ROOM 101 Episode 2 is LIVE – Lester del Rey’s BADGE OF INFAMY

In this new episode of ROOM 101, we look at the Time when science fiction master Lester del Rey Predicted a Deadly 21st Century CCP Virus Outbreak and global pandemic in his 1957 Novella, Badge of Infamy.
Watch Episode 2 of ROOM 101 here –
Born June 2nd, 1915, Lester del Rey was an American sci-fi author and editor known for many novels including Tunnel Through Time, Nerves, Outpost of Jupiter, Mysterious Planet, Some were Human, and of course, Badge of Infamy.
His books were mainly published during the 1950s and 60s during an amazing period of science fiction that included stellar contributors to the genre like Isaac Asimov, Fredrick Pohl, Fritz Leiber, Clifford Simak, and others.

ROOM 101 Episode 1 – Orwell Huxley and Finney Walk into a Bar…

Do you DARE enter ROOM 101?
ROOM 101 Episode 1: Orwell Huxley and Finney Walk into a Bar…
We take a look at how George Orwell’s 1984, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and Jack Finney’s The Body Snatchers correlate to our current reality. This is the first episode of a series examining science fiction and speculative fiction of the past and how they got it right…and wrong.
Created, narrated, and edited by Mike T. Lyddon.

ROOM 101 Teaser is LIVE

Did you ever wonder how 1984 really stacked up to what’s going on right now? Or Brave New World? Invasion of the Body Snatchers? We dive into the 1000s of science fiction, scifi-horror, and speculative fiction books and movies that hit the nail on the head or swung and missed trying to predict the future that is NOW.
Our future. Welcome to ROOM 101.
Get ready for the first episode called “Orwell, Huxley, and Finney Walk into a Bar…” out first week of January, 2022.
Presented by Mike T. Lyddon and RPLLC.

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HAUNTED THRILLS Horror Comics Documentary Released on Major Platforms

A new documentary on pre-code horror, science fiction, and crime comic books of the 1950s, HAUNTED THRILLS explores the lesser known publishers and titles of the era and spotlights the writers and artists who made it happen.
Haunted Thrills features exclusive interviews with pre-code artists Everett Raymond Kinstler, Joe Sinnott, and Victor Carrabotta. Sinnott and Carrabotta talk about working for Stan Lee and Atlas Comics in the Empire State Building with some great stories about Stan and Marvel comics legend Jack Kirby.
Haunted Thrills is midway through it’s 2021-2022 film festival run and is an official selection in 11 festivals so far, garnering 5 awards for Best Short Documentary Film. This doc is a companion piece to Mike Lyddon’s previous feature film WITCH TALES, a horror anthology movie that adapts pre-code horror comic book stories to the screen.

Haunted Thrills horror comics documentary

Haunted Thrills Copyright 2021 Mike T. Lyddon and RPLLC. All rights reserved.

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This very special issue is signed by both the publisher of CHM and one of the indie horror authors and illustrators, Mike T. Lyddon.
Featuring The Dust of Nyarlathotep by Scott Michael Hutchings
The Hogansburg Horror by Mike T Lyddon
The West Arkham Reservoir by J.M. Faulkner
A Deal Between Bats by Erica Ciko Campbell
The Child by Gregg Chamberlain
The Final Touchdown of Zebulon Warren by James A. Wolf
The Music of Erich Zann by H.P. Lovecraft
The Hound by H.P. Lovecraft
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signed lovecraft issue of cosmic horror monthlyDateline: the nether reaches of the dark cosmos.
The very special 2021 LOVECRAFT issue of COSMIC HORROR MONTHLY featuring stories and illustrations in a Lovecraftian vein is now on sale on Ebay.
There are very few copies remaining of this edition SIGNED by the publisher Charles Tyra and one of the authors Mike T. Lyddon who contributed his story “The Hogansburg Horror” and a few illustrations to the issue.
A few short reviews from readers as follows:
“Issue 19 is dedicated to the master of terror H.P. Lovecraft and Lyddon’s story is a perfect fit for this issue. I actually felt like I was reading a lost Lovecraft story. “  D. Ashmun
“Just read your story in that issue and I dug it quite a bit — on top of the Dunwich and Whateley family connection, I liked the very Lovecraftian ‘communication from a friend who has gone insane’ setup and the twist it plays out with.”  M. Stern
“The Hogansburg Horror is a tense, atmospheric tribute sure to please Lovecraft fans and fans of the genre in general.”  S. Stark

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Mike T Lyddon Lovecraft HORROR Art Featured In Lovecraftiana Halloween 2021

Dateline: London, England
Rogue Planet Press, an imprint of Horrified Press in the UK has released Lovecraftiana: Halloween 2021 magazine featuring Lovecraft based horror art by filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon and many fictional tales of cosmic horror by a variety of authors.
This is the first time that Lyddon’s work has been featured on the cover and exclusively used inside a publication.

The cover art with signature “Lyddon after Moore” refers to the great sculpture Bryan Moore’s original sculpt of “Brown Jenkin,” a rat-like familiar described in H.P. Lovecraft’s classic horror story “Dreams in the Witch House.”  Lyddon purchased a copy of Moore’s maquette years ago and took some atmostpheric photos of it.  In 2021, he used those very photos to design and create the cover you see here.
Lovecraftiana: Halloween 2021 is currently available on Amazon in both Print and e-book.  The print edition is more than 130 pages and costs a mere $5.99.  Highly recommended.

Haunted Thrills Opens For Romero’s CREEPSHOW At Florida Festival

Indie documentary HAUNTED THRILLS is an official selection of the 2021 NEW FLORIDA CINEMA Film Festival line up.
On October 23rd, they are going to screen an excerpt from Haunted Thrills before screening George Romero’s CREEPSHOW.
This is of particular interest considering that Creepshow is one of the greatest horror anthology films ever made, done in the vein of 1950s pre-code horror comics which is the subject of Haunted Thrills.
On October 30th, they are screening a night of horror trailers including HAUNTED THRILLS.
The documentary will also be in consideration for the awards event to be held in December, 2021.
Haunted Thrills is a companion piece to Mike T. Lyddon’s previous feature film WITCH TALES, now available on signed and numbered blu-ray.
haunted thrills opens for creepshow at florida film festival