Halloween Horror Anthology Movie Bundle

halloween horror anthology movie bundleHalloween season is here, and what better way to kick off our favorite time of year than with a Bundle of HORROR!
The Halloween Horror Anthology Movie Bundle, that is!
From now until Nov. 1st, when you buy the new WITCH TALES horror anthology blu-ray on Ebay, you get the BONUS HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE vol. 1 DVD with FREE SHIPPING!
It’s enough to make you scream and shout…or just scream!
Over 3 HOURS of indie anthology madness for the low price of 16.80 on EBAY!
And if that wasn’t enough to drag your carcass over there, when you buy the WITCH TALES blu-ray you can play the HORROR TRIVIA GAME and ENTER TO WIN one of ten custom MOVIE PROPS from the film!

Witch Tales Blu-Ray Horror Trivia Contest

The new indie horror movie from Mike Lyddon is on BLU-RAY and Vimeo VOD, and here is a special offer you won’t want to miss!
Only 300 limited edition signed & numbered blu-rays will be made.
Inside each blu-ray case you will find 3 horror trivia questions.
Just email us the answers with your special disc number and you are entered to win one of 10 authentic props used in the film WITCH TALES.
Your odds of winning are an incredible 1:30, so if you love a good gory or sexy prop, you’re going to love the WITCH TALES HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST!
The fun starts on May 28th when the blu-ray is officially released. There is no time limit and the drawings will be held one week after the blu-rays are sold out.
Here is the main advertisement along with photos of all the props.
You can now buy the WITCH TALES blu-ray from the following sites –
ETSY (shipping is less expensive)
Amazon (more $ because they charge more $ to sell) –
On this sitehttp://www.horroranthologymovies.com/witch-tales-blu-ray/



With an expected world premiere in October/November 2021, Mike Lyddon’s new indie film HAUNTED THRILLS is a documentary featurette about pre-code era horror comic books and the artists who drew them.
A companion featurette to Lyddon’s horror anthology movie WITCH TALES (2020), Haunted Thrills looks at many of the non EC publishers and artists who drew the other horror comics you may never have heard about but some of the names will be very familiar.
Everyone knows about Stan Lee and Marvel Comics but few know that he was one of the original pre-code horror editors when he worked for ATLAS in the late 1940s.  We interview two artists who worked at Atlas, Joe Sinnott and Vic Carrabotta.
Also, we speak with the great Everett Raymond Kinstler about his days with AVON and ZIFF-DAVIS publishers.
Trailer is now on RUMBLE and YOUTUBE, or watch it here –

Summer HORROR Sale!

Something Witchy this way comes 😈
It’s Summer and the WITCH TALES (2020) blu-ray / HORROR Anthology Movie DVD combo is ON SALE NOW for only $12.90 with FREE domestic shipping.
Nearly 3.5 HOURS of indie horror anthology thrills for one low price!
Both are signed and the Witch Tales blu-ray is numbered.
Inside you’ll find a HORROR TRIVIA contest. Play to enter for the drawing in November and you may WIN one of ten MOVIE PROPS from the film!
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witch tales horror anthology movie combo


When you play the WITCH TALES horror trivia game you can enter to WIN one of ten MOVIE PROPS from the film along with a COA – certificate of authentication from the filmmakers! 
In each blu-ray there is a horror trivia contest with three questions.  Simply email the correct answers to the producers and you are entered to win.
There are a maximum of 300 entries possible giving you a 1:30 chance of winning and so far approximately 60% of blu-ray buyers are playing the game so your odds are closer to 1:20!  Those are insanely good odds for any contest, so what are you waiting for?

Click here to buy through ETSY.

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3 TALES of TERROR taken from 1950s pre-code HORROR comics in the style of TALES FROM THE CRYPT.
horror anthology bluray dvd combo sale

FREE DVD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! – Get a brand new limited edition HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOL. 1 DVD signed while supplies last when you buy the WITCH TALES limited edition blu-ray!

WIN MOVIE PROPS – TRIVIA CONTEST! In each blu-ray there is a special number on the disc. Simply answer the 3 questions on the trivia quiz insert and email your answers along with your name and special number and you are ENTERED TO WIN!


Guess what month it is?
That’s right folks, it’s April, aka HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN!
To celebrate, RPLLC is offering amazing deals on our blu-rays, DVDs, and streaming movies!
WITCH TALES blu-ray – HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE DVD COMBO only 12.95 with FREE Domestic Shipping-
Play the HORROR TRIVIA GAME and enter to WIN Movie Props from the film!

Wicked Horror Show Podcast Interview With Mike T Lyddon

Hosts of the WICKED HORROR SHOW podcast, Kevin and Tony, welcome filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon on the show to discuss his latest feature horror anthology film WITCH TALES, his last feature FIRST MAN ON MARS, and his forthcoming pre-code comics documentary HAUNTED THRILLS.
Witch Tales: On Halloween night, the enchanting girl next door wants to invite you in for a treat….or a TRICK. Witch Tales is a horror anthology movie featuring three gruesome tales of terror presented by a seductive witch while she concocts a very special brew during Halloween eve.  The English version trailer is presented in the show.
First Man in Mars: The countdown to terror has begun. Astronaut Eli Cologne became the first man on Mars, but something went horribly wrong. Infected by an alien organism, he returned to Earth a savage monster with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh.  The original trailer is presented in the show.
Remembering CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, and the surging popularity of COSMIC HORROR in both print and movies.  Fans of H.P. Lovecraft will find this of particular interest.
Lyddon is an award-winning writer, producer, director and special makeup effects artist known for the films Cut Up (1994), Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras (1999), Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 (2013) and Vol. 2 (2014) and First Man on Mars (2016). Short films include The Cordyceps Principle (2013), Thing in the Shed (2013), Footage Found Arabi (2013) and By the Hair of the Head (2014). He also filmed over 100 live indigenous and traditional music videos in South America for HowlingEarth.Com.
Click here to watch the show.
Mike T Lyddon Wicked Horror Show

WITCH TALES Horror Anthology Makes 2020 Top Five List

Dateline: UK
Ciao Handy Films has released its year-end video listing the Top Five Physical Media of 2020 and Mike Lyddon’s latest feature film WITCH TALES has made the cut.
The list highlights indie horror films released on Blu-ray and DVD that offer something more to the customer, and the WITCH TALES BLURAY – HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE DVD does just that.
The special bundle from RPLLC includes the limited edition, signed and numbered WITCH TALES bluray that has both the English language and Spanish language versions of the film along with a “Gallery of Horrors” featuring BTS stills and a Trailers from Hell section with more RPLLC movie previews.
On top of that, you receive a limited edition signed HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE Vol. 1 DVD that clocks in at nearly two hours long and features 6 original tales of science fiction and supernatural horror.
And if that wasn’t enough, you can play the WITCH TALES HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST and enter to win one of ten movie props screen-used in the film.
Right now until Jan. 2nd, 2021, you can get this exciting combo for 20% OFF the regular price and FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.
Click here to buy now.