ROOM 101 Episode 2 is LIVE – Lester del Rey’s BADGE OF INFAMY

In this new episode of ROOM 101, we look at the Time when science fiction master Lester del Rey Predicted a Deadly 21st Century CCP Virus Outbreak and global pandemic in his 1957 Novella, Badge of Infamy.
Watch Episode 2 of ROOM 101 here –
Born June 2nd, 1915, Lester del Rey was an American sci-fi author and editor known for many novels including Tunnel Through Time, Nerves, Outpost of Jupiter, Mysterious Planet, Some were Human, and of course, Badge of Infamy.
His books were mainly published during the 1950s and 60s during an amazing period of science fiction that included stellar contributors to the genre like Isaac Asimov, Fredrick Pohl, Fritz Leiber, Clifford Simak, and others.

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