Supernatural Werewolf Western Graphic Novel WRAITH of GOD

Fresh off a successfull Indiegogo campaign, Aaron Lopresti’s graphic novel Wraith of God gets reviewed by Horror Mike.  Wraith of God is a horror-western tale starring The Wraith, a supernatural character battling werewolves in the old west!
Featuring amazing art by Lopresti with excellent coloring by Gabe Eltaeb, this horror comic book will satisfy the most demanding enthusiast and delight lovers of both the horror-western and werewolf fans everywhere.
Lopresti is a 30 year veteran of the comic book business having drawn books for Wonder Woman, Justice League, Red Sonja, and many others.
Watch the Wraith of God review from Horror Mike on Youtube.
Check out Aaron’s popular follow-up, Wraith of God: Bloodhunters, now in-demand on IGG.


Haunted Thrills Pre-code Horror Comics Doc Ending Its 16 Month Film Festival Run

Dateline: Florida
Mike Lyddon’s documentary on pre-code horror and science fiction comic books of the 1950’s, HAUNTED THRILLS, has two more festivals to play before ending its extraordinary 16 month film fest run.
An official entry in 22 of 26 film festivals entered and winning 6 awards for best short documentary, Lyddon’s film is a “love letter to those comics that were ultimately doomed by Dr. Fredric Wertham and the Comics Code Authority in the mid 1950’s.”
Haunted Thrills is a documentary about those gruesome, violent, and sexy pre-code horror and science fiction comic books of the early 1950’s featuring three exclusive interviews with the original pre-code horror comic artists Everett Raymond Kintsler, Joe Sinnott, and Victor Carrabotta.
It will be playing the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival Friday, Dec. 2nd and lastly at the Horror-On-Sea film festival in the UK, January 22nd, 2023.
You can watch Haunted Thrills on Youtube.

Watch HORROR Anthology Movie Volume One on AMAZON

Reel Progress presents Mike T. Lyddon’s production of Horror Anthology Movie Volume One, now streaming on Amazon.
The 1000 DVDs of Horror Anthology Movie have sold out but you can still see the entire film on Amazon for the low price of 1.99.
Six original tales of sci-fi and horror clocking in at approximately two hours of wall to wall indie horror entertainment!  No wrap-around, no filler…all HORROR.
Starring Ben Matheny (American Horror Story: Coven, Scream Queens), Cherie Roberts (The Lookalike), Brian Lanigan (First Man on Mars, Cut Up), Jeff Hollins (Attack of the Unknown).
horror anthology movie on amazon
Horror Anthology Movie Volume One features the following segments:

A sociopathic photographer dreams of killing his domineering and indifferent wife. On a routine photography expedition, he stumbles upon a sinister solution that could take care of his little problem.
During World War 2, four soliders encounter real horror when they are sent to find a German squadron.
One dark and stormy night. Stanley receives the unexpected visit from his friend Martin who arrives acting very strangely, carrying a mysterious black box. Before the night is over they will discover its terrifying secret.
A theater. A tank. A technician. A hooker. A hustler.
Tormented by feelings of sexual inadequacy, Monty enlists the aid of the nefarious Doctor Eenweiss.
In 1932, writer H.P. Lovecraft visited New Orleans. From old recovered film footage, we discover that some of his fiction is based upon terrifying reality.

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Sexy HORROR New Website For Titillating Terrors

Horror Mike presents a brand new website devoted to sex in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films, comic books, magazines and books called SEXY HORROR.
From the earliest movies like Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922) to more modern genre films like Return of the Living Dead (1985) and Dressed to Kill (1980), the site is geared toward all flicks from mainstream to b-movies and drive-in cult classics to euro trash treasures.  We cover titillating comic books from the golden age to present, exploitation magazines and classic science fiction and horror novels known for their naughty content.
Click Here to view the latest video on SEXY HORRORS.

HORROR Comic Books Unboxing from ALTERNA COMICS for Halloween

In the latest video from Horror Mike, he takes a good look at indie comic books icon Alterna Comics and their numerous Indiegogo campaigns for 2022!
Featured titles including horror comics issues from Wulf and Batsy, Blood Realm, and It Came out on a Wednesday which is Alterna’s horror anthology comic book series.
Founded by artist and writer Peter Simetti, Alterna Comics is an indie leader in the comic book world offering readers a fantastic and less expensive alternative to the “bait and switch” woke tactics of Marvel and DC.  New Alterna comics cost 1.99 on average and the website offers flat rate 5.00 domestic shipping, so if you buy 5 comics, you’re going to pay one low 5.00 ship rate.  The best value in the biz!
horror comic books alterna comics

Halloween HORROR Anthology Movie WITCH TALES on SALE

This HALLOWEEN…🎃 the pretty girl next door wants to invite you in for a treat… OR A TRICK! 😈
WITCH TALES Halloween Horror anthology Signed and Numbered blu-ray is ON SALE NOW!
Witch Tales takes place on HALLOWEEN NIGHT with tales of terror adapted from pre-code horror comic books in the vein of TALES FROM THE CRYPT hosted by an enchanting witch with her own diabolical plans for All Hallows Eve!
GET A FREE Pre-code HORROR CARD of your choice when you buy the blu-ray!
The reviews are in – “Delightful cartoonishness and plenty of practical gore…WITCH TALES is an enjoyable romp” – RUE MORGUE
“SPOOKY and DISGUSTING” – House of Tortured Souls
“EFFECTIVELY GROSS EFFECTS” – Voices from the Balcony
“Lyddon knows how to tell a FRIGHT-FARE story well” – Ghastly Grinning
“WITCH TALES is a great anthology horror film that doesn’t hold back on the gore..” – Ciao Handy Films
“This film would be perfect for you on a chilly night around Halloween time.” GNoH
#horrorfan #halloweenmovies #witches #indiefilm #horrorbluray
Blu-ray on EBAY
witch tales halloween horror movie

Halloween HORROR Film WITCH TALES Special Offer

While the Witch Tales / Horror Anthology Movie DVD Combo has sold out, there are still 18 Witch Tales blu-rays left on sale now.
To sweeten the deal, when you buy a Witch Tales blu-ray you will get a 4″x6″ full color pre-code horror comic cover card with you purchase!
Please watch this video to see which cards are available-

WITCH TALES Blu-ray Signed Numbered with BONUS!

While the indie films combo Witch Tales blu-ray / Horror Anthology Movie vol. 1 DVD has sold out, approximately 20 WITCH TALES blu-rays remain and are ON SALE on both EBAY and ETSY.
While supplies last, get a FREE Pre-code horror comics card when you buy the blu-ray.  These cards are high quality full color 4″x6″ with covers from such great pre-code horror titles like Web of Evil, This Magazine is Haunted, Black Cat Mystery, Mysterious Adventures, and Witches Tales (Natch!).
Witch Tales is a Halloween horror anthology movie based upon 1950s pre-code horror comic book stories in the style of TALES FROM THE CRYPT.
Witch Tales blu-ray on Ebay
Blu-ray on Etsy.

halloween horror movie witch tales

HORROR Mike’s Sunday Nooner – Indiegogo Comic Book Campaigns

Sunday, Sept. 25th at noon EST., “Horror Mike” Lyddon hosted the Indiegogo Showcase covering many comic book and graphic novel campaigns on the platform.
Joined by Apex Comix and Devil Flyer Rex, Mike showed projects by Ethan Van Sciver’s CYBERFROG, Aaron Lopresti’s WRAITH OF GOD 2, Rex’s DEVIL FLYER Ashcan campaign, and many more.
Many of these projects are within the CG universe aka Comicsgate.
Several indie comics websites were also showcased including ALTERNA COMICS, Antarctica Press, Big Bang Comics.
Watch the Indiegogo Comic Book showcase video.
comic book showcase indiegogo

Sci-Fi HORROR Comedy FIRST MAN on MARS Returns to TUBI

The countdown to terror has begun!
Mike T. Lyddon’s sci-fi horror comedy FIRST MAN ON MARS makes its triumphant return to TUBI this weekend.
Astronaut Eli Cologne became the first man on Mars, but something went horribly wrong. Infected by an alien organism, he returned to Earth a savage monster with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh!
Shot on super 16mm film, First Man on Mars is a satirical homage to 1970s drive-in horror classics like The Incredible Melting Man.  Packed with hot chicks and gruesome gore, you won’t want to miss First Man on Mars, now streaming on TUBI.
mike lyddons first man on mars on tubi