Rue Morgue Magazine Review of WITCH TALES (2020)

Rue Morgue review Witch Tales 2020Excellent write-up and review of indie horror anthology WITCH TALES (2020) blu-ray and Vimeo VOD from Grace Detwiler at RUE MORGUE magazine.
“Low-Budget Anthology Is The First Bilingual Horror Film Of Its Kind.”
Some highlight quotes –
“WITCH TALES brings three spooky Pre-Code comic stories to life, with a delightful cartoonishness and plenty of practical gore.”
“By not only making WITCH TALES accessible but also wholly available, to both English and Spanish speaking audiences is an ability few other films and filmmakers can boast.”
“WITCH TALES is an enjoyable romp through Pre-Code horror comic history.”
A nice plug for the HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST includes pics of the fabulous MOVIE PROPS used in Witch Tales you can win…if your trivia skills are up to it!
Also included are both trailers of the film – the English language and Spanish language (with CC in English) versions are in the write-up.
Click here to read the Rue Morgue article.

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