Sci-fi Horror Lovecraft Issues of Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal Magazines

In this continuation of a very special video series celebrating the 100th anniversary of Weird Tales pulp magazine and the artists and writers that sprang from the publication we present part two of our look at the special H.P. Lovecraft sci-fi horror issues of Heavy Metal and Metal Hurlant published in 1978 and ’79. Featuring Lovecraftian science fiction and horror art by Breccia, Moebius, Voss, Druillet and the Necronomicon, Clerc and many others. The creators of Metal Hurlant including Moebius, Dionnet, and Druillet, realized the importance of Lovecraft in literature and as a cultural phenomenon. The result is a great issue with bibliography, filmography, and an article on Lovecraft’s famous letters.
Also a peak at the Halloween issue of Lovecraftiana the magazine of Eldritch and Cosmic Horror with art adapted from Lovecraft stories by yours truly.

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