CHILLING TALES of TERROR taken from 1950s pre-code HORROR comic books in the vein of TALES FROM THE CRYPT and SHAKESPEARE!
Okay, maybe not Shakespeare 😉
See the indie horror film that critics have called “Spooky and Disgusting” HoTS and “An Enjoyable Romp with plenty of practical gore” RUE MORGUE!
Get the limited edition numbered blu-ray and a FREE signed HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE DVD both signed by the director – producer for one incredibly low price with FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING.
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Pre-code HORROR Comic Book Reprints Part Three: TALES Too TERRIBLE To TELL

Haunted Thrills Archives Presents Pre-code HORROR Comic Book Reprints Part Three: TALES Too TERRIBLE To TELL!
In part three of our series on pre-code horror comics reprints we take a look at the great late 80s – 90s reprints from NEC New England Comics called TALES Too TERRIBLE To TELL, the brainchild of editor in chief George Suarez, a leading authority on pre-code horror comic books.
In 1989 NEC published issue number one of Tales Too Terrible Too Tell.  It was a special numbered edition with exclusive cover by Swamp Thing artist Steve Bisette who worked with Alan Moore on the classic comics series produced by DC.  A few years later, NEC re-released issue #1 with the shrunken head cover by Jack Katz originally published in Out of the Shadows #8 in 1953.
Copies of TTTTT are readily available on Ebay.
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precode horror comics reprints part three - Tales Too Terrible to Tell

Megacon Orlando Comic Con Video Series

A three part series covering the sights and sounds of Megacon Orlando 2022 which took place in May at the Convention center in Orlando, Florida.
Filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon was on hand for the screening of his pre-code horror comics documentary HAUNTED THRILLS on Saturday, May 21st and his panel on Stan Lee’s pre-code horror comics empire on Sunday, May 22nd.
Here are three Megacon videos for your enjoyment –
PART ONE: Scenes From MEGACON Orlando 2022: Pre-code HORROR COMICS Anime Cars ARTISTS. Thursday 5/19/22 featuring Victory Comics Group, PescEffects, MBArtist, The HULK, The THING, and MORE.
MEGACON ORLANDO 2022 Part Two: Various clips from Megacon Orlando featuring PHANTASMAGORIA, Theme Park Preservation Society and DEALERS ROOM video.
MEGACON ORLANDO 2022 Part Three: featuring video clips from Friday and Saturday. Eerie Florida is highlighted.

HORROR Blu-ray DVD Combo on SALE NOW

Few of the Witch Tales Signed/Numbered Blu-rays and Horror Anthology Movie DVDs are left!
This may be the LAST RUN of these movies so get them while they last!
Over three hours of indie horror entertainment, official entries into more than 25 film festivals and winner of 11 major awards.  If you love horror, this combo is for you!
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Pre-code HORROR Comic Book Reprints and Free Digitized Comics Online Part One

Pre-code HORROR Comic Book Reprints and Free Digitized Comics Online Part One
Many people love the classic pre-code sci-fi and horror comic books but continuing popularity for collectors has caused prices to soar and put them out of range for most fans.
But there is good news!
There are a gazillion companies who have reprinted these terrifying four color horrors over the last 60 years or so and this series is dedicated to those reprints and where you can find them.
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Every Pre-code HORROR COMIC BOOK Ever Published PART THREE

Every Pre-code HORROR COMIC BOOK Ever Published PART THREE – Omissions.
There were a few omissions in the last few videos listing every pre-code sci-fi and horror comic book ever made so I’m here to at least partially correct my errors and list some more of the comic books I missed in the previous videos.
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Good Lord…CHOKE!
We’ve launched the Haunted Thrills Zazzle store featuring a variety of pre-code horror and sci-fi comics available on t-shirts, playing cards, puzzles, magnets, lunch boxes and more!
I’ll be adding dozens of other designs in the next few weeks.
Check it out…if you dare!
Dig that Jack Cole “The Man Who Died Twice” lunchbox and the Haunted Thrills playing cards…very ghoul.  The “Horror from the Tomb” puzzle is frightfully fun and small enough to assemble during those long road trips!
And remember, Zazzle always has sales going on so you can save $$$ on the creepy collectibles you desire…
pre-code comics designs on the Haunted Thrills Zazzle store
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Every Pre-code SCI-FI and HORROR Comic Book Ever Published PART TWO

All HORROR and SCI-FI pre-code Comic Books Ever Published: PART TWO.
Welcome to part two of our series on every Pre-code HORROR and SCI-FI Comic Book Ever Published. In part one we covered all titles from ACE to EC Comics, now we focus on comics from F thru Z starting with the remarkable FAWCETT and ending with the great ZIFF-DAVIS.
Herein we present the data of who, what, when, and how many are indispensible for the pre-code comic book collector. During the pre-code horror/sci-fi period, approximately 1,370 issues from 110 titles were published.
With many thanks to the great FOUR COLOR FEAR, a fantastic reference book about pre-code horror and sci-fi comic books that helped me a lot in the making of my documentary HAUNTED THRILLS, free to view on the channels.


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HAUNTED THRILLS Playing at MEGACON Orlando Comic Convention

RPLLC and Mike Lyddon are very pleased to announce that HAUNTED THRILLS will be showing at this year’s MEGACON taking place in Orlando, Florida as part of the long running film festival within the convention.
“MEGACON is a YUGE comic book and media convention in the U.S. and I am thrilled that my film Haunted Thrills is playing there on Saturday, May 21st,” said producer – director Mike Lyddon.
Comic book guests include the legendary FRANK MILLER of Batman and Sin City fame along with celebrity guests like JOHN CLEESE, GINA CARANO, NATHAN FILLION, BRENDAN FRASER, and JASON MEWES.
Visit MEGACON and the FILM FESTIVAL site for more info.
haunted thrills horror comics documentary at Megacon

Every Pre-code HORROR and SCI-FI Comic Book Ever Published PART ONE

HAUNTED THRILLS Archive presents:
Every Pre-code HORROR and SCI-FI Comic Book Ever Published PART ONE.
All pre-code horror and sci-fi comics by the numbers. How many publishers, titles, and issues published by each company.
In the world of Golden Age or, as Captain Strangelife says “The Atom Age” of pre-code sci-fi and horror comics, few books on the subject compare to Greg Sadowski’s fantastic book, FOUR COLOR FEAR, published by Fantagraphics Books in 2010.Not only is FOUR COLOR FEAR loaded with amazing color reproductions of a lot of key pre-code stories and covers, the notes collected, edited and presented in this terrifying tome really helped me with research on HAUNTED THRILLS, my own pre-code documentary currently doing the film festival rounds and available on several platforms including youtube, bitchute, and rumble.

Part one from ACE to EC