Ghost Clinic Pre-code Horror Comics Rises from the Grave In 2024

Ghost Clinic Pre-code Horror Comics Rises from the Grave In 2024
This article is taken from an original video you can watch here.

My other website which you may be aware of is the Ghost Clinic at
I’m going to drop that link in the chat right now. This is a website I created several years ago in order to enhance the haunted Thrills video that that I was doing at the time. I put this website together while I was doing the haunted Thrills documentary on pre-code horror comics, so this is the companion website.

Ghost Clinic website header graphics

The website header will change if you just refresh it. You’ll get like a nice Basil Wolverton header. This one actually from Experiment in Terror which is one of the stories that I adapted for my Anthology film “Witch Tales.” The cover is from Fantastic fears Issue Number Eight Circa 1953. Swamp Terror is from strange Mysteries number two, one of my favorites from Superior Comics. This one is part of a Bernard Bailey cover from Weird Mysteries.

Website layout and content

As we scroll down as you can see it’s a pretty basic layout. This article is the latest one about Mysteries weird and strange number six from March of 1954. I did a video so when you read the article you can click for the actual video itself. It’s a companion article to the original video. There’s Voodoo number 15 featuring the story “Nightmare Island.” We see the giant rat and the poor woman that’s trapped on a mouse trap and here comes the giant rat.
voodoo horror comic book nightmare island
I’ve shown you this comic book before, it’s Mr Mystery number eight and it’s the woman who’s in her cabin on a Cruiser in the ocean and here comes a flying zombie coming right through her Porthole. Yes folks, that’s what I’m talking about. Those flying zombies always come through the porthole!

Ghost Clinic Facebook Page

I also have a Facebook page called Ghost Clinic. I also post when I put up videos including live shows. As you can see, this is the the very live show that you’re currently watching.

Haunted Thrills Pre-code comics merchandise

This is my Zazzle page for Haunted Thrills and Ghost Clinic. I made all of these things which are customized, for example, wrapping paper. Yes, you heard that right folk,s I made customized wrapping paper based upon pre-code horror comic books. It makes for some snazzy freaking wrapping paper. You have playing cards which are totally cool. This one is based upon L.B. Cole’s fantastic Mask cover from issue number two from the mid 1940’s. I love this “The man who died twice” lunchbox! Kids, you’ll be the talk of the schoolyard when you bring your man who died twice lunch box! of course that is Jack Cole’s cover from Web of Evil number five. Here’s the Haunted Thrills playing cards, folks. You know that everybody that buys a Blu-ray gets a Haunted Thrills playing card from yours truly if you want a full deck of Haunted Thrills cards, they’re on sale for $10.42 on my Zazzle store. Dial C for Corpse is a magnet you can get for $4.60. This is the classic splash page with this zombie corpse in the graveyard and he’s saying “It’s me darling, calling from the grave.” “Eeeeeeek!”

So there you go folks, I just thought I I would show you my Haunted Thrills – Ghost Clinic Zazzle page.

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