Mike T Lyddon Lovecraft HORROR Art Featured In Lovecraftiana Halloween 2021

Dateline: London, England
Rogue Planet Press, an imprint of Horrified Press in the UK has released Lovecraftiana: Halloween 2021 magazine featuring Lovecraft based horror art by filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon and many fictional tales of cosmic horror by a variety of authors.
This is the first time that Lyddon’s work has been featured on the cover and exclusively used inside a publication.

The cover art with signature “Lyddon after Moore” refers to the great sculpture Bryan Moore’s original sculpt of “Brown Jenkin,” a rat-like familiar described in H.P. Lovecraft’s classic horror story “Dreams in the Witch House.”  Lyddon purchased a copy of Moore’s maquette years ago and took some atmostpheric photos of it.  In 2021, he used those very photos to design and create the cover you see here.
Lovecraftiana: Halloween 2021 is currently available on Amazon in both Print and e-book.  The print edition is more than 130 pages and costs a mere $5.99.  Highly recommended.

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