Halloween Anthology Film Trick ‘r Treat

One of the best horror anthology films to come out in the last 20 years, writer – director Michael Dougherty’s fine quartet of Halloween terror tales called “Trick ‘r Treat” is an absolute must see for lovers of good horror films and superb anthologies.
Starring True Blood’s Anna Paquin and seasoned pro Dylan Baker, Trick r Treat contains four films, all of which are worth viewing and some of which are truly exceptional in the sub-genre.
trick r treat horror anthology movie
You can purchase this great DVD which is now on sale for 4.99 right HERE.

Five Miles Straight Ahead Wins At Film Festival

We just got word that Jeff Hollin’s short film for Horror Anthology Movie Volume 1 has won first place in the short suspense – thriller category at the 2013 Indie Film Gathering in Ohio! This international festival is a popular one so it makes this win that much sweeter! Congrats to Jeff and cast and crew!

Amicus Films The House That Dripped Blood

the house that dripped blood
Another great Amicus horror anthology movie was the star studded 1971 feature called “The House That Dripped Blood,” starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, John Pertwee and the lovely Ingrid Pitt. Four tales of terror with a nice wrap around story make this Amicus offering a sure bet for Halloween night…or any night for that matter!
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Amicus Films Tales From The Crypt

No horror anthology movie site would be complete without the original 1972 Tales From The Crypt from Amicus Films. One of the highest rated horror anthologies of all time, this film contains virtually no filler or bombs and boasts some of the most memorable stories and performances with stellar efforts from Peter Cushing, Patrick Magee, Joan Collins and many more.
tales from the crypt movie
If you are only familiar with the latter Tales From The Crypt series and subsequent films then you really need to check out this, the first and perhaps the best of all the incarnations.
Tales From The Crypt DVD is currently on sale HERE as a double feature with VAULT OF HORROR!


Karen Black Stars In Trilogy Of Terror

Easily one of the most popular horror anthology movies of the 1970’s, Trilogy Of Terror starred the amazing Karen Black who gets stalked by an evil Zuni doll in the film’s most memorable segment written by Richard Matheson with screenplay by William F. Nolan.
You can watch Trilogy Of Terror on Netflix or buy the DVD on sale here.
trilogy of terror horror anthology film

1940’s Horror Quintet Dead Of Night

Dead Of Night horror anthology movie
No lover of horror anthology movies can afford to miss this great 1940’s British quintet of terror tales entitled “Dead Of Night.”
Directed by a variety of filmmakers including Basil Dearden, Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton and Robert Hamer, Dead Of Night (1945) was a post WW2 film which was made right after a period when horror films were banned in Britain.
This is a solid pentalogy of British horror, but perhaps the standout is the story called “Ventriloquist’s Dummy.” (pictured) starring period favorite Michael Redgrave. In the story, Redgrave plays a rather mentally unstable ventriloquist who believes that his dummy has taken on a life of it’s own..with horrifying consequences. Seeing this for the first time as a youngster, this segment made me lose a few nights of sleep to be sure!

Dead Of Night is available through Netflix, for sale here and available for download here.

Mario Bava’s Black Sabbath

Mario Bava's Black Sabbath horror anthology movie
Considered one of Italian director Mario Bava’s greatest films, the horror anthology movie “Black Sabbath” ranks among the best in this sub-genre of horror.
Black Sabbath is a 1970’s trilogy of terror tales featuring three distinct stories, all with their own level of effectiveness.
The two standouts are “The Wurdalak” starring Boris Karloff in a period piece vampire tale about a man who encounters a family of blood suckers and makes the grand mistake of falling in love with one of them. Creepy and atmospheric, this segment is enhanced by Karloff’s sinister role as grandfather of the Gorca vampire clan.
Perhaps my favorite is the story entitled “The Drop of Water” wherein a nurse decides to steal a coveted ring off the hand of a recently deceased spiritualist, only to discover that even in death some people prefer to keep their possesions.
As a youngster I remember this one scared the hell out of me. The visage of the old woman (pictured above) coming after the nurse was frightening and very effective.

I believe Netflix is currently carrying Black Sabbath, and of course you can always find the DVD on sale from CD Universe.

New Stills From The Movie

Here are some new stills from the “Five Miles Straight Ahead” segment for Horror Anthology Movie Volume 1, produced and directed by King Jeff. The story is about a group of black soldiers who are sent on an intel mission deep inside a forest in Italy during World War 2, and discover something something far more horrifying than they could have possibly imagined.
five miles straight ahead
five miles straight ahead

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