Ciao Handy Films Witch Tales (2020) Video

Continuing with his ongoing series of HORROR ON SEA film festival movies, Ciao Handy presents his latest video featuring Mike Lyddon’s new indie horror feature WITCH TALES (2020).  Ciao Handy has been making these videos for months now, covering the wide range of short and feature-length films found at the Horror On Sea festival from January 2020.  Witch Tales had the honor of opening the festival on Friday, Jan. 10th in its last showing of a year’s worth of horror film festivals starting Dec. of 2018 with the INFIERNO EN LOS ANDES event and continuing all the way through 2019, racking up 9 nominations and 6 awards including Best Feature Film, Best B-Movie, Best MakeUp Effects in a total of 13 film festivals over the last 13 months (funny how that works out lol).
WITCH TALES is now available on BLU-RAY in a special limited edition of 300.  Play the trivia game and win one of ten movie props from the film!
If you prefer streaming horror flicks, you can watch both English and Spanish language versions of the film on VIMEO.

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