WITCH TALES (Cuentos de la Bruja) is LIVE on Amazon.
On Halloween night, a charming and seductive witch introduces macabre tales of terror based upon pre-code horror comics in the vein of Tales from the Crypt. Mike T. Lyddon’s homage to pre-code horror comic books “Witch Tales” aka “Cuentos de la Bruja” is Presented in original Spanish language with English subtitles.
“WITCH TALES is an enjoyable romp” – RUE MORGUE
“SPOOKY and DISGUSTING” – House of Tortured Souls
“EFFECTIVELY GROSS EFFECTS” – Voices from the Balcony
“Lyddon knows how to tell a FRIGHT-FARE story well” – Ghastly Grinning
“…a great anthology horror film that doesn’t hold back on the gore..” – Ciao Handy Films
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witch tales horror anthology on amazon


ROOM 101 EPISODE 8 – The 10:00 Report is Brought to you by

The MSM Doesn’t Just Break the News, It MAKES THE NEWS. Edward Bryant’s Story THE 10:00 REPORT IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY… In Episode 8 of ROOM 101, we revisit Harlan Ellison’s 1972 Again Dangerous Visions anthology and Edward Bryant’s cautionary tale about a news channel that fabricates its own sensational stories. Sound familiar?

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HAUNTED THRILLS Playing at FEAR FAIRE Film Festival in Las Vegas

Mike Lyddon’s documentary featurette on pre-code horror comic books from the 1950s is going to Las Vegas in May 2022.  HAUNTED THRILLS will be screened at FEAR FAIRE May 13 – 14, 2022 at the Rio Hotel and Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.  Fear Faire is a horror convention of independent music, film, and art which will feature live music including members of the original Oingo Boingo, make up effects demos, freakshow, costume contest, and more. Many thanks to the festival officials for selecting HAUNTED THRILLS to be part of the event.
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HAUNTED THRILLS Video Archive PART THREE: Kinstler on Avon Books, Original Art, Sinatra and Cagney

HAUNTED THRILLS Video Archive Part Three: Kinstler on Avon Books and Comics, selling original art at the SDCC, art techniques and printing, hanging out with James Cagney and Frank Sinatra.
Part three – the last part of the unedited archive video of my interview with pre-code horror comics master and illustrator Everett Raymond Kinstler originally conducted for the documentary HAUNTED THRILLS, now on Youtube, Bitchute, and Rumble.
kinstler artist original art avon books cagney sinatra

HAUNTED THRILLS Archive Video PART TWO Raw Interview with Everett Raymond Kinstler

HAUNTED THRILLS Archive Video Part Two: Pre-Code HORROR COMICS Master Everett Raymond Kinstler
Doing art for Avon, Ziff Davis, Western Printing in the 1950s.
Unedited archive video of my interview with pre-code horror comics master and illustrator Everett Raymond Kinstler.

HAUNTED THRILLS Video Archive Part One: Pre-Code HORROR COMICS Master Everett Raymond Kinstler

HAUNTED THRILLS Archive Video Part One: Pre-Code HORROR COMICS Master Everett Raymond Kinstler Unedited archive video of my interview with pre-code horror comics master and illustrator Everett Raymond Kinstler.

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HORROR Anthology Blu-Ray and DVD Combo ON SALE NOW

RPLLC presents the WITCH TALES blu-ray and HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE Vol. 1 DVD combo SALE happening NOW.
Get the multi-award winning film festival hit Witch Tales on blu-ray.  Adapted from terrifying pre-code comic book stories in the vein of TALES FROM THE CRYPT, Witch Tales features a seductive witch hosting strange tales of terror on Halloween night…with a few surprises of her own!
Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 is an EPIC sci-fi horror anthology film with approx. 2 hours and six tales of indie terror unlike anything you’ve seen before.  If you like your horror with a bit of science fiction and Lovecraftian cosmic horror, you should check this out!
Get both for ONE LOW PRICE with FREE domestic shipping now on Ebay and Etsy.


X-MEN ORIGINS: Theodore Sturgeon’s 1953 Science Fiction Masterpiece MORE THAN HUMAN
Did Marvel Comics STAN LEE Base His MUTANTS on Ted Sturgeon’s MORE THAN HUMAN?
10 years before the X-MEN there was Theodore Sturgeon’s landmark science fiction novel, MORE THAN HUMAN. In this episode, we examine the similarities between Stan Lee’s MUTANTS and Sturgeon’s SUPER HUMAN MISFITS.
Youtube –
Rumble –
Bitchute –

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ROOM 101 Field Guide to Science Fiction Full Text and Link List

The Field Guide

A reference guide for Room 101.
Since beginning the Room 101 series, I have been asked about resources. Where to find science fiction books, movies, etc. online. As noted in the descriptions of each episode, I typically provide a few links to the books and/or movies referenced.
Before going any further, let’s take a look at some online sci-fi resources. This is by no means a comprehensive list but it will provide the user with a few years of material at the very least. If you have additional links to add, please list them in the comments section. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Books – print and digital

Print editions. I Recommend SF MASTERWORKS in paperback on Ebay. It’s a rather diverse selection of science fiction ranging from classic works like HG Wells’ War of the Worlds to more modern novels such as Dan Simmons’ HYPERION and the prices on Ebay are reasonable.

Shop local – check out your local new and used book dealers including Goodwill book stores if

one is available where you live. Books are bloody expensive, and if you can shave a few bucks off the retail price, buying used is the way to go.

And don’t forget your local library. With your library card you can also watch free movies on More on this later.

DIGITAL FREE BOOKS/magazines Science Fiction

Project Gutenberg

American Literature

Russian and Eastern European Science Fiction – a course summary

Movies –, bitchute,yt


Not only is Tubi free but Tubi is always getting new science fiction films from Hollywood productions to no-budget indie films. A truly great video platform. – Watch 8 Free movies a month on Kanopy with your valid Library card.

It is well worth it. They carry classics like The Manchurian Candidate and newer titles like Ex Machina and everything in between. Just sync your library card with Kanopy and your in.

Movieland TV

If you have Roku you should have Movieland TV. What they lack in quantity they make up in quality. Fantastic science fiction films like Then Andromeda Strain, Westworld, Phase IV, Colossus the Forbin Project, Planet of the Apes. Highly recommended.

10 Free Sci-Fi movie channels on ROKU

These are just a smattering of the sci-fi channels available with something for all tastes.

Classic and Vintage Films

Some great 70s science fiction like THE DEMON SEED adapted from the Dean Koontz novel.



Public Domain Movies

Good mix of sci-fi including Last Man on Earth, A Boy and his Dog, etc.

Return of the Creature Feature Show

Mix of classic and more modern films including the original BBC production of 1984, The Twilight Zone, Chopping Mall, etc.

Virality Tee Vee

Loads of classic science fiction and horror films.

Cult Cinema Classics

More classic sci-fi and a huge mix of cult films.

Classic Science fiction and horror Audio stories –

Chip Slater’s Storytime Theater

The best selection of novel length and short stories in audio format I have seen.

You name it, they probably have it.


Dimension X, BBC Radio, and many others.


Great selection of science fiction and speculative fiction audio stories and interviews.

OTR Plot Spot

Smallish but excellent selection of short stories in audio format.

Late Late Horror Show

Stunning collection of classic 30s,40s,50s,60s radio programs featuring all genres including

science fiction like X Minus One and a ton of old horror shows including Lights Out.


Decent selection of audio stories taken from Astounding Stories Pulp Magazine

Best Audio

More classic radio shows like Dimension X and Lights Out

Edward French

A huge mix of horror and science fiction including a fantastic 12 part audio version of John Campbell’s WHO GOES THERE, the basis for THE THING, narrated by Edward French.

Librivox Audio Books

Very good selection of mainly 19th, early 20th century classic science fiction.

Science Fiction related –

Conventions, fandom, etc. a fantastic site for science fiction lovers and convention goers, is superb. They also have a great youtube site convention footage, interviews, and more. All Worldcon conventions going back to the first in 1939…with photos!

Fanfac SF Authors, interviews, Conventions

Jay Kay Klein SF convention photos

An amazing 6000 photos from SF conventions spanning decades. A must see.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of ROOM 101. If you have any additional sites or resources to suggest, please post them in the comments, and as always, please like and subscribe. Thank you.

GIANT ANIMALS Attack! HG Wells’ FOOD OF THE GODS Meets B-Movie Mogul Bert I Gordon

When GIANT ANIMALS Attack! HG Wells’ FOOD OF THE GODS Meets B-Movie Mogul Bert I. Gordon.
Early science fiction master H.G. Wells wrote THE FOOD OF THE GODS in 1904 and B-Movie Mogul Bert I. Gordon adapted the story twice, once in 1966 with VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS, and again in 1976 with THE FOOD OF THE GODS. Not satisfied with just two adaptations, Gordon adapted Wells’ EMPIRE OF THE ANTS in 1977.
If you’re into huge cocks, rats, and ants, this episode of Room 101 is for you.

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