Halloween Horror Anthology Movie Bundle

halloween horror anthology movie bundleHalloween season is here, and what better way to kick off our favorite time of year than with a Bundle of HORROR!
The Halloween Horror Anthology Movie Bundle, that is!
From now until Nov. 1st, when you buy the new WITCH TALES horror anthology blu-ray on Ebay, you get the BONUS HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE vol. 1 DVD with FREE SHIPPING!
It’s enough to make you scream and shout…or just scream!
Over 3 HOURS of indie anthology madness for the low price of 16.80 on EBAY!
And if that wasn’t enough to drag your carcass over there, when you buy the WITCH TALES blu-ray you can play the HORROR TRIVIA GAME and ENTER TO WIN one of ten custom MOVIE PROPS from the film!
So what are you waiting for?!

Witch Tales Blu-Ray Horror Trivia Contest

The new indie horror movie from Mike Lyddon is on BLU-RAY and Vimeo VOD, and here is a special offer you won’t want to miss!
Only 300 limited edition signed & numbered blu-rays will be made.
Inside each blu-ray case you will find 3 horror trivia questions.
Just email us the answers with your special disc number and you are entered to win one of 10 authentic props used in the film WITCH TALES.
Your odds of winning are an incredible 1:30, so if you love a good gory or sexy prop, you’re going to love the WITCH TALES HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST!
The fun starts on May 28th when the blu-ray is officially released. There is no time limit and the drawings will be held one week after the blu-rays are sold out.
Here is the main advertisement along with photos of all the props.
You can now buy the WITCH TALES blu-ray from the following sites –
Ebay – https://www.ebay.com/itm/203022663315 (shipping is less expensive)
Amazon (more $ because they charge more $ to sell) –
On this sitehttp://www.horroranthologymovies.com/witch-tales-blu-ray/


WITCH TALES Horror Anthology Makes 2020 Top Five List

Dateline: UK
Ciao Handy Films has released its year-end video listing the Top Five Physical Media of 2020 and Mike Lyddon’s latest feature film WITCH TALES has made the cut.
The list highlights indie horror films released on Blu-ray and DVD that offer something more to the customer, and the WITCH TALES BLURAY – HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE DVD does just that.
The special bundle from RPLLC includes the limited edition, signed and numbered WITCH TALES bluray that has both the English language and Spanish language versions of the film along with a “Gallery of Horrors” featuring BTS stills and a Trailers from Hell section with more RPLLC movie previews.
On top of that, you receive a limited edition signed HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE Vol. 1 DVD that clocks in at nearly two hours long and features 6 original tales of science fiction and supernatural horror.
And if that wasn’t enough, you can play the WITCH TALES HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST and enter to win one of ten movie props screen-used in the film.
Right now until Jan. 2nd, 2021, you can get this exciting combo for 20% OFF the regular price and FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.
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Play the WITCH TALES HORROR TRIVIA GAME– enter to WIN movie props from the film
WITCH TALES solo Blu-ray, limited edition, signed:
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Play the WITCH TALES HORROR TRIVIA GAME– enter to WIN movie props from the film
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Get the WITCH TALES bluray / HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE DVD bundle for 25% OFF!
Play the HORROR TRIVIA GAME and enter to WIN MOVIE PROPS from the film!


Get the limited edition signed DVD for 6.66 👹
Stars Ben Matheny of AHS, Scream Queens among many others.
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It Came from the Darkness Horror Anthology Book Release

Dateline: UK
Red Cape Publishing and Philip Rogers’ new horror anthology book “It Came from the Darkness” is now available in both print and digital formats!
Featuring horror stories, poems, and art from nearly 100 writers and artists, the proceeds from It Came from the Darkness go to a fantastic charity called Max the Brave Fund that helps children suffering from cancer.
With contributions from Lou Yardley, Maya and Singh Lall, Tom Lee Rutter, Tony Mardon, Roma Gray, Debbie Rochon, and many others, It Came from the Darkness is bound to please most horror fiction fans with a taste for flash fiction, as all of the entries are 100 words in length.
Filmmaker Mike Lyddon has a story in the volume and he couldn’t wait to get his claws on a copy.
“At 131 pages, It Came from the Darkness is the kind of horror anthology book you can devour in one night, but doing so may send your mind plummeting into a chasm of terror so deep that you may never return!  Seriously, it’s a lot of frightful fun, and the number of excellent bite-sized tales of terror in this tome will give you hours of chills and thrills.”
“For me, the outstanding contributions came from Roma Gray, Bella Hamblin, Philip Rogers, Tim Lebbon, Ian F. White, Tony Sands, Debbie Rochon, and Tony Mardon, who not only has a good story but a really cool piece of art accompanying said tale.”

It Came from the Darkness is now available in paperback and digital.

Alien Resurrection Podcast discussing the Alien Movies

On a brand new episode of THE ROTATING CHAIR, filmmaker Mike Lyddon joins the gang to discuss ALIEN: RESURRECTION, the 4th film in the Alien movie series.
As you will see, it’s a film people either love or hate and the discussion gets very interesting and some great movie trivia is revealed, so please check out this new horror podcast and be sure to like and subscribe!

We Are Cult Magazine Goes Underground With Mike Lyddon

In the first of a new series, Tom Lee Rutter takes a look at no-budget filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon for We Are Cult magazine.
An interview is interspersed with commentary on Lyddon’s last two films, First Man on Mars and Witch Tales (2020) aka Cuentos de la Bruja.

A slice from First Man on Mars: “I ask if there were any other films in particular that influenced this one. He says First Man Into Space (1959) was certainly influential and that makes sense: The Incredible Melting Man is basically a remake of First man Into Space, which in itself is a re-telling of The Quatermass Xperiment (1955). The extra ingredient in Lyddon’s film is the humour for which he was influenced by the anarchic and comic films of Troma Entertainment.”

And further into Witch Tales: “Handling the Spanish/English scenes added a whole new dimension of terror to the production, not to mention that I had the bright idea of shooting the witch scenes on both digital and super 16mm film (only one scene survived). It was almost like I wanted to give myself a heart attack. Seriously, no other production has pushed me to the mental/physical limits like WITCH TALES, but I think the insanity is paying off…I have never received the amazing feedback and emails from customers on a film like I have for Witch Tales.”
Read the full article here.

New Horror VLOG From Ciao Handy Films

NEW VLOG from Ciao Handy Films youtube.com/watch?v=qy4d83
He takes a look at the RPLLC / Mike Lyddon production
#Horror Anthology Movie vol. 2, now on VIMEO – vimeo.com/ondemand/horro
Classic Horror meets Modern Horror with adaptations from stories by Edgar Allan Poe, Lafcadio Hearn, Jeff Strand, and Joe Lansdale.

He also delves into Escape from the Bronx!, the 1983 sci-fi action thriller directed by Enzo G. Castellari.

Celebrate Witchtober This Halloween Season

This Halloween season here at horroranthologymovies.com, we celebrate the month of WITCHTOBER with incredible deals on all indie RPLLC movies including Witch Tales and Horror Anthology Movie Volume 1 and 2!
Witch Tales (2020) is the latest indie feature horror film from Mike Lyddon and RPLLC.  The plot revolves around a seductive witch who introduces three terror tales while concocting a very special Halloween brew.  The stories are based upon classic EC style pre-code horror comic book stories in the vein of Tales from the Crypt.  The film stars Mayella Lloclla as The Witch.  Mayella is a noted Peruvian TV and Film actress who has appeared in many films and TV series.  Witch Tales is also the first anthology film ever produced in two languages: English and Spanish, both of which are on the limited edition signed blu-ray.
Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 is an epic anthology clocking in at 117 minutes and featuring six original tales of horror ranging from science fiction to the supernatural.  It stars Ben Matheny, a New Orleans based actor who has had roles in American Horror Story, Scream Queens, and a variety of feature films.
Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 2 brings both classic and modern horror stories to life with four tales based upon works by Joe R. Lansdale, Edgar Allan Poe, Jeff Strand, and Lafcadio Hearn.  Catherine Ashton stars in the segment called “Of a Promise Broken.”  She was the child star in the 1992 film starring Julian Sands called “Tale of a Vampire,” supposedly based upon the story “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe.
HORROR BUNDLE – right now you can get the Witch Tales blu-ray and the Horror Anthology Movie vol. 1 DVD for the incredibly low price of $16.80 on Ebay with FREE SHIPPING!
But that’s not all!
You can also play the HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST inside every Witch Tales blu-ray and enter to WIN one of ten MOVIE PROPS from the film.
Additionally, Horror Anthology Movie vol. 2 is on sale on VIMEO VOD. 
Rent or download at 30% off the normal price!