Lowest Price Ever for Horror Anthology DVD

horror anthology movie DVD on ebayReel Progress LLC presents the lowest price ever for Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 DVD on Ebay.

Producer and co-director Mike T. Lyddon is also signing the copies which are on sale for $6.95 with FREE shipping.

Starring Ben Matheny of American Horror Story and Scream Queens, the movie is nearly 2 hours long and features 6 original tales of terror from four different filmmakers including Lyddon, Will Frank, Jeff Hollins, and Karl DeMolay.
The stories in this indie horror film are a diverse mix of supernatural terror, sci-fi horror, Lovecraft inspired frights and horror-comedy which have drawn critical praise from both viewers and critics alike.

This is the first in a series of horror anthologies also featuring volume 2.

“Awesomely Gruesome!” Ground Score
“4 Cigars Out Of 4..Fantastic!” Rogue Cinema
“..you’re in for a horrific treat..” Film Threat
“At times equal to or better than V/H/S.” Scared Stiff Reviews
“A bone chilling collection that will give your nightmares bad dreams.” Dale Ashmun

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Monster Party Book Signed Now on Ebay

Monster Party Horror Anthology Book on EbayThe new horror anthology book called “Monster Party” is now on sale on Ebay for the lowest price ever offered and SIGNED by one of the authors.
This book is a collection of 14 horror stories written by 14 indie writers and spans the range of sub-genres including supernatural horror, sci-fi horror, horror-comedy, and more.
The color cover edition of Monster Party was published in December, 2019 by Deadman’s Tome.
Here are some of the stories included –
THE ANT PEOPLE by Carlton Herzog.
This is surreal comedic horror tale that reads like an insane version of Gulliver’s Travels. A man is accosted by a civilization of intelligent ants who invade his apartment via his bathroom toilet, using a very small submarine.
Well written and enthralling for the depiction of the rapidly deteriorating scene inside the main character’s bathroom, this is another MONSTER PARTY entry that makes the book well worth reading.
THING IN THE SHED by Mike T. Lyddon.
A horde of very tiny monsters unleashed on one dark and stormy night in this creepy tale that combines classic horror with modern science fiction.  People familiar with nanotechnology or bio-nanotechnology will also find this cautionary tale of interest.
MOTHSQUITO by Pedro Iniguez.
A film crew is shooting a b-movie about a giant scorpion called “Scorpisaurus” when they discover that there is a real mutant horror lurking in the sun-baked desert…
This is the classic concept of “monster movie becomes real,” and Iniguez hits it right on the money with the annoying low budget director Dino DeLuca, the clunky fumbling with the giant scorpion creature (which figures beautifully into the plot), the starlet trying to make it in Hollywood.
MOTHSQUITO is a very well written horror-comedy that never slacks on the pacing, delivers gallons of blood and gore, and totally pays off with a suspenseful yet hilarious resolution.

All of these great stories and much more are part of this fantasic new anthology book called MONSTER PARTY…and you’re invited!

CLICK HERE for the special EBAY pricing on the limited edition signed by author Mike Lyddon.

CLICK HERE to see the book on AMAZON (unsigned).


Witch Tales Review from House of Tortured Souls

Witch Tales aka Cuentos de la Bruja reviewDirect from the Horror On Sea film festival comes a new review of director Mike T. Lyddon’s new movie, Witch Tales aka Cuentos de la Bruja from film critic Donovan Smith of The House of Tortured Souls.
“The stories were great and the gore was fantastic.”
“…a spooky and disgusting film. It digs under your skin and stabs at your fears.”
Thank you, Donovan Smith for your kind words.

Witch Tales is scheduled for blu-ray/dvd release at the end of April, 2020.  Please continue to follow our site, Horror Anthology Movies for further details!

Mike Lyddon at Days of the Dead Atlanta

days of the dead atlanta with mike lyddon

Writer – filmmaker Mike Lyddon at the Days of the Dead horror event in Atlanta, Ga.

Dateline: Atlanta
The annual DAYS OF THE DEAD horror convention in downtown Atlanta, Georgia concluded late Sunday afternoon after three days of genre celebrities, panels, movies, vendors, late-night parties and frightful fun had by all.
Indie writer and filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon was on hand for the event for a screening of his short film THING IN THE SHED, his screenplay titled THE CORDYCEPS PRINCIPLE for the Script Writing Contest, his feature film WITCH TALES up for Best Foreign Film of 2019, and the launch of the new Days of the Dead book series edited by Joe Moe, the first book in the series aptly titled “Atlanta Screeches,” wherein Lyddon has a short story called THE HOUSE ON GREENVILLE STREET.
Although he didn’t win any awards for his film or screenplay, Lyddon was able to sell 25 DVDs and books at the Reels of the Dead vendors’ table while meeting some of the many fascinating folks attending the convention.  He also sold several copies of the excellent Deadman’s Tome publication MONSTER PARTY, an anthology book that includes his story THING IN THE SHED.

Georgia Screeches Anthology on Amazon

Georgia Screeches anthology AmazonDateline: Atlanta
In collaboration with the popular DAYS OF THE DEAD horror conventions which take place nationwide every year, Black Bed Sheet Books has released the first in a series of anthologies called GEORGIA SCREECHES.
The book contains 16 tales of terror to thrill and delight including indie filmmaker and writer Mike Lyddon’s short story “The House on Greenville Street,” a creepy modern gothic tale about old cemeteries, abandoned streets, and the strangest house you ever saw.

Georgia Screeches is now available on KINDLE and paperback for purchase here.

Indie Connect for Writers and Filmmakers

indie connect for writers and filmmakersIn his latest article for Screamfix, filmmaker – writer Mike Lyddon talks about ways for authors and filmmakers to connect and collaborate on new projects.  One excellent way is to attend genre conventions or film festivals that support indie filmmakers and writers and generally have a good turnout of the two.

“There are many horror – science fiction – fantasy conventions worldwide now. Some of the biggest include Mad Monster Party, Days of the Dead, and Horror Hound Weekend…a large number of indie filmmakers attend these events because all of them have film festivals as part of their schedule.”

He goes onto explain that Days of the Dead has recently begun a new series of indie books based upon the cities in which their events take place.  This will definitely draw more writers to the shows, and with Days of the Dead “Reels of the Dead” film festivals, the opportunity for authors and cineasts to mingle and talk shop will greatly increase.

Indie Connect is a new resource created by Mike Lyddon and Screamfix founder D.C. Harrison wherein writers can submit “pitches” to interested filmmakers in a variety of genres and sub-genres.  Stories, novellas, novels, screenplays, and concepts are all welcome on Indie Connect.


Mike Lyddon Q&A at Halloween International Film Festival

Mike Lyddon at Halloween Intl film festival

Mike Lyddon signs some copies of Horror Anthology Movie DVD at HIFF 2019.

Indie filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon was a guest at the 2019 Halloween International Film Festival in Kill Devil Hills, NC.
His new feature film WITCH TALES aka CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA was screened to enthusiastic response, and after the showing Lyddon did a Q&A with Sue Artz.
In the Q&A, Mike talks about the genesis of the film which is based upon pre-code horror comic books of the 1950s.

He also talks about the censorship of the period and how those comic books were banned and burned after public outcry driven by Frederic Wertham’s book “Seduction of the Innocent.”
Click HERE to watch the entire Q&A.


New Interview with Swedish Horror Site

Swedish horror film critic Patrik Karlsson from the genre site MONSTERDIGGARE recently conducted an interview with filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon covering Lyddon’s history in independent filmmaking among other topics.
Going back to the early 80s in Lyddon’s teen years making short no-budget horror movies on super-8 film all the way up to his latest two features – Cuentos de la Bruja aka Witch Tales which has just finished its year long film festival cycle and is heading into distribution in a few months, as well as his upcoming documentary on pre-code horror comic books of the 1950s.
Click HERE to read the entire interview.
mike lyddon interview monsterdiggare swedish horror site

The Cordyceps Principle in Short Script competition

the cordyceps principleDateline: Atlanta
Mike Lyddon’s screenplay for “The Cordyceps Principle” is an official selection in the screenplay competition at the 2020 Days of the Dead – Reels of the Dead film festival, February 7 – 9 in Atlanta, Georgia.
The original 25 minute short film is part of Lyddon’s HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOL. 1 available on DVD.

The story revolves around an amateur photographer who fantasizes about killing his harping, bitch of a wife.  One day while in the swamps doing a photo shoot, he discovers something that just might do the trick.

“I plan on having many copies of the movie available for sale at the convention.”  Lyddon said.  “I had great luck at the Charlotte DOTD event where I was able to sell a few dozen copies and I discovered that there are a lot of real indie horror movie fans who attend the Days of the Dead shows!”

First Review for New Horror Anthology Movie Witch Tales

witch tales reviewAfter the screening at this year’s Horror On Sea Film Festival in the UK, a few film critics are now posting their reviews of WITCH TALES aka CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA, the new horror anthology movie from filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon.

The first review comes from Joseph Perry of Ghastly Grinning, and is overall a very good take on the indie film.

“Lyddon knows how to tell a fright-fare story well, and he paces the proceedings nicely.”
“Fans of vintage horror comics and horror anthologies…should find this film well worth seeking out.
“The special effects led by Nanistronix Crimson are impressive, and the film doesn’t hold off on either splatter or grue.”

WITCH TALES will go into distribution in the Spring of 2020, so keep checking back for more info.