Haunted Thrills Pre-code Horror Comics Doc Ending Its 16 Month Film Festival Run

Dateline: Florida
Mike Lyddon’s documentary on pre-code horror and science fiction comic books of the 1950’s, HAUNTED THRILLS, has two more festivals to play before ending its extraordinary 16 month film fest run.
An official entry in 22 of 26 film festivals entered and winning 6 awards for best short documentary, Lyddon’s film is a “love letter to those comics that were ultimately doomed by Dr. Fredric Wertham and the Comics Code Authority in the mid 1950’s.”
Haunted Thrills is a documentary about those gruesome, violent, and sexy pre-code horror and science fiction comic books of the early 1950’s featuring three exclusive interviews with the original pre-code horror comic artists Everett Raymond Kintsler, Joe Sinnott, and Victor Carrabotta.
It will be playing the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival Friday, Dec. 2nd and lastly at the Horror-On-Sea film festival in the UK, January 22nd, 2023.
You can watch Haunted Thrills on Youtube.

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