Haunted Thrills WINS Best Documentary Award

The pre-code horror comic book documentary by Mike T. Lyddon called HAUNTED THRILLS has just won the award for Best Documentary at the 2021 HORROR BOWL MOVIE AWARDS.
“Many thanks to the judges for awarding my film Haunted Thrills for Best Documentary,” Lyddon said.  “I’d also like to thank the original pre-code comic book artists I interviewed including Joe Sinnott, Everett Raymond Kinstler, and Victor Carrabotta.  I hope my humble effort helps to ensure their legacy and the legacy of so many other overlooked artists and writers featured in my film.”
Made as a companion piece to Lyddon’s previous indie horror feature WITCH TALES, HAUNTED THRILLS is currently enjoying success in the film festival circuit with four official selections and one win for best documentary.
haunted thrills wins best documentary horror bowl movie awards

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