A Tale of Two Illustrated Sci-fi Magazine Covers: Heavy Metal #1 and Metal Hurlant #8

In the latest video from Horror Mike, he takes a good look at the revolutionary French illustrated science fiction and fantasy magazine Metal Hurlant, issue number eight from September 1976, and it’s American cousin, Heavy Metal number one from April, 1977.
We examine the great cover art of battling robots by Nicollett and explore the contents of each magazine featuring art by Druillet, Moebius, Voss, Picaret, Bode, Corben, and many others.
Metal Hurlant was founded in 1974 by Jean Giraud aka Moebius, Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Philippe Druillet, and Bernard Farkas.  It was released in North America as Heavy Metal, published by the creators of National Lampoon magazine.
Click here to watch the “Metal Hurlant #8 Heavy Metal #1: A Tale of Two Covers. Illustrated Sci-fi Horror & Fantasy Magazines” video.
heavy metal and metal hurlant illustrated sci-fi magazines

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