Black Skull and Spine Candle Set Halloween Decor

I’ve heard of Skull and Bones but this is something else entirely!  Feast your eyes on the GAVIA Black Skull and Spine Candle Set Halloween Decor.

Unusual design to give you that realistic spooky decor touch you want! Your skeleton candle with broken bones will look for a perfect gothic decor for bedroom! In the end, we all get a broken bone! The best selling gothic candles collection are waiting for you!

GOTHIC CANDLES – GAVIA’s Human goth candles are made delivering realistic whimsigoth home decor and magnificent goth home decor details! Better than current market bleeding candles, from creepy decor lovers to oddities decor fans, this spooky candle set will enhance any gothic room decor, whimsigoth decor, or emo decor.

HALLOWEEN DECOR – all year round with your new GAVIA’s Halloween Candle set, which will combine perfectly with your gothic bathroom decor or goth bedroom decor for great gothic decor for home!

The GAVIA Skull and Spine Candle set is on sale NOW!

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