Mike Lyddon Bio

Mike LyddonMike Lyddon Bio
Mike T. Lyddon has been making no-budget indie genre films for more than 25 years.
His latest film, “Witch Tales”  aka Cuentos de la Bruja (2019) is a horror anthology based upon lesser known 1950s pre-code horror comic books in the vein of Tales from the Crypt.  It is currently finishing it’s film festival rounds having landed in 13 festivals and garnered 6 awards over the 2019 season including Best Feature Film at Something Wicked Film Festival in Atlanta and Best B-Movie at Flicks Film Festival in London.
Lyddon’s last film, “First Man on Mars,” was picked up by Summerhill Films/Tomcat Films and has been in distribution for the last 3 years. It has received substantial critical praise from many genre critics.  Troma called it “Excellent,” while Morbidly Beautiful said it was “A joy to watch.”  UK Horror Scene said it is a “Hilarious Parody” and Horror Buzz calls it “…a great sci-fi throwback.”
It is currently available on multiple platforms including Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, and Tubi TV.

Recently, Lyddon sold his first short story, “Thing in the Shed,” to publisher Deadman’s Tome for use in the new horror anthology collection, MONSTER PARTY.  Interestingly enough, the story is based upon the film he made of the same title and released in the Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 DVD in 2013.  “It was odd adapting a short film/script into a short story as this is the reverse of what normally happens, but I was pleased with the results and happy the story finally found a home in print.”  He has an Amazon Authors page that includes Monster Party as well as several issues of Monster! magazine he wrote articles for.

Lyddon is currently in post-production on a new documentary about pre-code comic books called “Haunted Thrills,” and expects the film to show up at festivals and conventions late summer of 2020.  He is also writing a few more short science fiction – horror stories for publication in 2020.