Horror Mike looks at the original Calzador of Cryptids, the Battler of Beasts, the Hunter of HORRORS worldwide! Before KOLCHAK The Night Stalker…Before The X-FILES…There was the original MONSTER HUNTER!  Watch full video HERE.
kolchak the night stalkerHorror fans with any credibility will tell you that the Dan Curtis creation Kolchak The Night Stalker starring Darren McGavin and the Kolchak inspired X-Files starring David Ducovny and Gillian Anderson, brainchild of Chris Carter, are two of the greatest horror tv series of all time.
But long before these two silver screen legends hit the airwaves, there was another Monster Hunter who first appeared in 1946 in a golden age comics issue of Triumph comics #31 in a story called “The New Adventures of Doc Stearne as Mr. Monster.”
Although Mr. Monster would only appear in a few golden age comics, he would later be revived in the 1980’s by comic book artist extraordinaire Michael T. Gilbert in what would be a long running comics series lasting dozens of issues and several publishers including Eclipse and Dark Horse. Gilbert went back to the golden age roots of Mr. Monster and reintroduced the character using the original material combined with new comic stories. Soon after, Mr. Monster would be globe trotting to track down terrors from Europe to the far east, with several choice comic books produced in 3-D with the help of Ray Zone.
In this introductory video to Mr. Monster, we are going to look at the origins of the character along with Michael Gilbert’s additional origin storylines.

We begin in the year 1945. Doc Stearne, aka Mr. Monster had already been in a few issues of WOW comics as himself. Then, in 1945, Triumph Comics #31 published by Bell Features produced the first comic book appearance of Mr. Monster with a story called “The New Adventures of Doc Stearne as Mr. Monster” with art by Fred Kelly. It’s a strange little tale rendered in classic, crude golden age style.
Doc Stearne gets involved in a mysterious case involving a traumatized woman with amnesia that propels him deeper into the world of the supernatural and sets up the very first appearance of Mr. Monster!

1947 saw the publication of SUPER DUPER COMICS #3 by Canadian based F. E. Howard Publications. This contained the first full blown Mr. Monster story THE TERROR OF TREZMA in which our supernatural super hero battles an ancient creature that is seemingly unstoppable, but of course, Mr. Monster takes of that little problem.

On the next Mr. Monster video, we dive into the re-birth of this character by Michael T. Gilbert and his first series published by Eclipse comics in the mid 1980’s.

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