Halloween Skull Blood Candles Dripping Bloody Red Wax

One of the coolest Halloween decorations we’ve seen this year has to be the Skull Blood Candles Dripping Bloody Red Wax from GUTE!
You get a putrifying pair of skull candle holders with blood red candles and when they starte melting, they bleed through the eyes of the skull BWAHAHA.

Amaze your friends, hypnotize your enemies for hours as they will be powerless to look away from the flowing crimson rivers of bloody wax emanating from the eyes of the skull candles!

The Halloween Skull Blood Candles 2 Pack is one of the best ways for giving more life…or death to your crypt décor. The skull candles set of 2 combines fresh scents with a repurposed skull.

This unique and trendy decorative candle is handmade and brings a spooky vibe to all parts of your home. When lit, the red candles drip down the skull, creating a blood-like effect that is sure to be a conversation starter at your next Halloween party.

This Halloween, buy your favorite fiend the ultimate gift of bleeding skull candles!

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