Sci-Fi and HORROR Comics from the Pre-code Era Ghostly Weird Stories

In the latest video from Horror Mike, we look at all five issues of the classic L.B. Cole – Star Publications Pre-code HORROR and SCI-FI Comic books: Ghostly Weird Stories Volume One from PS Artbooks.  Featuring covers by comic book artist extraordinaire L.B. Cole with interior art by Jay Disbrow, Jack Kamen, Lee Loeb, and others, a total of five issues of these precode horror comic books were originally published from September, 1953 to Sept. 1954 by L.B. Cole and Star Publications.
The L.B. Cole covers include Thing from the Void, Death Ship, The Homecoming, Terrible Encounter, and Night Monster.  Jay Disbrow did all of the interior art for these stories and additional stories in every issue including The Beast from Below and The Vengeful Phantom.  Lee Loeb contributed the rather insane tale titled The Garden of Horror.
This PS Artbooks edition of Ghostly Weird Stories is available in both hardcover and slipcase cover volumes.  Highly recommended!
Watch the Ghostly Weird Stories Video.
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