Corben’s Horrible Harvey’s House and Sheridan’s LEATHER NUN in Skull No. 3

One of the classic series of underground horror comics from the early 1970’s, SKULL comics published by LAST GASP featured top artists in the underground art scene including Richard Corben aka GORE, Spain, Veitch, Irons, Jaxon, and Sheridan who make up the content for issue number three of SKULL, published in 1971.
A truly twisted SPAIN cover kicks off the issue followed by an intro by the host, Ol’ skull, then it’s time for the sexy and sinful TALES of the LEATHER NUN by Sheridan, one of the most iconic characters in underground comics.  Gore, better known as Richard Corben, supplies the delightfully deranged HORRIBLE HARVEY’S HOUSE while Irons and Veitch cap off the issue with a particularly sick tale of cannibals called CLEAN UP CREW.
Watch the SKULL #3 video here.

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