Welcome To Horror Anthology Movies

Horror anthologies have been popular since the 1920’s with German filmmaker Leo Birinsky’s trilogy of terror called Waxworks, and they continue to thrive today with successful releases like “VHS.”
This site has been created for two reasons. The first and foremost is to take the viewer on a trip through the filmmaking process as we create our own feature appropriately titled “Horror Anthology Movie Volume 1.” This film will have five short stories and you will see photos and trailers from the segments as they are made throughout 2013, with the target release month of October.
We will also showcase some of the best horror anthology films ever made including Creepshow, Tales From The Crypt, Trilogy Of Terror, Asylum and many more. Look for posts about horror series like Monsters, Fear Itself and Masters Of Horror as well.

Please bookmark our site and check out the Facebook page for more information, and welcome to our nightmares!

Five Miles Straight Ahead

King Jeff and Gorio of Jeti Films present the first film of our anthology entitled “Five Miles Straight Ahead.”
This short Twilight Zone style horror film is about four black soldiers during world war 2 who are sent on a scouting mission deep into an Italian forest, but soon find that terror and death await five miles straight ahead..
King Jeff, Gorio & Keelan Jiles make a grisly discovery in Five Miles Straight Ahead.
five miles straight ahead
Sargeant Hunter (Gorio) searches for a missing soldier in Five Miles Straight Ahead.5 miles straight ahead