Haunted Thrills Opens For Romero’s CREEPSHOW At Florida Festival

Indie documentary HAUNTED THRILLS is an official selection of the 2021 NEW FLORIDA CINEMA Film Festival line up.
On October 23rd, they are going to screen an excerpt from Haunted Thrills before screening George Romero’s CREEPSHOW.
This is of particular interest considering that Creepshow is one of the greatest horror anthology films ever made, done in the vein of 1950s pre-code horror comics which is the subject of Haunted Thrills.
On October 30th, they are screening a night of horror trailers including HAUNTED THRILLS.
The documentary will also be in consideration for the awards event to be held in December, 2021.
Haunted Thrills is a companion piece to Mike T. Lyddon’s previous feature film WITCH TALES, now available on signed and numbered blu-ray.
haunted thrills opens for creepshow at florida film festival

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