Almost Gone – Witch Tales Blu-ray and Horror Anthology Movie DVD Combo

Fans of Halloween movies and indie horror anthologies will love this amazing low priced combo featuring WITCH TALES blu-ray and HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE Vol. 1 DVD.

Here’s the bad news: There are only 3 COMBOS LEFT!
Out of 1000 original DVDs, 3 Horror Anthology Movie copies are left meaning that there are only three more combos to sell and they are GONE FOREVER.

So head on over to the Ebay Witch Tales Horror Anthology Movie Combo page and get your combo so you can enjoy this great Halloween horror spectacular.  Both are signed and the Witch Tales blu-ray is numbered!
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Street and Smith SHADOW COMICS 1945 Vol 5 Number 9 Monster Claw Cover

One of the most iconic pulp stars of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, THE SHADOW is an incredibly popular character that is still being produced in comics today.
Here we present a Golden Age classic Shadow Comics Vol 5 #9 from 1945 featuring one of the greatest covers of the Street and Smith comics series…a giant monster claw menacing the Shadow for the “Trail of the Talon” story inside this issue.  Art and story by Walter Gibson and Charles Coll.
Very rare copy in estimated 2.0 condition with various issues you’d typically find in a lower grade book like this.  Please read the description on the page and see the pics.
The cover presents very well and it’s in pretty good shape for a comic book that is nearly 80 years old!
Golden Age Shadow Comics vol 5 #9

Jim Starlin’s DOCTOR WEIRD #1 1970 On Sale NOW

Two years before comic book legend Jim Starlin began his career with Marvel Comics and contributed years of stellar art for WARLOCK, THE AVENGERS, and many more, he did a two book series for the Texas Trio publications called DOCTOR WEIRD, with stories written by GEORGE R.R. MARTIN, famous for the hit books and TV series GAME OF THRONES.  This comic book, Dr. Weird #1 was the FIRST comic book cover ever done by Jim Starlin, making it a huge KEY book.
Now we present Doctor Weird #1 from 1970 for sale on Ebay.  This extremely rare book is in 6.0 FINE condition and would be a must for the discerning collector, Jim Starlin fans, and of course George RR Martin fans.
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Classic Pre-code Vampire HORROR Panel Custom Rendered on VAMPIRES #1

Pre-code comic book VAMPIRES released by Asylum Press features a great selection of vampire themed golden age horror comic book stories.
Mike T. Lyddon (Cosmic Horror Monthly, Lovecraftiana Haunted Thrills, Witch Tales) is a pre-code horror comic book fan and rendered several horror homage covers that are now available on Ebay.

This custom pen and ink cover is based upon a classic 1950s golden age horror classic comics story featuring a woman biting a man on the neck!

This custom one-of-a-kind piece of original art comes with a COA and is now on sale on EBay.

original precode horror comic book art cover

Original Art for VAMPIRES Pre-code Horror Comic Book Vampire’s Bite Story

VAMPIRES #1 is a pre-code comic book released by Asylum Press in what appears to be a series of pre-code horror comic reprints.
Filmmaker/artist Mike T. Lyddon (Haunted Thrills, Witch Tales) is a pre-code horror comic book fanatic and drew some pre-code homage covers that are now on sale on Ebay.

Two covers are homages to Hy Fleishman’s VAMPIRE’S BITE, a pre-code horror comic book story inside of Vampires #1.
One is of the insidious Vinutti the Vampire and the other is an homage to the splash page of Vampire’s Bite.

These custom art covers come with a COA and are now on sale on EBay.

vampires bite pre-code horror original art homage

Pre-code HORROR Comic Book Homage Covers for VAMPIRE CASTLE

Asylum Press released the first in what appears to be a series of pre-code horror comic reprints beginning with VAMPIRES #1.
Filmmaker/artist Mike T. Lyddon (Haunted Thrills, Witch Tales) grabbed five blank variant issues and drew some pre-code homage covers that are now on sale on Ebay.

Two covers are homages to Dick Beck’s VAMPIRE CASTLE which is inside Vampires #1.
One is GGA of a damsel being menaced by a giant vampire bat!

The second is a creepy image of the vampire bat lusting after the woman’s blood.

These custom art covers come with a COA and are now on sale on EBay.
precode original art cover vampires castle

Asylum Press HORROR Comics: ZOMBIES and VAMPIRES and PRE-CODE Oh My!

Asylum Press HORROR Comics: ZOMBIES and VAMPIRES and PRE-CODE Oh My!
Indy comic book publisher Asylum Press offers all original horror comic books and pre-code reprints. Check out their current Kickstarter for some awesome horror comics postcards, original monster stickers, and one-of-a-kind original sketch art by publisher Frank Forte.
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Controversial Blumhouse Film THE HUNT Free Full Movie

In 2020 Blumhouse – Universal released THE HUNT, a controversial, politically charged movie that was quickly shelved by Universal during the election season.
The Hunt Full Movie is now FREE to watch along with many other first run films.
Watch the video for links and info.
The Hunt Full Movie

Cosmic HORROR Monthly Latest Issues Plus LOVECRAFT Signed Edition

Popular Lovecraftian horror magazine Cosmic Horror Monthly recently released their brand new August 2022 issue and we have it on sale with the July 2022 issue and the special H.P. Lovecraft edition signed by the publisher and one of the writers, Mike T. Lyddon.  This is the LAST signed Lovecraft issue left so make sure you secure your copy of this collectible while you can!
Click here to see the LOWEST PRICE on the web for all three issues.
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Jim Starlin and George RR Martin’s DOCTOR WEIRD Comic Book 1970

Who dares journey into the mystic realm of DOCTOR WEIRD: Master of the Macabre?
I did, and I made a little video about it 😃
Doctor Weird 1970 comic book was Marvel master JIM STARLIN’S first comic book cover two years before he would join Marvel and make comics history with THE WARLOCK, THE AVENGERS, and others. It was also some of the first published work from George RR Martin, better known for GAME OF THRONES.
Dr. Weird aka The Golden Ghost first appeared in the 1963 first issue of Star Studded Comics published by the Texas Trio consisting of the character’s creator, Howard Keltner, Buddy Saunders, and Larry Herndon.
Watch the Doctor Weird video here.
doctor weird master of the macabre
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