First Man On Mars – Witch Tales Blu-Ray Combos SOLD OUT

Dateline: Gatorville Fla.
Indie sci-fi horror filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon’s First Man on Mars / Witch Tales Blu-Ray combos have officially SOLD OUT.  Many thanks to those who bought the combo or solo blu-rays of either movie, it is greatly appreciated and you are a true patron of the indie movie world!
Here’s the good news:  You can still get the brand new 2023 limited signed and numbered blu-ray release of FIRST MAN ON MARS at a special low Halloween price!
first man on mars bluray

Additionally, you can watch WITCH TALES on Amazon.  Witch Tales is the perfect Halloween movie that literally takes place on Halloween night.  A seductive witch hosts tales of terror adapted from pre-code horror comic book stories of the 1950’s, but when a group of trick or treaters comes along, she quickly develops other more sinister plans for All Hallows Eve!
Critics rave about WITCH TALES –
“WITCH TALES is a great anthology horror film that doesn’t hold back on the gore..”
Ciao Handy
“SPOOKY and DISGUSTING” –House of Tortured Souls
“Delightful cartoonishness and plenty of practical gore…WITCH TALES is an enjoyable romp” – RUE MORGUE
“EFFECTIVELY GROSS EFFECTS” – Voices from the Balcony
“Lyddon knows how to tell a FRIGHT-FARE story well” – Ghastly Grinning

So settle back during Halloween season and watch WITCH TALES.
And don’t worry about the rats.  They don’t bite…much!
witch tales halloween horror movie

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