt Baker art is featured in many of the jungle horror tales, some of which were originally published in golden age comic books like Seven Seas Comics.  Iger Shop did many of the weird and garish covers for Voodoo and some of the stories may have been written by Iger Studio editor Ruth Roche who wrote many stories published in the pages of other pre-code horror comic books such as HAUNTED THRILLS, STRANGE MYSTERIES, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY, and MYSTERIES, WEIRD and STRANGE.  Some of Voodoo covers were drawn primarily by Robert Webb, a senior artist with Iger Shop at the time. Other Iger studio artists included Matt Baker, Jay Disbrow, and Ken Batefield.  The studio worked as a factory so several artists might work on one story for example.

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