Haunted Thrills Official Selection at American Golden Picture IFF

Dateline: Jacksonville, Florida
Mike Lyddon’s new documentary film HAUNTED THRILLS is an official selection at the American Golden Picture Internatonal Film Festival which will be held in Jacksonville, Florida in June, 2022.
The festival curates films monthly and the semi-finalists are judged for screening at the June event.
HAUNTED THRILLS is a documentary featurette about the artists, writers, and editors of those amazing pre-code horror, sci-fi, and crime comic books of the early 1950s.
It is a companion film to Lyddon’s previous feature called WITCH TALES, a horror anthology movie shot entirely in Peru that adapts pre-code horror comic book stories to the screen.  It is now available on blu-ray.
Click HERE for more info and purchase information.
haunted thrills official selection film festival

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