HORROR Comic Books Unboxing from ALTERNA COMICS for Halloween

In the latest video from Horror Mike, he takes a good look at indie comic books icon Alterna Comics and their numerous Indiegogo campaigns for 2022!
Featured titles including horror comics issues from Wulf and Batsy, Blood Realm, and It Came out on a Wednesday which is Alterna’s horror anthology comic book series.
Founded by artist and writer Peter Simetti, Alterna Comics is an indie leader in the comic book world offering readers a fantastic and less expensive alternative to the “bait and switch” woke tactics of Marvel and DC.  New Alterna comics cost 1.99 on average and the website offers flat rate 5.00 domestic shipping, so if you buy 5 comics, you’re going to pay one low 5.00 ship rate.  The best value in the biz!
horror comic books alterna comics

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