Every Pre-code SCI-FI and HORROR Comic Book Ever Published PART TWO

All HORROR and SCI-FI pre-code Comic Books Ever Published: PART TWO.
Welcome to part two of our series on every Pre-code HORROR and SCI-FI Comic Book Ever Published. In part one we covered all titles from ACE to EC Comics, now we focus on comics from F thru Z starting with the remarkable FAWCETT and ending with the great ZIFF-DAVIS.
Herein we present the data of who, what, when, and how many are indispensible for the pre-code comic book collector. During the pre-code horror/sci-fi period, approximately 1,370 issues from 110 titles were published.
With many thanks to the great FOUR COLOR FEAR, a fantastic reference book about pre-code horror and sci-fi comic books that helped me a lot in the making of my documentary HAUNTED THRILLS, free to view on the channels.

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