First Man on Mars Sci-Fi Horror 2023 Blu-Ray Now For Sale!

Reel Progress LLC and Mike T. Lyddon are pleased to announce that the feature film FIRST MAN ON MARS is now available as a limited edition signed and numbered Blu-Ray Released April 28th, 2023!

This special blu-ray comes with an original mini-poster insert signed and numbered along with the blu-ray disc for authenticity.

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Halloween HORROR Anthology Movie WITCH TALES on SALE

This HALLOWEEN…🎃 the pretty girl next door wants to invite you in for a treat… OR A TRICK! 😈
WITCH TALES Halloween Horror anthology Signed and Numbered blu-ray is ON SALE NOW!
Witch Tales takes place on HALLOWEEN NIGHT with tales of terror adapted from pre-code horror comic books in the vein of TALES FROM THE CRYPT hosted by an enchanting witch with her own diabolical plans for All Hallows Eve!
The reviews are in – “Delightful cartoonishness and plenty of practical gore…WITCH TALES is an enjoyable romp” – RUE MORGUE
“SPOOKY and DISGUSTING” – House of Tortured Souls
“EFFECTIVELY GROSS EFFECTS” – Voices from the Balcony
“Lyddon knows how to tell a FRIGHT-FARE story well” – Ghastly Grinning
“WITCH TALES is a great anthology horror film that doesn’t hold back on the gore..” – Ciao Handy Films
“This film would be perfect for you on a chilly night around Halloween time.” GNoH
#horrorfan #halloweenmovies #witches #indiefilm #horrorbluray
Blu-ray on EBAY
witch tales halloween horror movie


Horror Mike looks at the original Calzador of Cryptids, the Battler of Beasts, the Hunter of HORRORS worldwide! Before KOLCHAK The Night Stalker…Before The X-FILES…There was the original MONSTER HUNTER!  Watch full video HERE.
kolchak the night stalkerHorror fans with any credibility will tell you that the Dan Curtis creation Kolchak The Night Stalker starring Darren McGavin and the Kolchak inspired X-Files starring David Ducovny and Gillian Anderson, brainchild of Chris Carter, are two of the greatest horror tv series of all time.
But long before these two silver screen legends hit the airwaves, there was another Monster Hunter who first appeared in 1946 in a golden age comics issue of Triumph comics #31 in a story called “The New Adventures of Doc Stearne as Mr. Monster.”
Although Mr. Monster would only appear in a few golden age comics, he would later be revived in the 1980’s by comic book artist extraordinaire Michael T. Gilbert in what would be a long running comics series lasting dozens of issues and several publishers including Eclipse and Dark Horse. Gilbert went back to the golden age roots of Mr. Monster and reintroduced the character using the original material combined with new comic stories. Soon after, Mr. Monster would be globe trotting to track down terrors from Europe to the far east, with several choice comic books produced in 3-D with the help of Ray Zone.
In this introductory video to Mr. Monster, we are going to look at the origins of the character along with Michael Gilbert’s additional origin storylines.

We begin in the year 1945. Doc Stearne, aka Mr. Monster had already been in a few issues of WOW comics as himself. Then, in 1945, Triumph Comics #31 published by Bell Features produced the first comic book appearance of Mr. Monster with a story called “The New Adventures of Doc Stearne as Mr. Monster” with art by Fred Kelly. It’s a strange little tale rendered in classic, crude golden age style.
Doc Stearne gets involved in a mysterious case involving a traumatized woman with amnesia that propels him deeper into the world of the supernatural and sets up the very first appearance of Mr. Monster!

1947 saw the publication of SUPER DUPER COMICS #3 by Canadian based F. E. Howard Publications. This contained the first full blown Mr. Monster story THE TERROR OF TREZMA in which our supernatural super hero battles an ancient creature that is seemingly unstoppable, but of course, Mr. Monster takes of that little problem.

On the next Mr. Monster video, we dive into the re-birth of this character by Michael T. Gilbert and his first series published by Eclipse comics in the mid 1980’s.

Only TWO Witch Tales – First Man on Mars Blu-Ray Combos LEFT!

The limited edition signed and numbered WITCH TALES blu-rays are SOLD OUT!
There are only two WITCH TALES – FIRST MAN ON MARS combos left and after that, they’re gone forever!

I have pulled my reserve copy of WITCH TALES #13 to sell in one of the two remaining combos, so you have your choice of number 13 or number 300 (the last numbered copy).
It will be a long time before a 2nd printing of WITCH TALES on blu-ray is available so now is your chance to get one of two FIRST MAN ON MARS / WITCH TALES Combos before they are SOLD OUT!
Perfect for HALLOWEEN, WITCH TALES (2020) is an indie horror anthology film featuring a sexy witch concocting a very special brew on Halloween night as she terrorizes you with gruesome stories of fright!
FIRST MAN ON MARS (new on blu-ray for 2023) is a satirical homage to 1970’s grindhouse sci-fi horror films starring Bobby Gilchrist of NCIS: New Orleans / Queen Sugar and Kelly Murtagh, star of The Purge and The Lovebirds.
Get both WITCH TALES and FIRST MAN ON MARS limited edition signed and numbered blu-rays for one very special low price!


MEDIASCENE Issue 37 Jim Steranko’s Fantastic Pop Culture Magazine

NEW VIDEO on Jim Steranko’s MEDIASCENE Issue 37 with CAROLINE Munro, BILL Ward, The COMIC GIRLS & Rocky HORROR Picture Show!

Horror Mike takes a good look at Jim Steranko’s groundbreaking pop culture magazine, MEDIASCENE! Issue 37 from 1979 features cinema’s newest sex symbol CAROLINE Munro, Torchy artist BILL Ward.  Horror Mike remembers going to the 1979 Pittsburgh Science Fiction Festival and meeting Caroline Munro and Tom Savini as well as recalling his assistance with Mediascene writer Bill Warren’s KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES two volume book on sci-fi films of the 1950’s! PLUS:  Pulp artist VIRGIL Finlay & the cult phenomenon of The Rocky HORROR Picture Show! Also: a revealing look at the COMIC GIRLS and all of the new comic books released in May/June of 1979!
Get back issues of Mediascene and Prevue Magazines

SHOCKING NEWS About Alter Ego Comic Book Fanzine!

SHOCKING NEWS About Alter Ego Comic Book FanzineDetails In This MUST SEE Video!

They did WHAT to ALTER EGO? Horror Mike dishes on the shocking developments concerning the long running Alter Ego Comic Book Magazine / Fanzine published by Twomorrows – Get the Details In This Video! Alter Ego is the long running, award winning comic book fanzine from Roy Thomas and TwoMorrows publications.  Closing in on 200 fantastic issues covering comic book superheroes like Shazam, Superman, Batman, Catman, The Black Terror, Grim Reaper, The Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-man, Fantastic Four, and artists including L.B. Cole, Jay Disbrow, Joe Kubert, Bernard Baily, Graham Nolan, John Buscema, Barry Windsor Smith, Jack Kirby, and many more!

Halloween Skull Blood Candles Dripping Bloody Red Wax

One of the coolest Halloween decorations we’ve seen this year has to be the Skull Blood Candles Dripping Bloody Red Wax from GUTE!
You get a putrifying pair of skull candle holders with blood red candles and when they starte melting, they bleed through the eyes of the skull BWAHAHA.

Amaze your friends, hypnotize your enemies for hours as they will be powerless to look away from the flowing crimson rivers of bloody wax emanating from the eyes of the skull candles!

The Halloween Skull Blood Candles 2 Pack is one of the best ways for giving more life…or death to your crypt décor. The skull candles set of 2 combines fresh scents with a repurposed skull.

This unique and trendy decorative candle is handmade and brings a spooky vibe to all parts of your home. When lit, the red candles drip down the skull, creating a blood-like effect that is sure to be a conversation starter at your next Halloween party.

This Halloween, buy your favorite fiend the ultimate gift of bleeding skull candles!

BEISTLE Vintage Halloween Decorations On SALE

One of the best Halloween decoration makers of the last century, Beistle makes and sells some of the coolest Halloween decor on earth and now you can enjoy savings on Beistle’s Halloween merchandise including wall decorations, games, streamers, table top displays, and much more!

Whether you’re looking to spice up your crypt or next Halloween party, Beistle has you covered with the best in vintage and retro Halloween decorations with the kind of high quality you always expect from the best!

Beistle Scary Cat Vintage Halloween Wall Decoration

If you want the awesome classic Halloween designs for your house or crypt, buy some cool Beistle decorations including the vintage Scary Cat Cut Out Vintage Halloween Party Decoration from Beistle!

Details: 98% Paper, 2% Metal
Made in the USA
Includes 1 Black Cat Cut Out Wall Decoration
Measures 20.5 inches
Printed on both sides of durable cardstock paper
Jointed with metal eyelets 0 tail and legs are moveable
Tape this black cat cutout to a wall to decorate for a Halloween party

The Beistle Halloween scary cat cut out decoration is now on SALE!

Frankenstein Halloween Horror Movie Wall Art And Decor Set

Classic Movie Monster Prints!
From the classic film adaptations from James Whale comes the Universal Studios Frankenstein Halloween Horror Movie Wall Art And Decor Set, now on SALE HERE.

You get two 11×14 UNFRAMED PRINTS of both the Frankenstein Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein!
Enjoy this UNIQUE WALL ART DECOR this Halloween season or year round – Cool original home decorations for crypt, mausoleum, office, living room, bedroom, man cave, dorm, bar.
Each print is carefully printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

Buy the Frankenstein print set on sale NOW!


Black Skull and Spine Candle Set Halloween Decor

I’ve heard of Skull and Bones but this is something else entirely!  Feast your eyes on the GAVIA Black Skull and Spine Candle Set Halloween Decor.

Unusual design to give you that realistic spooky decor touch you want! Your skeleton candle with broken bones will look for a perfect gothic decor for bedroom! In the end, we all get a broken bone! The best selling gothic candles collection are waiting for you!

GOTHIC CANDLES – GAVIA’s Human goth candles are made delivering realistic whimsigoth home decor and magnificent goth home decor details! Better than current market bleeding candles, from creepy decor lovers to oddities decor fans, this spooky candle set will enhance any gothic room decor, whimsigoth decor, or emo decor.

HALLOWEEN DECOR – all year round with your new GAVIA’s Halloween Candle set, which will combine perfectly with your gothic bathroom decor or goth bedroom decor for great gothic decor for home!

The GAVIA Skull and Spine Candle set is on sale NOW!

Vintage Man in the Moon Retro Halloween Garland Decoration

Classic Man in the Moon Halloween Garland – Hang them up around the crypt for a festival Halloween season!  These are Vintage photo reproductions on heavy card stock!
Vintage Man in the Moon Retro Halloween Garland Decoration

• Made in the USA
• Beautifully printed on heavy cardstock
• Double Sided Art
• 30% BIGGER!
• 7 feet Black & White Bakers Twine
• Gift Packaging
• Amazing reproductions of vintage German die cuts

Man in the Moon Halloween Garland On Sale NOW!