Retro Halloween Dancing Black Cat Vintage Figurine

Remember when Halloween decorations looked cool?  We do!  And this Retro  vintage dancing Black Cat Halloween Figurine from One Holiday Way is sure to be a hit during the Halloween season…or all year long!
Decorative Tabletop Statuette Figure is a Standing Decoration to add a classic retro touch to your Halloween decor.

Figurines are in the great vintage style of old Halloween decorations. Makes a perfect gift for any vintage Halloween lover. The classic Halloween colors and figures will really liven up any house, office, or mausoleum!

Detailed by skilled artists, these vintage characters feel like they’ve popped right out of a spooky tome. Bright and bold orange black, and white paint make these fun and stylish pieces pop!

Use separately or buy all 3 for an impressive display! Great for small spaces, these ornaments can stand on any table, desk, windowsill, mantel and more!
Resin. Size: 7.5″ high, 6.25″ wide

The classic retro dancing black cat Halloween figure is on sale now!

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