First Man on Mars Review by Philip Smolen

review first man on mars rogue cinemaIn the latest review of FIRST MAN ON MARS, writer Philip Smolen of Rogue Cinema says “The film is full of tongue in cheek performances.  Marcelle Shaneyfelt is a panic as Dr. Martine Munro. She plays the scientist as a haughty know-it-all bitch who’s blinded by her love of Cologne. Joey Harmon and Sam Cobean are good as Munro’s scientific lackeys. Kelly Murtagh is also a hoot as a Russian bikini model who’s posing for the latest issue of ‘Bullets and Bimbos’ magazine out in the Louisiana swamp.”
“Writer/director Lyddon knows his cinematic roots, and while he doesn’t stray far from the monster on the loose formula, he makes sure that his flick has a lot of reference points for classic movie monster lovers to enjoy.”
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