Signed LOVECRAFT Edition of Cosmic HORROR Monthly on Sale NOW

signed lovecraft issue of cosmic horror monthlyDateline: the nether reaches of the dark cosmos.
The very special 2021 LOVECRAFT issue of COSMIC HORROR MONTHLY featuring stories and illustrations in a Lovecraftian vein is now on sale on Ebay.
There are very few copies remaining of this edition SIGNED by the publisher Charles Tyra and one of the authors Mike T. Lyddon who contributed his story “The Hogansburg Horror” and a few illustrations to the issue.
A few short reviews from readers as follows:
“Issue 19 is dedicated to the master of terror H.P. Lovecraft and Lyddon’s story is a perfect fit for this issue. I actually felt like I was reading a lost Lovecraft story. “  D. Ashmun
“Just read your story in that issue and I dug it quite a bit — on top of the Dunwich and Whateley family connection, I liked the very Lovecraftian ‘communication from a friend who has gone insane’ setup and the twist it plays out with.”  M. Stern
“The Hogansburg Horror is a tense, atmospheric tribute sure to please Lovecraft fans and fans of the genre in general.”  S. Stark

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