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RPLLC launches its annual BLACK FRIDAY sale on ALL Indie HORROR blu-rays, DVDs, Lovecraft magazines, and pre-code horror comics!
Save big on the signed/numbered WITCH TALES blu-ray / HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE vol. 1 COMBO – now only 10.90 with FREE SHIPPING!
Play the WITCH TALES trivia game and enter to WIN MOVIE PROPS from the film.  Drawing to be held the weekend of January 7th!
Only a few issues remain of the special SIGNED LOVECRAFT edition of Cosmic Horror Monthly, now only 8.95 with FREE SHIPPING.
The NEW LOVECRAFTIANA HALLOWEEN EDITION on SALE at an incredibly low price.
134 pages of cosmic horror tales including exclusive illustrations by RPLLC’s Mike T. Lyddon.
PRE-CODE HORROR COMIC BOOKS marked down for Black Friday!
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WITCH TALES Blu-ray DVD Combo at Lowest Price Ever

In celebration of our favorite day of the year, October 31st, RPLLC has dropped the price on the amazing WITCH TALES blu-ray – HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE DVD combo to $10.31 with FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING!
Now thru Nov. 1st you can take advantage of this amazing offer.  Both blu-ray and DVD are signed by the filmmaker and the WITCH TALES blu-ray is NUMBERED.  Play the HORROR TRIVIA GAME and enter to WIN one of ten MOVIE PROPS from the film!
Drawing will be held the weekend of January 7th, 2022!
WITCH TALES is a horror anthology film based upon stories from pre-code horror comic books much like EC’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT.  On Halloween night, a seductive witch introduces chilling tales of terror while she concocts her own very special Halloween brew…
Click here to BUY THE COMBO.
Halloween sale on Witch Tales blu-ray and Horror Anthology Movie DVD

Halloween Horror Anthology Movie Bundle

halloween horror anthology movie bundleHalloween season is here, and what better way to kick off our favorite time of year than with a Bundle of HORROR!
The Halloween Horror Anthology Movie Bundle, that is!
From now until Nov. 1st, when you buy the new WITCH TALES horror anthology blu-ray on Ebay, you get the BONUS HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE vol. 1 DVD with FREE SHIPPING!
It’s enough to make you scream and shout…or just scream!
Over 3 HOURS of indie anthology madness for the low price of 16.80 on EBAY!
And if that wasn’t enough to drag your carcass over there, when you buy the WITCH TALES blu-ray you can play the HORROR TRIVIA GAME and ENTER TO WIN one of ten custom MOVIE PROPS from the film!

Witch Tales Blu-Ray Horror Trivia Contest

The new indie horror movie from Mike Lyddon is on BLU-RAY and Vimeo VOD, and here is a special offer you won’t want to miss!
Only 300 limited edition signed & numbered blu-rays will be made.
Inside each blu-ray case you will find 3 horror trivia questions.
Just email us the answers with your special disc number and you are entered to win one of 10 authentic props used in the film WITCH TALES.
Your odds of winning are an incredible 1:30, so if you love a good gory or sexy prop, you’re going to love the WITCH TALES HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST!
The fun starts on May 28th when the blu-ray is officially released. There is no time limit and the drawings will be held one week after the blu-rays are sold out.
Here is the main advertisement along with photos of all the props.
You can now buy the WITCH TALES blu-ray from the following sites –
ETSY (shipping is less expensive)
Amazon (more $ because they charge more $ to sell) –
On this site


Cosmic HORROR Monthly Signed LOVECRAFT Issue Almost SOLD OUT

4 issues of 15 signed Lovecraft editions of Cosmic Horror Monthly remain. After that, they are gone and no more will be signed so grab yours today!
This very special issue is signed by both the publisher of CHM and one of the indie horror authors and illustrators, Mike T. Lyddon.
Featuring The Dust of Nyarlathotep by Scott Michael Hutchings
The Hogansburg Horror by Mike T Lyddon
The West Arkham Reservoir by J.M. Faulkner
A Deal Between Bats by Erica Ciko Campbell
The Child by Gregg Chamberlain
The Final Touchdown of Zebulon Warren by James A. Wolf
The Music of Erich Zann by H.P. Lovecraft
The Hound by H.P. Lovecraft
Cosmic Horror Monthly LOVECRAFT Edition is on EBAY at the lowest price online!
cosmic horror monthly lovecraft issue

Signed LOVECRAFT Edition of Cosmic HORROR Monthly on Sale NOW

signed lovecraft issue of cosmic horror monthlyDateline: the nether reaches of the dark cosmos.
The very special 2021 LOVECRAFT issue of COSMIC HORROR MONTHLY featuring stories and illustrations in a Lovecraftian vein is now on sale on Ebay.
There are very few copies remaining of this edition SIGNED by the publisher Charles Tyra and one of the authors Mike T. Lyddon who contributed his story “The Hogansburg Horror” and a few illustrations to the issue.
A few short reviews from readers as follows:
“Issue 19 is dedicated to the master of terror H.P. Lovecraft and Lyddon’s story is a perfect fit for this issue. I actually felt like I was reading a lost Lovecraft story. “  D. Ashmun
“Just read your story in that issue and I dug it quite a bit — on top of the Dunwich and Whateley family connection, I liked the very Lovecraftian ‘communication from a friend who has gone insane’ setup and the twist it plays out with.”  M. Stern
“The Hogansburg Horror is a tense, atmospheric tribute sure to please Lovecraft fans and fans of the genre in general.”  S. Stark

Click HERE to get the lowest price on this collectible issue.

Mike T Lyddon Lovecraft HORROR Art Featured In Lovecraftiana Halloween 2021

Dateline: London, England
Rogue Planet Press, an imprint of Horrified Press in the UK has released Lovecraftiana: Halloween 2021 magazine featuring Lovecraft based horror art by filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon and many fictional tales of cosmic horror by a variety of authors.
This is the first time that Lyddon’s work has been featured on the cover and exclusively used inside a publication.

The cover art with signature “Lyddon after Moore” refers to the great sculpture Bryan Moore’s original sculpt of “Brown Jenkin,” a rat-like familiar described in H.P. Lovecraft’s classic horror story “Dreams in the Witch House.”  Lyddon purchased a copy of Moore’s maquette years ago and took some atmostpheric photos of it.  In 2021, he used those very photos to design and create the cover you see here.
Lovecraftiana: Halloween 2021 is currently available on Amazon in both Print and e-book.  The print edition is more than 130 pages and costs a mere $5.99.  Highly recommended.

Haunted Thrills Opens For Romero’s CREEPSHOW At Florida Festival

Indie documentary HAUNTED THRILLS is an official selection of the 2021 NEW FLORIDA CINEMA Film Festival line up.
On October 23rd, they are going to screen an excerpt from Haunted Thrills before screening George Romero’s CREEPSHOW.
This is of particular interest considering that Creepshow is one of the greatest horror anthology films ever made, done in the vein of 1950s pre-code horror comics which is the subject of Haunted Thrills.
On October 30th, they are screening a night of horror trailers including HAUNTED THRILLS.
The documentary will also be in consideration for the awards event to be held in December, 2021.
Haunted Thrills is a companion piece to Mike T. Lyddon’s previous feature film WITCH TALES, now available on signed and numbered blu-ray.
haunted thrills opens for creepshow at florida film festival

HAUNTED THRILLS Documentary Official Selection at Feel the Reel Film Festival

Dateline: Glasgow, UK
Mike Lyddon’s new documentary HAUNTED THRILLS is an official selection at FEEL THE REEL International Film Festival.
This festival chooses monthly selections and finalists are screened at the festival held in Romania in 2022.
Haunted Thrills is a love letter to those great pre-code horror comic books of the 1950s and features three exclusive interviews with pre-code artists Joe Sinnott, Everett Raymond Kinstler, and Vic Carrabotta.
This is the eighth selection for Haunted Thrills this festival season.
Haunted Thrills is a companion featurette to Lyddon’s previous horror anthology movie WITCH TALES, now available on blu-ray and ON SALE.
haunted thrills official selection feel the reel film festival

Mike Lyddon’s Documentary Haunted Thrills Wins at ISHSFF

HAUNTED THRILLS scores win number four winning Best Short Documentary at the Indie Suspense Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival in Orlando, Florida.  Due to Covid issues, the festival went online this year screening entries over the October 9th weekend.
From filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon: “Many thanks to the judges and crew, and of course, a sincere deep felt thank you to Joltin’ Joe Sinnott, Everett Raymond Kinstler, and Vic Carrabotta, the three pre-code artists I had the honor of interviewing for HAUNTED THRILLS.”
The documentary Haunted Thrills sheds a new light on the artists, publishers, and writers of pre-code horror and science fiction comic books of the 1950s.  It is a companion piece to Lyddon’s previous feature film WITCH TALES which features pre-code tales of terror in the vein of Tales from the Crypt, now available on blu-ray on Amazon, Etsy, and ON SALE at the Reel Progress EBAY Store.
mike lyddon's documentary haunted thrills wins at film festival

In the Mouth of Monster Part 2 – Haunted Thrills with Mike Lyddon

W.A.R.G. presents In the Mouth of Monster – S2 E 5 – Part 2 – Haunted Thrills from the Ghost Clinic: an interview with filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon.
Tune in as Donovan, John, and Mike discuss horror comics and magazines like Creepy, Eerie, and Myron Fass’ Eerie Publications.  They delve into Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft, Lyddon’s film Witch Tales which was filmed simultaneously in Spanish and English, and HAUNTED THRILLS, his new documentary on pre-code horror  comics currently on the film festival circuit.  Other topics include writing short horror stories and Lyddon’s new story THE HOGANSBURG HORROR recently published in the special H.P. Lovecraft issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly. Trust us, this is too good to miss!

Haunted Thrills Wins Best Documentary at Paris Film Festival

Haunted Thrills best documentary Paris film festivalDateline: Paris, France.
Mike T. Lyddon’s new film HAUNTED THRILLS has won the award for Best Short Documentary in the September edition of the Argenteuil International Film Festival in Paris, France.
The film now goes onto the final stage for the May 2022 film festival in Paris.
This is the 3rd award received by Haunted Thrills for Best Short Documentary Film.
Haunted Thrills is about the pre-code horror and sci-fi comic books of the late 1940s – early 50s and features interviews with three of the artists who worked in pre-code comics at the time.

HALLOWEEN Horror Movies on SALE

#Halloween HORROR MOVIE BUNDLE on sale NOW!
Get the WITCH TALES (2020) signed and numbered BLU-RAY along with a FREE signed DVD copy of HORROR ANTHOLOGY MOVIE VOL. 1 for the insane low price of $10.31 with FREE SHIPPING. Play the HORROR TRIVIA contest where you can enter to win one of ten MOVIE PROPS from the film…Drawing is weekend of Jan. 7th!
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