The Cordyceps Principle

Straight out of today’s science headlines comes the final segment in Horror Anthology Movie Volume 1 entitled “The Cordyceps Principle,” written and directed by Mike T. Lyddon.
A sociopathic photographer dreams of killing his indifferent, domineering wife, but he doesn’t know how. One day he discovers something in the swamps which will let him get away with the perfect murder..
cordyceps principle fungus horrorJessica Hanson stars in The Cordyceps Principle, a tale of mutated fungi and murder.

cordyceps principle fungus mutation and murder
The Cordyceps Principle – You will not be prepared!

Udo Kier In The Theatre Bizarre

The Theatre Bizarre (2011) is a recent horror anthology movie which had the critics and audiences scratching their collective heads, because truly some of the stories in this anthology are “beyond bizarre” to quote the host of that short lived TV series.
Six tales of terror which show plenty of blood, gore and skin and a wrap around “story” starring Udo Kier which doesn’t go anywhere, a few of the highlights include Richard Stanley’s “Mother Of Toads” and Tom Savini’s segment (which he also stars in) called “Wet Dreams.”
This film has shown up on Netflix and is available for download HERE.
the theatre bizarre

Thing In The Shed At Fear Fete Horror Film Festival

The 2nd segment shot for Horror Anthology Movie Volume 1 “Thing In the Shed” has been accepted into the Fear Fete Horror Film Festival 2013.
Below is the new HD teaser clip for Thing In The Shed on Vimeo.
fear fete selection thing in the shed horror film festival
Here is the new HD clip for “Thing In The Shed.”

Thing In The Shed HD Teaser Lights Out from Mike Lyddon on Vimeo.

We are now accepting short film submissions

Hey horror fans, if you’ve made a short horror film within the last two years we are now taking submissions for the final slot in Horror Anthology Movie Volume 1.
We will pay you per finished minute and you will receive a percentage of the profits from sales of volume 1.
The film must be 15 to 25 minutes in length and NOT currently in distribution or available online.
short horror film submissions
To submit please contact us at “admin at horroranthologymovies dot com” for further information.
Deadline is August 31st and submissions are already coming in, so if you have a short film send us a link to a trailer or excerpt to the email address above and we will get back to you by the first week in September.

New Trailer For Footage Found, Arabi

You’ve been asking and now we’re delivering! Here’s a brand new trailer for the Horror Anthology Movie Volume 1 segment called “Footage Found, Arabi.”  If you are a fan of found footage horror films and H.P. Lovecraft adaptations such as Re-Animator and Call Of Cthulhu, you should enjoy this!

Footage Found Arabi Horror Film Trailer from Mike Lyddon on Vimeo.

Lovecraft Horror In Footage Found, Arabi

The fourth segment for Volume 1 of The Horror Anthology Movie is a strange one indeed. We are always on the lookout for authentic video or audio of Lovecraft or anything in that vein, and considering that no known film exists with the famous horror author, we were surprised when we received a mysterious package with some very interesting footage.
While we cannot say too much about this film now, we can tell you that it was apparently shot in Arabi, Louisiana during the week of June 9th, 1932 and it is a fact that H.P. Lovecraft was in New Orleans, Louisiana during that time..
lovecraft amulet found footage arabi
Creepy images from a New Orleans crypt in “Footage Found, Arabi.”
Strange happenings in an old Arabi house in "Footage Found, Arabi."
What really happened that night in 1932 at the old Warren house in Arabi?

Halloween Anthology Film Trick ‘r Treat

One of the best horror anthology films to come out in the last 20 years, writer – director Michael Dougherty’s fine quartet of Halloween terror tales called “Trick ‘r Treat” is an absolute must see for lovers of good horror films and superb anthologies.
Starring True Blood’s Anna Paquin and seasoned pro Dylan Baker, Trick r Treat contains four films, all of which are worth viewing and some of which are truly exceptional in the sub-genre.
trick r treat horror anthology movie
You can purchase this great DVD which is now on sale for 4.99 right HERE.

Five Miles Straight Ahead Wins At Film Festival

We just got word that Jeff Hollin’s short film for Horror Anthology Movie Volume 1 has won first place in the short suspense – thriller category at the 2013 Indie Film Gathering in Ohio! This international festival is a popular one so it makes this win that much sweeter! Congrats to Jeff and cast and crew!