Adventures Into Terror 43 Pre-code Horror

atlas comics golden age pre-code horror adventures into terrorAdventures Into Terror #43 from Atlas – Marvel is now available at ComicConnect!  Formerly titled “Joker Comics,” this great pre-code horror comic has superb cover art by Russ Heath with attributed colors by Stan Goldberg. It features horrifying stories written by Stan Lee with interior art by Ed Winiarski, Mike Sekowski, George Klein and Russ Heath.  The sub-header reads “Mysterious Tales of Haunted Suspense.”

The cover story entitled “The Thing in the Cave” features the classic text as a couple tries to escape the clutches of a giant monster they’ve discovered in a deep, mysterious cavern.  As the giant misshapen hand grasps at the woman, the man yells, “Listen! The walls are shaking!  The roar is getting louder!  The…GOOD HEAVENS!  LOOK!  The thing has found us!”

This golden age horror anthology comic has been rated 4.0 which puts it at a decent lower mid-grade, a very desirable rating for many collectors and fans of pre-code horror comics.

It is important to note that there are two versions of this comic.  The original version was published by Atlas-Marvel in 1950, but Superior Publishing in Canada reprinted the issue later in the same year.

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