Halloween Horror Anthology Movie Bundle

halloween horror anthology movie bundleHalloween season is here, and what better way to kick off our favorite time of year than with a Bundle of HORROR!
The Halloween Horror Anthology Movie Bundle, that is!
From now until Nov. 1st, when you buy the new WITCH TALES horror anthology blu-ray on Ebay, you get the BONUS HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE vol. 1 DVD with FREE SHIPPING!
It’s enough to make you scream and shout…or just scream!
Over 3 HOURS of indie anthology madness for the low price of 16.80 on EBAY!
And if that wasn’t enough to drag your carcass over there, when you buy the WITCH TALES blu-ray you can play the HORROR TRIVIA GAME and ENTER TO WIN one of ten custom MOVIE PROPS from the film!
So what are you waiting for?!

Witch Tales Blu-Ray Horror Trivia Contest

The new indie horror movie from Mike Lyddon is on BLU-RAY and Vimeo VOD, and here is a special offer you won’t want to miss!
Only 300 limited edition signed & numbered blu-rays will be made.
Inside each blu-ray case you will find 3 horror trivia questions.
Just email us the answers with your special disc number and you are entered to win one of 10 authentic props used in the film WITCH TALES.
Your odds of winning are an incredible 1:30, so if you love a good gory or sexy prop, you’re going to love the WITCH TALES HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST!
The fun starts on May 28th when the blu-ray is officially released. There is no time limit and the drawings will be held one week after the blu-rays are sold out.
Here is the main advertisement along with photos of all the props.
You can now buy the WITCH TALES blu-ray from the following sites –
Ebay – https://www.ebay.com/itm/203022663315 (shipping is less expensive)
Amazon (more $ because they charge more $ to sell) –
On this sitehttp://www.horroranthologymovies.com/witch-tales-blu-ray/


Customer Reviews On Witch Tales Blu-Ray

We love getting good reviews from film critics across the globe, but there’s something about receiving praise from the very people who buy your movie!
These unsolicited blu-ray customer reviews of WITCH TALES were received by email and also taken directly from the EBAY Feedback on our seller’s page, and we’ve been blown away by the notes we’ve gotten from the people who matter most…our loyal customers!
“Great film!”
“The movie was excellent!”
“I really enjoyed it. All the stories were solid and I will be recommending to my friends.”
“I am a huge horror fan and I loved Witch Tales. Well done.”
“Watched my copy last night, I really enjoyed it.”
“..excellent horror anthology. Highly recommended!”
“Loved your film! I’m a major horror fan and collector.”
“Great movie!”
Right now, you can get a great HALLOWEEN HORROR BUNDLE!
The WITCH TALES blu-ray and HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOL. 1 DVD for one incredibly low price…but it doesn’t stop there!
Play the HORROR TRIVIA GAME and enter to win an authentic (with COA) movie prop from WITCH TALES.
Please visit the main page and take advantage of this amazing Halloween offer!
customer blu-ray reviews of witch tales

Book Cover Reveal for New Charity Horror Anthology

horror anthology book it came from the darknessRed Cape Publishing in conjunction with Philip Rogers PR 101 have released the cover image for the forthcoming charity horror anthology book called IT CAME FROM THE DARKNESS.
The book will go on pre-order Sept. 23rd and be available for sale on October 30th, 2020.
It features 100 short stories and poems by indie horror writers and artists such as Singh Lall, Tori Romero, Arthur M. Harper, Debbie Rochon, Jason McFiggins, Tony Mardon, Mike T. Lyddon, John Ryan Howard, Carmilla Voiez, Chisto Healy, Theresa Jacobs and D.J. Doyle.
Proceeds go to the Max the Brave Fund, a charity that helps children battling cancer.
For more info on this great project, please visit the Red Cape Publishing website.

New Trailer For The Cordyceps Principle From Horror Anthology Movie Volume One

Mike Lyddon and Reel Progress are pleased to present a new trailer for the body horror film THE CORDYCEPS PRINCIPLE, one of the six short films you’ll find in HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOL. ONE DVD now on sale for Halloween 2020!
Buy it on EBAY for the lowest price ever – $6.80 FREE SHIPPING.
You can also Watch it on VIMEO for the incredibly low price of $1.49.
The Cordyceps Principle tells the story of a sociopathic photographer who dreams of killing his indifferent, domineering wife. One day on a shooting expedition he discovers something deep in the southern swamps that just might do the trick in this sci-fi body horror shocker.
Horror Anthology Movie vol. 1 stars Ben Matheny (American Horror Story: Coven, Scream Queens), Cherie Roberts (The Lookalike), Brian Lanigan (First Man on Mars, Cut Up).

Pre-Code Horror Comic Book Stories from Witch Tales (2020)

pre-code horror comic book witch tales anthology

A little look behind the scenes of the making of WITCH TALES, now for rent on VIMEO and on a limited edition blu-ray.
The 3 tales presented in Witch Tales are based upon stories from lesser-known pre-code horror comic books of the 50s in the vein of TALES FROM THE CRYPT.
Experiment in Terror (shown on the cover of FANTASTIC FEARS #8) was penned by Ajax-Farrell editor RUTH ROCHE, who wrote many of the stories for HAUNTED THRILLS, FANTASTIC FEARS, and others in the Ajax line up. She was one of the few women in pre-code comics at the time and worked for Jerry Iger at the “Iger Shop.”
BON APPETIT, originally known as CHEF’S DELIGHT, was also later released as FOOD FOR GHOULS in Eerie Publication’s WEIRD magazine in the 1960s. It first appeared in MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURES #20 in 1954.
CYCLE OF HORROR originally appeared in CHAMBER OF CHILLS #16 from Harvey Comics in 1953. The writer is unknown, probably the editor at the time, but the artist was Al Eadeh, who did a lot of work for Harvey in the 50s.
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Mike T. Lyddon and Reel Progress LLC are pleased to present the latest trailer for the WITCH TALES (2020) Horror Anthology movie.
The new indie horror film Witch Tales is now available as a limited edition, signed and numbered BLU-RAY that contains and exciting HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST!
Just answer the trivia questions on the insert in the blu-ray and enter to WIN one of ten MOVIE PROPS from the film!
Witch Tales aka Cuentos de la Bruja is the first horror anthology film shot in both English and Spanish languages which are both on the blu-ray.
Based on the 1950s pre-code horror comic books in the vein of TALES FROM THE CRYPT, the film stars Mayella Lloclla as THE WITCH who presents three gruesome tales of terror while concocting her own special potion for the CONJURATION FINALE!
Right now, you can get the Witch Tales blu-ray along with a FREE DVD of HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOL. 1 at a very special HALLOWEEN PRICE!
Visit our Ebay store for more details –

You can also watch WITCH TALES on Vimeo VOD.

WITCH TALES (2020) HORROR Anthology Trailer #3 from Reel Progress LLC on Vimeo.

First Man on Mars Vlog Episode From Ciao Handy Films

Ciao Handy Films has an excellent new vlog entry called “Bristol Rovers, Mars Rover” wherein he takes a trip to Bristol and encounters the rare video rental store.  He also gets into Mike Lyddon’s 2016 indie science fiction horror-comedy FIRST MAN ON MARS, with clips and commentary.
Also, can’t forget the MARS Cookies which really do look good!
You can buy First Man on Mars DVD on sale on Amazon and available for rent on YouTube, Google Play, Spectrum, and a host of other platforms.

Witch Tales (2020) Blu-Ray Now On Etsy Platform

Mike Lyddon and Reel Progress LLC are pleased to announce that WITCH TALES blu-ray is now on sale on the ETSY platform.  ETSY is great because it allows indie artsts and creators of all kinds to sell their items.
HALLOWEEN SALE IS ON!  From now until Nov. 1st, get the indie horror film sensation WITCH TALES blu-ray, BONUS Horror Anthology Movie vol. 1 DVD, and play the HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST to enter to WIN one of ten great MOVIE PROPS from the film!
Click here to visit our ETSY store.

Click here to visit EBAY (same great offer as ETSY)

Witch Tales blu-ray on Etsy and Ebay

Witch Tales blu-ray on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, and horroranthologymovies.com



‘Tis the Season to be SCARY!
Reel Progress is pleased to announce the return of our annual HALLOWEEN SALE on our entire catalog of INDIE SCI-FI and HORROR FILMS!
From now until November 1st, SAVE BIG on WITCH TALES (2020) BLU-RAY
on EBAY – Normally 19.95, now 16.80 with FREE DVD and FREE SHIPPING!
Or get the Witch Tales blu-ray solo (w/out dvd) for only 14.80 w/FREE SHIPPING!  You won’t see a lower price this year!
And remember, play the HORROR TRIVIA game you’ll find inside your WITCH TALES BLU-RAY and enter to WIN one of ten MOVIE PROPS from the film!
halloween movie sale witch tales

New Ciao Handy Films Video Features Horror Anthology Movie Vol 1

Excellent new video from Ciao Handy Films on their YT channel talking about indie Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 with a few mentions of WITCH TALES and FIRST MAN ON MARS.
Interest is focused on Blood of a Saint, 5 Miles Straight Ahead, and The Cordyceps Principle, 3 of the 6 segments you will find on the HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE DVD on sale now for $6.95 with FREE SHIPPING on Ebay.
If you want to get it for FREE, simply head over to Ebay (or on this site) and get the NEW WITCH TALES blu-ray and we’ll send you the DVD absolutely FREE.
The DVD has 6 tales of original horror clocking in at nearly two hours long, very rare for a horror film.