Weird Mysteries Pre-Code Sci-Fi Horror Comics from PS Artbooks

Weird Mysteries Pre-code HORROR Comic Book Reprints Volume One Published by PS Artbooks – Part One

Horror Mike’s look at Weird Mysteries Vol. One Pre-code HORROR Comic Book Reprints Published by PS Artbooks: part one. Featuring the first six issues and a foreward by writer James Heath Lantz who was kind enough to supply more info on his projects for PS Artbooks including Weird Mysteries vol. 2, Roy Thomas presents Sheena, Queen of the Jungle vol. 3 and Captain Video vol. 1.
PS Artbooks pre-code horror, sci-fi comics now ON SALE!
Weird Mysteries Pre-Code Sci-Fi HORROR Comic Books Vol. One Part Two Basil Wolverton and Bernard Baily.
We look at PS Artbooks Weird Mysteries Volume One Pre-Code Sci-Fi Horror Comic Books PART TWO featuring the art of Basil Wolverton, Bernard Baily, Tony Mortellaro, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, Charles Stern, and more. Originally published by Stanley Morse between 1952 to 1954.
Pre-code HORROR and Sci-Fi Weird Tales of the Future 8 Comic Book Facsimile by PS Artbooks UNBOXED!
Unboxed PS Artbooks facsimile copy of the pre-code sci-fi horror comic book from 1952 called Weird Tales of the Future #8 along with a special OVER-SIZED matted cover of the issue originally drawn by Golden age master Bernard Baily who co-created THE SPECTRE in 1940. Does the facsimile copy of Weird Tales of the Future 8 by PS Artbooks deliver and what about the quality of the over-sized Matte print of the cover? Find out in this video!

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