Sci-Fi Fantasy Art In Metal Hurlant Number Six

In the latest video from Horror Mike, he looks at the groundbreaking sci-fi fantasy art magazine METAL HURLANT Number Six published by Les Humanoides Associes in March, 1976. This illustrated fantasy science fiction magazine / comic book that ultimately became Heavy Metal magazine in North America features art from Richard Corben, Moebius, Jaque Tardi, Serge Clerc, Bihannic, and more.
Moebius begins his long running series The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius while Corben contributes chapter 4 of the DEN saga. Jaque Tardi’s “Honeymoon” in full color and Enki Bilal’s Eternity Road are also included in this issue.
Metal Hurlant first appeared in January, 1975 with issue number one. The sci-fi, fantasy, and horror magazine was created by Moebius, Druillet, Dionnet, and Farkas in 1974 as a magazine devoted to science fiction and fantasy without restrictions. Highly recommended METAL HURLANT 1975 – 1984 book published by Humanoids in 2022. 290 pages featuring some of the best stories and art from the oversized comic book in the 1970’s. On sale NOW –
metal hurlant number six sci-fi fantasy art magazine

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