Pre-Code Horror Comics – Original Art Edition 2024

Pre-Code Horror Comics – Original Art Edition 2024

pre-code-horror-comics- original art editionPre-code Horror Comics: Original Art Edition is a brand new 126 page large format book that contains 12 full length original art horror stories from artists such as Bob Powell, Sid Check, Eugene Hughes, Robert Webb, and more.
Edited by genre filmmaker and pre-code horror comic book fanatic Mike T. Lyddon (First Man on Mars, Witch Tales, Haunted Thrills), the book also features dozens of original art comic book covers and their final full color published versions along with some preliminary sketches illustrating the process of creating memorable pre-code horror cover art!  Golden age comics masters including Harvey Comics’ legendary Warren Kremer, Lee Elias, John Chilly, Bernard Baily, and L.B. Cole, to name a few.

PLUS: We’ve added a few rarely seen UNPUBLISHED pre-code horror comics covers
that are sure to delight!  First printing limited to 100 signed and numbered copies.

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“Awesome book, thank you!”
“The book is awesome and at a very fair price”
“A truly beautiful book!! Lovingly put together and a bargain!!”
“Great collection of stories and art.”

Some more examples from the book:
precode horror comics original art edition - death sentence story by sid check


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