HAUNTED THRILLS Documentary Official Selection at Feel the Reel Film Festival

Dateline: Glasgow, UK
Mike Lyddon’s new documentary HAUNTED THRILLS is an official selection at FEEL THE REEL International Film Festival.
This festival chooses monthly selections and finalists are screened at the festival held in Romania in 2022.
Haunted Thrills is a love letter to those great pre-code horror comic books of the 1950s and features three exclusive interviews with pre-code artists Joe Sinnott, Everett Raymond Kinstler, and Vic Carrabotta.
This is the eighth selection for Haunted Thrills this festival season.
Haunted Thrills is a companion featurette to Lyddon’s previous horror anthology movie WITCH TALES, now available on blu-ray and ON SALE.
haunted thrills official selection feel the reel film festival

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