Critics Respond to segments in Horror Anthology Movie Vol. One

critics on horror anthology movieReviews of Horror Anthology Movie volume one have been very good across the board, and here are some quotes about the six tales of terror you’ll see in this extraordinary anthology film.
The Cordyceps Principle –
“Creepy and disgusting, the segment is well acted and very well directed.” Cinema Crazed
“..a good-looking short film” Film Threat
Five Miles Straight Ahead –
“..packs excellent tension and a great surprise ending.” Cinema Crazed
Thing in the Shed –
“..a unique approach to horror..very compelling” Scared Stiff Reviews
“Appropriately spooky, I really enjoyed this one.”
Film Threat
Section 49 –
“..a black and white fever dream from Hell”
Film Threat
Blood of a Saint –
“..absurd and disturbing at the same time” Film Threat
Footage Found, Arabi –
“..creepy, beautifully directed, and features a fantastic final scene.” Cinema Crazed

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