Cuentos de la Bruja Official Selection Days of the Dead

Mike Lyddon’s new feature length horror anthology movie CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA picks up it’s second official selection, this time at the REELS OF THE DEAD film festival which is part of the large U.S. horror convention, DAYS OF THE DEAD in Atlanta, Georgia.
The convention features guests CLIVE BARKER, SID HAIG, TONY TODD and many others in a three day genre extravaganza.
Visit the official Days of the Dead website for more info.
cuentos de la bruja official selection days of the dead

Cuentos de la Bruja wins at Infierno en los Andes Film Festival

The feature-length horror anthology movie CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA, picked up an honorable mention in the Best Feature Film category at Infierno en los Andes Film Festival Dec. 20 – 22 in Puno, Peru.
Director Mike Lyddon was on hand for the event which saw his film shown twice during the festival.  Many thanks to Henry and the rest of the festival crew for a great time, and we are looking forward to next year!
Cuentos de la Bruja is the spanish language version of Witch Tales, a horror anthology film with stories from pre-code horror comic books of the early 1950’s.
Cuentos de la Bruja wins in film festival

Tribute To Stan Lee on Ghost Clinic

Marvel Tales 93We lost one of modern America’s great cultural icons on November 12.  Stan Lee was perhaps the most influential name in comic books but many do not realize he was editor-in-chief during Atlas / Marvel’s late 1940’s – early 1950’s pre-code comic book run.  During that time, Stan helmed and wrote many of the horror anthology titles and published 100’s of different issues dwarfing the output of competitor, EC Comics.

The pre-code horror enthusiasts at Ghost Clinic have been posting many of the comic book covers and titles on their Facebook page over the last month and have written up a nice little tribute to the pre-code Stan Lee on their official blog.







Ghost Clinic presents Haunted Thrills Doc Trailer

Ghost Clinic Films, the documentary division of Reel Progress LLC, presents trailer #1 for Mike Lyddon’s forthcoming documentary about pre-code horror comic books of the 1940’s – 50’s HAUNTED THRILLS (2019) featuring interviews with original pre-code artists Everett Raymond Kinstler, Joe Sinnott and Vic Carrabotta.
Many golden age/atom age artists spotlighted including Matt Baker, Russ Heath, Iger Shop, Basil Wolverton, Lee Elias, L.B. Cole and more.
Haunted Thrills will be on the comic con and film festival circuit for the better half of 2019.
Vimeo video –
Youtube –

Haunted Thrills (2019) Trailer #1 from Mike L Thomas on Vimeo.

Ghost Clinic is LIVE

Mike Lyddon and Reel Progress LLC are pleased to announce that the documentary branch of Reel Progress is now LIVE!  Ghost Clinic is designed specifically for documentaries about pre-code horror comics and magazines and our forthcoming doc HAUNTED THRILLS will be making its film festival run throughout 2019.
Here is an animated teaser, and you can visit the new GHOST CLINIC site here.

Halloween DVD Special!

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Filming Wraps on Witch Tales Horror Film

Dateline: Lima, Peru.  Principal photography has wrapped on the forthcoming feature length horror anthology movie by Mike T. Lyddon, WITCH TALES aka CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA (2019), starring Mayella Lloclla.
Post production is already underway for the spanish version CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA, with an anticipated sneak peek of the film in Lima at the end of October, 2018.
See the PRESS page for more info.
Poster art copyright 2018 by Mike Lyddon / Reel Progress LLC.  All rights reserved.
Cuentos de la Bruja - Witch Tales

The Shadow Pulp Magazine April 15 1940 Prince of Evil

The Shadow pulp magazine April 15, 1940 issue

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Prince of Evil knows in this exciting Shadow Pulp magazine from 1940!

The Shadow pulp magazine on sale now.
Golden age pulp magazine The Shadow from April 15th, 1940 – volume 33, number 4 featuring the story “Prince of Evil written by long time Shadow writer Theodore Tinsley with cover by popular pulp artist Graves Gladney.  The index page reads “as told to Maxwell Grant.”
While The Shadow pulp novels were usually written by Walter B. Gibson, there were several instances where other writers stepped in to write the novel.  This was the case with this issue, wherein the lead story was written by Theodore Tinsley.
Also included in this issue of The Shadow pulp magazine are the stories “Jimmy’s Lemon” written by George Allan Moffatt, The Shadow Club and “Codes” by Henry Lysing.
Highlights on the Shadow is a twice monthly feature where readers write in to praise and criticize the previous month’s offerings.
This Street and Smith publication was published twice a month and is rated a 6.0 by Overstreet grading standards.  The cover is gorgeous with great color retention and only a bit of chipping on the upper and lower spine.

This Shadow pulp magazine may be purchased directly or bid upon by going to the Comic Connect link here.

Adventures Into Terror 43 Pre-code Horror

atlas comics golden age pre-code horror adventures into terrorAdventures Into Terror #43 from Atlas – Marvel is now available at ComicConnect!  Formerly titled “Joker Comics,” this great pre-code horror comic has superb cover art by Russ Heath with attributed colors by Stan Goldberg. It features horrifying stories written by Stan Lee with interior art by Ed Winiarski, Mike Sekowski, George Klein and Russ Heath.  The sub-header reads “Mysterious Tales of Haunted Suspense.”

The cover story entitled “The Thing in the Cave” features the classic text as a couple tries to escape the clutches of a giant monster they’ve discovered in a deep, mysterious cavern.  As the giant misshapen hand grasps at the woman, the man yells, “Listen! The walls are shaking!  The roar is getting louder!  The…GOOD HEAVENS!  LOOK!  The thing has found us!”

This golden age horror anthology comic has been rated 4.0 which puts it at a decent lower mid-grade, a very desirable rating for many collectors and fans of pre-code horror comics.

It is important to note that there are two versions of this comic.  The original version was published by Atlas-Marvel in 1950, but Superior Publishing in Canada reprinted the issue later in the same year.

Click Here for more information on Adventures Into Terror 43.