Antologia de Terror

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Estreno de Antologia de Terror
Este 27 de Agosto del 2014 se estrenará “Antologia de Terror” con 3 historias unicas y autenticas nunca antes vistas del mismo director. Mike T. Lyddon. subtituladas al castellano.
antologia de terror pelicula horror
 Los cortometrajes que estan incluidos son:
” La Cosa En El Cobertizo” ( Thing in the shed)
” El Principio De Cordyceps” ( The cordyceps principle)
“El Metraje Encontrado, Arabí”( Found Footage, Arabi)

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Volume one of the Horror Anthology Movie series is now available in the limited edition DVD format on Ebay, Amazon and Vimeo!
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Horror Anthology Movie volume one on dvd amazon ebay vimeo
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Creepers Anthology Movie in Production Now

The feature length horror anthology movie Creepers aka “Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 2″ is currently in production with principal photography completed on three of the four segments with the last segment and the wraparound scheduled to be shot in June.
Here are some stills from the first three segments shot.
Joe Lansdale's By the Hair of the Head
Creepers segment “By the Hair of the Head” adapted from the story by Joe R. Lansdale, screenplay and direction by Mike T. Lyddon.

Gregory Lamberson Gave up the Ghost
Gregory Lamberson directed “Gave up the Ghost” adapted from a story by Jeff Strand.

Lacadio Hearn's Of a Promise Broken
Lacadio Hearn’s “Of a Promise Broken” adapted for the screen and directed by Christian Walker.

Volume One On Sale Now

In celebration of Footage Found, Arabi showing at this weekend’s H.P. Lovecraft Horror Film Festival in Portland, Oregon we are having a sale on HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOLUME ONE limited edition DVD!
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H.P. Lovecraft Movie Vimeo VOD Sale

To celebrate the Horror Anthology Movie segment “Footage Found, Arabi” playing at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival April 11-13, we are having a special sale on both thru April!
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found footage horror H.P. Lovecraft

Screening Of New H.P. Lovecraft Film

Horror Anthology Movie Vol. One segment “Footage Found, Arabi” will be showing at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in April. Inspired by Lovecraft’s supernatural mythos, the film is found footage within found footage proving once again “that which should never be seen, but forever held.”
VOD Horror fans can watch the entire film on Vimeo in glorious HD with a new soundtrack re-mix!
Footage Found Arabi Lovecraft Film screening

Creepers aka Horror Anthology Movie Volume 2

creepers horror anthology
Reel Progress LLC announces pre-production on the forthcoming feature film “Creepers – Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 2″ shooting in March of 2014 and wrapping in July for a scheduled October release.
Joe R. Lansdale and Jeff Strand provide two contemporary stories while two classic tales of terror will be adapted from authors Lafcadio Hearn and Edgar Allan Poe.
Creepers is a horror anthology film that celebrates the weird written word adapted from scribe to screen.  The directors include author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson, Jeremiah Kipp, Christian Walker and Mike T. Lyddon.

For more information please visit the Creepers website.

Critics Respond to segments in Horror Anthology Movie Vol. One

critics on horror anthology movieReviews of Horror Anthology Movie volume one have been very good across the board, and here are some quotes about the six tales of terror you’ll see in this extraordinary anthology film.
The Cordyceps Principle -
“Creepy and disgusting, the segment is well acted and very well directed.” Cinema Crazed
“..a good-looking short film” Film Threat
Five Miles Straight Ahead -
“..packs excellent tension and a great surprise ending.” Cinema Crazed
Thing in the Shed -
“..a unique approach to horror..very compelling” Scared Stiff Reviews
“Appropriately spooky, I really enjoyed this one.”
Film Threat
Section 49 -
“..a black and white fever dream from Hell”
Film Threat
Blood of a Saint -
“..absurd and disturbing at the same time” Film Threat
Footage Found, Arabi -
“..creepy, beautifully directed, and features a fantastic final scene.” Cinema Crazed

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New Stills From Horror Anthology Movie

Here are some production stills and frame grabs from Horror Anthology Movie Volume One which we have never published on this site..enjoy!
cordyceps principle special make up fxMake up effects artist Kristal Shannon in the middle of an 8 hour on set application  with assistant Rubi Lyddon as they prepare actress Jessica Hanson for a very gruesome scene from The Cordyceps Principle.

The Cordyceps PrincipleFungus among us! The grisly results of the cordyceps fungus infection from The Cordyceps Principle, one of the segments from Horror Anthology Movie Volume One.

Thing in the Shed Brian LaniganActor Brian Lanigan stars in another segment for Horror Anthology Movie vol. 1 entitled Thing in the Shed.

bionanotechnology thing in the shedBio-nanotechnology runs amok in the science fiction – horror segment Thing in the Shed from Horror Anthology Movie Volume One starring Roy Jackson Jr. and Brian Lanigan.