New Trailer For The Cordyceps Principle From Horror Anthology Movie Volume One

Mike Lyddon and Reel Progress are pleased to present a new trailer for the body horror film THE CORDYCEPS PRINCIPLE, one of the six short films you’ll find in HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOL. ONE DVD now on sale for Halloween 2020!
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You can also Watch it on VIMEO for the incredibly low price of $1.49.
The Cordyceps Principle tells the story of a sociopathic photographer who dreams of killing his indifferent, domineering wife. One day on a shooting expedition he discovers something deep in the southern swamps that just might do the trick in this sci-fi body horror shocker.
Horror Anthology Movie vol. 1 stars Ben Matheny (American Horror Story: Coven, Scream Queens), Cherie Roberts (The Lookalike), Brian Lanigan (First Man on Mars, Cut Up).

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