Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal Magazines Part One- The Revolution Of Illustrated Sci-Fi

Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal Magazines Part One – The Birth of Métal Hurlant and the revolution of Illustrated Sci-Fi Magazines. Part one of a long series on both Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal illustrated science fiction and fantasy magazines. … Continue reading

Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal’s Influence on Science Fiction Cinema

Metal Hurlant From Page to Screen – How Heavy Metal Magazine Influenced Science Fiction Cinema with Links to All Movies! by Mike T. Lyddon 12/18/2022 Watch the entire video here. Everyone is familiar with the classic Heavy Metal animated film … Continue reading

Heavy Metal Movies 1981 And Heavy Metal 2000 On The Horror Mike Show

On the 12/11/2022 Horror Mike LIVE Sunday Nooner show we take a good look at the animated science fiction film HEAVY METAL (1981) and HEAVY METAL 2000, the sequel starring Julie Strain, Michael Ironside, and Billy Idol. The original film … Continue reading

ROOM 101 EPISODE 8 – The 10:00 Report is Brought to you by

ROOM 101 – EPISODE 8 The MSM Doesn’t Just Break the News, It MAKES THE NEWS. Edward Bryant’s Story THE 10:00 REPORT IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY… In Episode 8 of ROOM 101, we revisit Harlan Ellison’s 1972 Again Dangerous … Continue reading


ROOM 101 EPISODE 6 is LIVE X-MEN ORIGINS: Theodore Sturgeon’s 1953 Science Fiction Masterpiece MORE THAN HUMAN Did Marvel Comics STAN LEE Base His MUTANTS on Ted Sturgeon’s MORE THAN HUMAN? 10 years before the X-MEN there was Theodore Sturgeon’s … Continue reading

ROOM 101 Field Guide to Science Fiction Full Text and Link List

ROOM 101 EPISODE 5 The Field Guide A reference guide for Room 101. Since beginning the Room 101 series, I have been asked about resources. Where to find science fiction books, movies, etc. online. As noted in the descriptions of … Continue reading

GIANT ANIMALS Attack! HG Wells’ FOOD OF THE GODS Meets B-Movie Mogul Bert I Gordon

ROOM 101 EPISODE 4 When GIANT ANIMALS Attack! HG Wells’ FOOD OF THE GODS Meets B-Movie Mogul Bert I. Gordon. Early science fiction master H.G. Wells wrote THE FOOD OF THE GODS in 1904 and B-Movie Mogul Bert I. Gordon … Continue reading


SOYLENT GREEN and the Science Fiction ECO-DYSTOPIA That Never Was In 1966, well known science fiction author Harry Harrison wrote MAKE ROOM MAKE ROOM which was later adapted to the screen as SOYLENT GREEN. Like millions of people, Harrison was … Continue reading

ROOM 101 Episode 1 – Orwell Huxley and Finney Walk into a Bar…

Do you DARE enter ROOM 101? ROOM 101 Episode 1: Orwell Huxley and Finney Walk into a Bar… We take a look at how George Orwell’s 1984, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and Jack Finney’s The Body Snatchers correlate to … Continue reading

ROOM 101 Teaser is LIVE

ROOM 101 TEASER Did you ever wonder how 1984 really stacked up to what’s going on right now? Or Brave New World? Invasion of the Body Snatchers? We dive into the 1000s of science fiction, scifi-horror, and speculative fiction books … Continue reading