Mike Lyddon Interview in Rogue Cinema

interview with mike lyddon rogue cinema

Mike Lyddon in make up by Rubi Lyddon

In the latest issue of Rogue Cinema, writer Misty Layne interviews no-budget filmmaker Mike Lyddon about his latest film FIRST MAN ON MARS and HELLPACA!, which is now in pre-production through Reel Progress studios.
The lengthy interview covers topics like CGI vs. Practical Effects, the state of modern horror films and monsters that live under your bed!

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First Man on Mars on Amazon Video on Demand

amazon vod first man on marsSummer Hill Films (Tomcat Films) has released FIRST MAN ON MARS on Amazon VOD in HD.
The feature length sci-fi horror satire of 1970’s drive-in shlockers is now on video on demand and will soon be available on Google Play.

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South Korea Acquires First Man on Mars

south korea acquires first man on marsDateline: Los Angeles
South Korea has acquired the cable and pay per view rights to First Man on Mars.
Tomcat Films, the movie’s distributor, has confirmed that the asian territory has bought the film in a deal garnered through the AFM (American Film Market) last November.
“We’re very pleased with the first foreign acquisition,” said filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon, “and we’re hoping for a few more over the coming months.”

Watch the First Man on Mars trailer HERE and Stay tuned for Video on Demand news!

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First Man on Mars Receives Unanimous Praise

The critics are unanimous in their praise of the new sci-fi horror comedy FIRST MAN ON MARS!  Club des Monstres, UK Horror Scene, Horror Buzz, Troma, Rogue Cinema, Morbidly Beautiful and many more given their thumbs up to the feature length satire of 70’s drive-in b-movies starring Benjamin Wood, Sam Cobean, Jeffrey Estiverne with music by The Wasted Lives and cinematography by John Woods and producer/director Mike T. Lyddon.
Buy the DVD now available at FYE, FAMILY VIDEO, TARGET, AMAZON and many other locations.
First Man on Mars DVD critical thumbs up


First Man on Mars Meets Bloggin’ Evil!

first man on mars evil bloggerThe Evil Blogger conjures up a hilarious and in-depth review of science fiction horror satire FIRST MAN ON MARS!
See the full review on It’s Bloggin’ Evil.
“Every actor executes the swallowing of pride process to extend verbal and physical indirect comedy that purely goes hand-in-hand with this sort of satirical storyline constructed from the certifiable portions of Mike Lyddon’s brain that might or might not be sizzling on an illegal and dangerous narcotic.”

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Bloody Flicks Reviews First Man on Mars

review of first man on marsUK horror site BLOODY FLICKS gives FIRST MAN ON MARS a mutated thumbs up! Film critic Andy Wheeler writes – “There’s many nods to the drive in sci-fi horror films from the 50’s to the 70’s, in particular Corman’s early films like Little Shop of Horrors and Creature from the Haunted Sea.  It’s a bit of a blast if you like your thrills cheap, gory and fun!”

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First Man on Mars Review by Philip Smolen

review first man on mars rogue cinemaIn the latest review of FIRST MAN ON MARS, writer Philip Smolen of Rogue Cinema says “The film is full of tongue in cheek performances.  Marcelle Shaneyfelt is a panic as Dr. Martine Munro. She plays the scientist as a haughty know-it-all bitch who’s blinded by her love of Cologne. Joey Harmon and Sam Cobean are good as Munro’s scientific lackeys. Kelly Murtagh is also a hoot as a Russian bikini model who’s posing for the latest issue of ‘Bullets and Bimbos’ magazine out in the Louisiana swamp.”
“Writer/director Lyddon knows his cinematic roots, and while he doesn’t stray far from the monster on the loose formula, he makes sure that his flick has a lot of reference points for classic movie monster lovers to enjoy.”
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First Man on Mars Official Selection UK Festival

The new horror comedy feature film FIRST MAN ON MARS is an official selection at the Grindhouse Planet sci-fi, horror and action Film Festival in England. The event takes place November 27th, 2016 in Leicester. Please visit the official site Grindhouse Planet for more
first man on mars official selection uk film festival


First Man on Mars Finalist at Film Festival

first man on mars finalist horror film festivalMike T. Lyddon’s latest feature film FIRST MAN ON MARS has been officially selected as a finalist at the 6th annual SWAPPING DEAD FILM FESTIVAL in Seattle, Washington on Sunday, Oct. 30th, 2016.
The horror film festival and video swap meet will take place at the world famous SCARECROW VIDEO and feature dozens of short and feature length horror movies from all over the world.

Visit the official Swapping Dead site!

Watch the First Man on Mars trailer!



A love letter to classic sci-fi horror B-movies

review of First Man on Mars from HorrorBuzz.comThe new horror-comedy film First Man on Mars receives a very nice review from HORROR BUZZ!
“First Man on Mars Is A Great Sci-Fi Throwback…A love letter to classic sci-fi horror B-movies…an incredibly faithful effort to capture the spirit of those vintage sci-fi thrillers that every fan of the genre owes it to themselves to see.”

Read the entire review from horrorbuzz.com.

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