Six Tales Of Terror

six tales of terror horror anthlogy movieEpic Horror Anthology
Featuring original six tales of terror clocking in at about 2 hours, Horror Anthology Movie Volume One is wall to wall horror with no filler!
Here are the stories-
The Cordyceps Principle (Writer/Director Mike T. Lyddon)
A sociopathic photographer dreams of killing his indifferent, domineering wife. One day on a shooting expedition he discovers something deep in the southern swamps which just might do the trick.
Five Miles Straight Ahead (Writer/Director King Jeff)
During World War 2 four soldiers are sent on a scouting mission for a German squadron, but instead find something far more terrifying.
Thing In The Shed (Writer/Director Mike T. Lyddon)
Late one dark and stormy night Stanley gets a late night visit from his old friend Martin, who arrives disheveled and carrying a mysterious black box. Before the night is over they will discover it’s horrifying secret.
Section 49 (Writer/Director Karl DeMolay, Michael Gosack)
A Theater. A Tank. A Technician. A Hooker. A Hustler. That there was a time before, of this there is no doubt. But then IT came.
Blood Of A Saint (Writer/Director Will Frank)
Tormented by feelings of sexual inadequacy, Monty enlists the aid of the nefarious Dr. Benweise. The doctor’s unorthodox method of curing Monty’s affliction leads to a chain of events as absurd as they are horrifying.
Footage Found, Arabi (Writer/Director Mike T. Lyddon, additional script Michael Gosack)
Found footage within footage found. Writer H.P. Lovecraft visits New Orleans in June, 1932 and we discover some of his works of fiction are based upon blood curdling reality.

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