Pre-Code Horror Comics – Original Art Edition 2024

Pre-Code Horror Comics – Original Art Edition 2024

pre-code-horror-comics- original art editionPre-code Horror Comics: Original Art Edition is a brand new 126 page large format book that contains 12 full length original art horror stories from artists such as Bob Powell, Sid Check, Eugene Hughes, Robert Webb, and more.
Edited by genre filmmaker and pre-code horror comic book fanatic Mike T. Lyddon (First Man on Mars, Witch Tales, Haunted Thrills), the book also features dozens of original art comic book covers and their final full color published versions along with some preliminary sketches illustrating the process of creating memorable pre-code horror cover art!  Golden age comics masters including Harvey Comics’ legendary Warren Kremer, Lee Elias, John Chilly, Bernard Baily, and L.B. Cole, to name a few.

PLUS: We’ve added a few rarely seen UNPUBLISHED pre-code horror comics covers
that are sure to delight!  First printing limited to 100 signed and numbered copies.

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“Great collection reprinting original art from classic pre-code horror comics! Highly recommended!”  Captain October
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“A very unique horror comic and one every horror fan should have. Its an amazing deal from an amazing renaissance man that creates comics, movies and videos that are must see TV on Frightday Nights.”  The Vinkris Collection

Some more examples from the book:
precode horror comics original art edition - death sentence story by sid check



pre-code horror splash pages - splash of horror

Return of the Ghoul from SPLASH of HORROR

Splash of Horror is now on INDY PLANET!

Volume one is a 64 page full color and black and white comic book all about the pre-code horror comics of the 1950’s!  Presented in comic book format. Lyddon carefully sized the images to approximate the original dimensions as published in the golden age horror comic books.

Splash of Horror is filled with full color splash pages and fantastic black and white selections from Stanley Morse and Eerie Publications.  Eerie pubs was originally owned by publisher Myron Fass.  Fass was also a comic book  artist in the 1950’s. Splash of Horror was edited by Mike Lyddon.  Lyddon is an indie filmmaker responsible for the documentary HAUNTED THRILLS, and feature films such as FIRST MAN On MARS and WITCH TALES.

About the Author

Filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon is a pre-code horror comics fanatic who made the recent  documentary HAUNTED THRILLS.  The short doc won six awards for best short doc and was an official entry in 22 film festivals worldwide.  He also shot a feature film based upon pre-code horror comic book stories called WITCH TALES.  It is currently for rent on Amazon.  While his pre-code horror comics collection is mostly reprints from Yoe Books and PS Artbooks, he does have a few original golden age horror comics.  He likes to talk about them on his HORROR MIKE channel on Youtube.

Comic Book Titles and Artists

splash of horror pre-code horror comic book splash pagesSplash of Horror presents a wide variety of pre-code comic book titles.  These include Adventures into the Unknown, Voodoo, Journey into Fear, Weird Chills, Web of Evil, and many more.  The array of fantastic comic book artists include Jack Kirby, Lin Streeter, Iger Shop, Bob Powell, Jack Cole, and Ross Andru.  These artists represent some of the best from the golden age of comics.

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First Man On Mars – Witch Tales Blu-Ray Combos SOLD OUT

Dateline: Gatorville Fla.
Indie sci-fi horror filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon’s First Man on Mars / Witch Tales Blu-Ray combos have officially SOLD OUT.  Many thanks to those who bought the combo or solo blu-rays of either movie, it is greatly appreciated and you are a true patron of the indie movie world!
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first man on mars bluray

Additionally, you can watch WITCH TALES on Amazon.  Witch Tales is the perfect Halloween movie that literally takes place on Halloween night.  A seductive witch hosts tales of terror adapted from pre-code horror comic book stories of the 1950’s, but when a group of trick or treaters comes along, she quickly develops other more sinister plans for All Hallows Eve!
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“EFFECTIVELY GROSS EFFECTS” – Voices from the Balcony
“Lyddon knows how to tell a FRIGHT-FARE story well” – Ghastly Grinning

So settle back during Halloween season and watch WITCH TALES.
And don’t worry about the rats.  They don’t bite…much!
witch tales halloween horror movie

Metal Hurlant 10 – Illustrated Sci-Fi Fantasy Magazine With Art by VOSS – Moebius – Druillet

Metal Hurlant 10 – Illustrated Sci-Fi Fantasy Magazine With Art by VOSS – Moebius – Druillet -Macedo

Today we are looking at Metal Hurlant 10 published in October of 1976 by Les Humanoids Associate.
Watch the original Metal Hurlant 10 video here.

Starting with Issue Number Nine, Metal Hurlant went monthly. Previously, it was a quarterly publication. A fantastic cover by the incredible Voss. You’ve seen Voss if you’ve watched my other Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal magazine videos.
Metal Hurlant 10 is one of a few covers that Voss did for Metal Hurlant. The Conquering Femme Fatale hero who has just downed some kind of mutant dinosaur. Hailu always had the inside cover and they were a distributor of science fiction books as you can see the list here. Brian Aldiss, Isaac Asimov, Pierre Boulet, Arthur C Clarke, Phillip K Dick. Robert Heinlein, HP Lovecraft. Ted Sturgeon of course. Silverberg, Vonnegut…you name it.

Metal Hurlant 10 Contents

Then we have a short editorial with a great illustration by Serge Clerc and an ad for Hugo Pratt’s Fort wheeling series. Here’s a little one pager by Moebius featuring major Gruber. Contents page beginning with Major Gruber, then Psycho Rock by Macedo that’s pretty insane. Francois Rivieri Les labrantes. Moebius with “Is Man Good?” Return of the Book Eaters with a variety of writers here including Dionnet and Maneover. Le garage of course is the Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius by Moebius.
Dionnet comes up after that then we have Picaret and Tardi with Polonius chapter 3. Serge clerc presents Bing Crosby the Christmas Robot. Voss with Coincidence on page 56. Then we have artist Forrest on page 59 with the continuing Adventures of Roger Fringat by Loeb.

Metal Hurlant 10 Illustrated Sci-Fi Stories

We kick it off with the infamous Rock Blitz by Sergio Macedo. If you’ve seen my previous heavy metal videos you’ve seen this because it was reprinted in English in Heavy Metal magazine. Then we have “Is Man Good?” by Moebius. Sublime Line work by Mobius here for the Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius. Polonius Part Three is next, written by Picaret and drawn by Tardi.

Next we have some craziness by Serge Clerc. I always love Serge Clerc’s style, very loose and really fun. This one is called “Bing Crosby the Christmas robot in space” Then we have some primo VOSS with “La Coincidence.” His classic style always with the incredibly hot female forms. Here we have artist Forrest doing this story. The coloring is really quite good. You know it’s very loose very lewd and crude as you can see. It’s followed by The Adventures of Roger Fringat in 1976. And next we Alex doing a three or four pager.

Advert Page for Metal Hurlant Back Issues, Books, Posters

Here is the Metal Hurlant advert page featuring all of the issues to date of course issues seven, eight, and nine. I’ve already covered eight and nine folks, you can see it them in previous videos.  They’ve got the books like The Illustrated Frazetta, Science Wonder Stories, Harzac by Moebius. If you can get your hands on some of these original Metal Hurlant posters, they’re they’re kind of on the rare side. Here’s a funky ad for Futureopolis. Nice detail on this pen and ink work on the back inside cover. On the back cover a full page ad for Rock and Folk magazine. That ends our look at this great Issue Number 10 of Metal Hurlant. I hope you enjoyed it. Please like And subscribe and I will talk to you soon.

Watch the original Metal Hurlant 10 video here.

Giant Animals and Teen Exploitation In HG Wells Film Adaptations

Giant Animals and Teen Exploitation In H.G. Wells Film Adaptations

When Animals Attack!  H.G Wells food of the Gods meets B-movie Mogul Bert I Gordon – It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!  Watch original video.

I will never disparage inaccurate predictions made by science fiction writers who grew up by candle and kerosene in the 19th century. The greats including Mary Shelley, Jules Verne, and H.D Wells had very little relevant science to go by. That being said, they still managed to get a few things right which is quite an accomplishment. I believe that H.G Wells was the first writer to introduce the theory of anti-gravity and science fiction in his 1901 book “First Men in the Moon.” In the story, a scientist creates Cavarite, a metal that Shields Against Gravity more like a gravity blocker. Since then, thousands of writers have used anti-gravity theory in novels, stories, movies, and TV shows.

Giant Creature Features

food-of-the-godsNeedless to say, Shelley’s Frankenstein is one of the most famous novels of all time and quite possibly holds the record for TV and film adaptations. It is as relevant today as the time it was published in 1818, over 200 years ago. While the 1950s saw dozens of giant creature features starring colossal insects and mega monsters mutated by nuclear radiation.  The 1970s replaced radiation for pollution and ushered in an amusing era of overgrown Critters with schlock B movie director Bert I Gordon leading the pack. But Gordon’s success in this sci-fi sub-genre owes its entire existence to one man: late 19th century – early 20th century science fiction Master H.G Wells. Born in England in 1866, Wells is rightfully famous for such masterworks as the War of the Worlds and the island of Dr Moreau which we will cover in a later episode. However, a lesser-known novel titled the “Food of the Gods” published in 1904 would end up inspiring at minimum a few dozen Sci-Fi movies of varying degrees of quality in the latter part of the 20th century, many of them directed by Bert I Gordon.

Early Bert I. Gordon Movies

Gordon was born in 1922 while Wells was still very much alive he was no doubt inspired by the British author’s novels and in particular Wells’ “The food of the Gods.” Gordon was also obsessed with giant monsters as evidenced by his first feature films including “King Dinosaur” in 1955. “The Cyclops 1957, Amazing Colossal Beast 1957, and others.

Village of the giants -Ackerman with a pair of friends

Village of the giants- Forest Ackerman hanging with a pair of friends.


But it wasn’t until 1965 that Gordon made his first adaptation of Wells the food of the Gods in the form of a teen exploitation flick called Village of the Giants starring Tommy Kirk, Ron Howard, Beau Bridge,s and the titillating Joy Harmon. Bert I Gordon soon earned the title of Mr Big. In the film a nerdy kid called genius creates a growth compound that results in gigantic animals a group of teenage delinquents get their hands on the compound and their giant size make them a terrifying threat to the townsfolk.

Village of the Giants

Despite its crude low budget effects, Village of the Giants is well worth watching as a textbook example of 1960s teen exploitation films. In the Wells book the food of the Gods the substance called Heracliophobia is created by scientists that grow children and inadvertently other animals into giant mutations. Eventually the town’s folk grow to resent the Giant children and the Monstrous changes to the local fauna. The book is largely thought to be more of a satire than a serious work of Science Fiction on Wells part. A quote from – “Wells takes pot shot at every member of society: scientists, ministers, charitable heiresses, revolutionaries, and everyone in between. Yet, in the end, Wells shows his faith in both humanity and its never ceasing progress.” But Bert I Gordon wasn’t satisfied with one adaptation of Wells’ novel. Ten Years After Village of the Giants, he directed The Food of the Gods starring Marjo Gortner and Ida Lupino. This 1976 B movie Extravaganza finds football star Gortner taking a little vacation on an island only to discover that the place is crawling with oversized Critters who have eaten the naturally occurring growth compound bubbling forth from the earth behind Ida lupino’s Ranch. Like any quick thinking entrepreneur, she’s bottling this stuff while giant wasps, rats, and chickens dispatch the town folk in gruesome and sometimes hilarious ways.

Empire of the Ants

empire of the antsGordon still wasn’t satisfied. He came back a year later in 1977 with “Empire of the ants” starring Joan Collins and Robert Lansing. This time, the titular monster hymenoptera or giant ants terrorizing people in the Florida Everglades.

According to IMDb it looks like a new adaptation of the food of the Gods is in development. Not much info is given except a tantalizing image on the movie page. Guaranteed there will be a ton of CGI but perhaps they’ll throw in some animatronics and other practical effects.
We shall see. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Room 101. As always, please like, share, and subscribe. Thank you.
Watch the original video.

VOODOO Pre-code HORROR Comics Volume One PART TWO

New VideoVOODOO Pre-code HORROR Comics Volume One PART TWO from YOE Books 2015 with Art by Iger Shop, Matt Baker, Robert Webb, and more.
voodoo precode horror comics part twoIn part two we look at VOODOO comic book issues four through six with many jungle HORROR stories included.
Matt Baker art is featured in many of the jungle horror tales, some of which were originally published in golden age comic books like Seven Seas Comics.  Iger Shop did many of the weird and garish covers for Voodoo and some of the stories may have been written by Iger Studio editor Ruth Roche who wrote many stories published in the pages of other pre-code horror comic books such as HAUNTED THRILLS, STRANGE MYSTERIES, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY, and MYSTERIES, WEIRD and STRANGE.  Some of Voodoo covers were drawn primarily by Robert Webb, a senior artist with Iger Shop at the time. Other Iger studio artists included Matt Baker, Jay Disbrow, and Ken Batefield.  The studio worked as a factory so several artists might work on one story for example.

Click here to watch the video “VOODOO Pre-code HORROR Comics Volume One PART TWO.”

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Splash of HORROR Pre-code Golden Age Horror Comics Splash Pages

splash of horror pre-code horror comic book splash pagesSplash Of HORROR! A New Book on Pre-code Horror Comic Books Splash Pages.

NOTE: Signed copies of SPLASH OF HORROR are SOLD OUT  but the good news is that INDY PLANET has copies available!

Splash of Horror is a new 64 page full color and black and white book about those gruesome and glorious rare pre-code horror comic book splash pages of the 1940’s and 50’s. Presented in comic book format with the images carefully sized to approximate the original dimensions of the images as published in the golden age horror comic books.

This terrifying tome features dozens of full color splash pages and fantastic black and white selections from Stanley Morse and the infamous Eerie Pubs helmed by Myron Fass.  Fass was also a pre-code horror comics artist in the 1950’s. Edited by Mike Lyddon (Haunted Thrills, First Man on Mars, Witch Tales).

pre-code horror splash pages - splash of horror

Return of the Ghoul

Filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon is a pre-code horror comics fanatic whose documentary HAUNTED THRILLS won six awards for best short doc and was an official entry in 22 film festivals worldwide.  He also shot a feature film based upon pre-code horror comic book stories called WITCH TALES, currently for rent on Amazon.

Splash of Horror presents a wide variety of pre-code comic book titles.  These include Adventures into the Unknown, Voodoo, Journey into Fear, Weird Chills, Web of Evil, and many more.  Artists include Jack Kirby, Lin Streeter, Iger Shop, Bob Powell, Jack Cole, Ross Andru and a host of others.


voodoo dolls splash of horror stanley morse

Voodoo Dolls

Get your signed copy of SPLASH of HORROR at GOTHAM CITY Comics!


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“Splash of Horror is a coffin full of haunting visions from 1950’s Pre-Code Horror Comics. Every page drips with iconic, creepy imagery. The reprinting of the old classic pages is clean and pristine. Bravo, Horror Mike!! Keep these vile volumes coming!!”
Bryan Baugh – creator of Wulf and Batsy

“Just got my copy today and it’s AWESOME! Great concept, executed to perfection. Hope there are more to come!” David A.

“Beautiful book!” Easy Comic Reader

“You did a great job on this new book – and the resolution is impeccable! Looking forward to Volume 2!” Garth H.

“What an amazing book! I’m staggered how good it is. I keep seeing new things each time I go through it. What a great concept: Splash Pages! This is provoking a serious need to collect Stanley Morse comics, you fiend!” Kevin H.


Metal Hurlant 12 Nueva Frontera Edition 1983 – Moebius and Druillet Cover

Metal Hurlant 12 Nueva Frontera Edition 1983 – Moebius and Druillet Cover

metal hurlant moebius and druillet coverToday we are looking at the Nueva Frontera Spanish Issue of Metal Hurlant #12 (1983) with the only known cover collaboration by Philippe Druillet and Jean Giraud “Moebius.” This cover first appeared in the 1980 edition of the original French Metal Hurlant #57 (special edition).
Other artists in this issue include Voss, the incredible Bihannic, and an episode of THE INCAL by Moebius and Jodorowsky.
Watch the original video here.

History of Metal Hurlant Spanish Edition

Originally published in 1980 in the original French edition Metal Hurlant number 57, this cover by Druillet and Moebius is the only known cover of Metal Hurlant or Heavy Metal by both of these artists.

Issue number 12 of the Spanish edition of Metal Hurlant which would not surface until 1982, two years after the original French edition was published. There was also a publication at this time called Totem which was really the Spanish language precursor to the Nueva Frontera “Metal Hurlant.”

Metal Hurlant Cover and Interior Art


On the cover you can see Druillet style helmets and so forth while the creatures themselves look like the work of Moebius. I think what Mobius is doing here is finishing Druillet’s work. Inside the magazine we have Jodorowsky and Moebius with another episode of The Incal starring the often hilarious John Difool and his bird. Terror Bajo el Mar or “Terror below the sea” which is interesting although I’m not a big fan of this art.
In the music section of the magazine we see Grace Jones, Albert Collins “Frozen alive” and there’s an Andy Warhol Expo in Madrid at this time.
The next illustrated story is by the amazing Bihannic with his astounding detail in the line art. You can just keep going and going deeper into his drawings and there are things happening on almost a microscopic level.
Margerin does the next story with his great cartooning style. I love the way this guy draws this stuff. It has a classic underground comix look to it.

The Soul of Objects

In another interesting article titled “El Alma de los Avatos” aka “The soul of the objects.” We see various objects from the past like a flattened out pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes from 1942 and a Bell Telephone from 1937. Here is a Zippo lighter from 1937 and a Minox camera from 1937. The last image is of a Vespa Scooter from 1946.

Future issues of Metal Hurlant Spanish Edition

The next story features classic Vos art followed by the continuation of Moebius and Jodorowski’s the Incal.
We will definitely look at more issues of the Spanish version because it is great it is totally Worth of looking at because they do an excellent job of reproduction and of adding certain Spanish and Italian artists to this Metal Hurlant Spanish edition.

Metal Hurlant Artists And the Heavy Metal Animated Movie

Metal Hurlant Artists And the Heavy Metal Animated Movie

The Heavy Metal animated sci-fi fantasy movie (1981) featured stories from Metal Hurlant artists but strangely did not have a Druillet story adaptation and they didn’t have a Moebius story adapted either. They took the essential  concept of Moebius’ Harzack, the character that flies around on his large bird and they created Taarna. The segment is approximately 15 minutes long and I think it’s the longest segment in Heavy Metal. It is also the last segment in the film. They basically took the framework of Moebius’ Harzack they made it into Taarna.

Kevin Eastman Adapts Taarna to Heavy Metal 2000

heavy metal 2000 animated sequelIn my opinion, 1990’s Heavy Metal editor Kevin Eastman took Taarna and made it into Heavy Metal 2000 aka Fakk 2.  This is considered the loose “sequel” to the original 1981 Heavy Metal film. It’s basically the same character and I think Eastman realized how popular the original Taarna was, hence he took the framework and developed it into Heavy Metal 2000.

Richard Corben Conspicuously Absent from Metal Hurlant Book

On the back of the Metal Hurlant 1975-1984 book there is the list of artists showcased but there is one glaring omission in the case of Richard Corben.  Corben’s monumental graphic novel DEN began appearing in Metal Hurlant as of issue three and went on for many issues. It leads me to think that there was a copyright problem preventing Corben from being published in this book. This probably the same story for Corben’s OGRE and ROWLF which also appeared in Metal Hurlant and would have been worthy for inclusion in this tome.

Big Borders

Another gripe I have are the large borders or margins in the Metal Hurlant book. Unlike the original magazine that pushed the borders to the limit in order to show the art as big as possible on the page, they shrunk the images and left an incredibly safe border space.

Future Metal Hurlant Heavy Metal Videos

I’m going to make fifteen or twenty Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal videos in the future.
NOTE: Please visit my YT channel for all the videos I have published since this article.
You will not want to miss them because I’m going to be showing you some stuff that you probably weren’t aware of.  There are Heavy Metal Spanish versions and the French predecessor PILOTE which predated Metal Hurlant. Pilote was more of a conventional Illustrated magazine. They had a lot of humor and political comic strips but what Moebius, Druillet, Dionnet and Farkas wanted to do was a magazine devoted more to Science Fiction and Fantasy. An illustrated mag that had no real rules to it and that is why they created Metal Hurlant.

Metal Hurlant’s Effect on World Culture

Metal Hurlant changed the world, there’s no doubt about that. The amount of influence that both Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal have had is immeasurable. From Druillet’s wicked image on the car in Road Warrior to the Long Tomorrow and it’s influence on Blade Runner. Moebius was directly involved with the film ALIEN doing the spacesuit designs and so forth.
Artist Marc Caro who graced the pages of Metal Hurlant for years also made films with Jean Jeunet such as Delicatessen, City of Lost Children, ALIEN 4, and Dante 01.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the book Metal Hurlant 1975-1984. Although it is in French, I think it’s a great book for all fans of Heavy Metal and Metal Hurlant magazines and it is on sale.
Thanks for reading and watching!

Metal Hurlant 1975 to 1983 Part Three: Heavy Metal Sci-Fi Fantasy Artists

Metal Hurlant 1975 to 1983 Part Three: Heavy Metal magazine Sci-Fi Fantasy Artists Enki Bilal, Vaughn Bode, Nicole Claveloux, Jean Claude Gal and Francois Schuiten.
Metal Hurlant Book on Sale Here.

metal hurlant and heavy metal artist nicole clavelouxNicole Claveloux was one of the female sci-fi fantasy artists in the early days of Metal Hurlant magazine. You may recognize her style, it’s unique. See the original video here. The coloring is so good and she did a lot of art for both Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal in the 1970’s.
Then we have America’s own Vaughn Bode with the science fiction fantasy comic strip Cobalt 60, rendered in glorious black and white from Metal Hurlant number 4, 1975.

Eternity Road by Metal Hurlant Artist Enki Bilal

Enki Bilal drew Crux universalis aka Eternity Road. Bilal reminds me a lot of Moebius. These artists were all together when they put the illustrated science fiction and fantasy magazine out and I think that some influences crossed over to other artists. One of the things you can see in Crux Universalis is the black and white cross hatching that reminds me of Moebius.

Schuiten’s Carapaces for Metal Hurant

metal hurlant schuiten carapacesCarapaces by Francois Schuiten. A Carapace is a shell as in an insect exoskeleton. By Francois Schuiten that first appeared in Metal Hurlant in issue number 13, 1977. This is a basic story with very little dialogue so you don’t need to know French to understand it. It begins in black and white with a scene of insects mating then suddenly this metal foot smashes them and of course it’s our female and male “Androids” walking around through the burned remains of civilization.
They’re walking around having fun and the male decideds to remove the metal shell from his finger. He takes more metal off revealing flesh beneath the carapace. The art suddenly becomes colored, prior to that it was black and white with gray tone. Now the color starts coming in. He takes the eye Shields out and we see his eyes. They remove all their of their metal shells rendering them naked and they start making love. Then the insects attack and slowly devour them and we see two insects humping on the remains of the humanoids. The end.

Rock and Roll Suicide

Marc Caro’s art and story for “Rock and Roll Suicide” is very interesting. As I explained in the previous article, Jean Jeunet and Marc Caro collaborated on films. You can check out Marc Caro’s superb “Dante 01” now playing on TUBI.

Jean Claude Gal Conquers Metal Hurlant

conquering armies by jean claude galThe Conquering Armies is next with incredible art by Jean Claude Gal and excellent writing by Jean-Pierre Dionnet who was one of the founders of Metal Hurlant. The printing of this story in Metal Hurlant is superior to the reprint in Heavy Metal magazine because Metal Hurlant used a kind of matte paper stock with high end printing while Heavy Metal used a glossy paper stock and the contrast is kicked up substantially losing a lot of fine detail in he amazing work by Jean Claude Gal.

Metal Hurlant 1975 to 1983 Book on Sale Here.

Metal Hurlant And Heavy Metal Magazines Part Two: Classic Stories and Art

Metal Hurlant And Heavy Metal Magazines Part Two: Classic Stories and Art
Watch the original video here.

Moebius Art Dan O’Bannon Story

the long tomorrow by dan o'bannon and moebius“The Long Tomorrow” was written by Dan O’Bannon and drawn by Moebius for Métal Hurlant number seven, 1976. O’Bannon wrote the screenplay to Alien he also wrote and directed the great 1985 zombie film The Return of the Living Dead starring James Karen and Linnea Quigley.

During this time, they were trying to get Jodorowsky’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” off the ground and Dan O’Bannon came up with a side script for The long Tomorrow and it is really great. An original cyberpunk classic like Blade Runner predating Ridley Scott’s science fiction masterpiece by several years.

The Long Tomorrow did not predate Philip K Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” from which Blade Runner was based but the look and feel of various panels when you think in terms of flying cars and cityscapes is uncanny. The private detective on the case in his flying car and the way that the future looks in The Long Tomorrow is very reminiscent of Blade Runner.

Les Humanoides

There is a long article by Claude Atkin about Les Humanoids Associates Druillet, Dionnet, Moebius, and Farkas. Farkas was the money guy. Dionnet is a writer and Moebius and Druillet are the artists of the quartet. This is the birth of Metal Hurlant, the first issue appeared on newsstands in January of 1975 with a great cover by Moebius.
Metal Hurlant translated is Screaming or Howling Metal
Artist and filmmaker Marc Caro drew stories for Metal Hurlant and made films with Jean Jeunet including City of Lost Children and Delicatessen. They also worked together on Jeunet’s “Alien Resurrection” aka Alien Four.

The Incredible Jean Claude Gal

The Conquering armies by Jean-Claude Gaul and written by Jean-Pierre Dionnet is one of the most striking series in the early issues of Metal Hurlant. The highly detailed line work of Gal must be seen to be believed and it is much better reproduced in the matte pages of Metal Hurlant than in the later printings in Heavy Metal magazine which used more glossy paper producing higher contrast and less detail in the art.


You can see the entire original Metal Hurlant video here.