Original Art for VAMPIRES Pre-code Horror Comic Book Vampire’s Bite Story

VAMPIRES #1 is a pre-code comic book released by Asylum Press in what appears to be a series of pre-code horror comic reprints.
Filmmaker/artist Mike T. Lyddon (Haunted Thrills, Witch Tales) is a pre-code horror comic book fanatic and drew some pre-code homage covers that are now on sale on Ebay.

Two covers are homages to Hy Fleishman’s VAMPIRE’S BITE, a pre-code horror comic book story inside of Vampires #1.
One is of the insidious Vinutti the Vampire and the other is an homage to the splash page of Vampire’s Bite.

These custom art covers come with a COA and are now on sale on EBay.

vampires bite pre-code horror original art homage

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