Monster Party Book Signed Now on Ebay

Monster Party Horror Anthology Book on EbayThe new horror anthology book called “Monster Party” is now on sale on Ebay for the lowest price ever offered and SIGNED by one of the authors.
This book is a collection of 14 horror stories written by 14 indie writers and spans the range of sub-genres including supernatural horror, sci-fi horror, horror-comedy, and more.
The color cover edition of Monster Party was published in December, 2019 by Deadman’s Tome.
Here are some of the stories included –
THE ANT PEOPLE by Carlton Herzog.
This is surreal comedic horror tale that reads like an insane version of Gulliver’s Travels. A man is accosted by a civilization of intelligent ants who invade his apartment via his bathroom toilet, using a very small submarine.
Well written and enthralling for the depiction of the rapidly deteriorating scene inside the main character’s bathroom, this is another MONSTER PARTY entry that makes the book well worth reading.
THING IN THE SHED by Mike T. Lyddon.
A horde of very tiny monsters unleashed on one dark and stormy night in this creepy tale that combines classic horror with modern science fiction.  People familiar with nanotechnology or bio-nanotechnology will also find this cautionary tale of interest.
MOTHSQUITO by Pedro Iniguez.
A film crew is shooting a b-movie about a giant scorpion called “Scorpisaurus” when they discover that there is a real mutant horror lurking in the sun-baked desert…
This is the classic concept of “monster movie becomes real,” and Iniguez hits it right on the money with the annoying low budget director Dino DeLuca, the clunky fumbling with the giant scorpion creature (which figures beautifully into the plot), the starlet trying to make it in Hollywood.
MOTHSQUITO is a very well written horror-comedy that never slacks on the pacing, delivers gallons of blood and gore, and totally pays off with a suspenseful yet hilarious resolution.

All of these great stories and much more are part of this fantasic new anthology book called MONSTER PARTY…and you’re invited!

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