Jim Starlin’s DOCTOR WEIRD #1 1970 On Sale NOW

Two years before comic book legend Jim Starlin began his career with Marvel Comics and contributed years of stellar art for WARLOCK, THE AVENGERS, and many more, he did a two book series for the Texas Trio publications called DOCTOR WEIRD, with stories written by GEORGE R.R. MARTIN, famous for the hit books and TV series GAME OF THRONES.  This comic book, Dr. Weird #1 was the FIRST comic book cover ever done by Jim Starlin, making it a huge KEY book.
Now we present Doctor Weird #1 from 1970 for sale on Ebay.  This extremely rare book is in 6.0 FINE condition and would be a must for the discerning collector, Jim Starlin fans, and of course George RR Martin fans.
doctor weird 1970 jim starlin

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