Splash Of HORROR! Pre-code Horror Comic Books Splash Pages

splash of horror pre-code horror comic book splash pagesSplash Of HORROR! A New Book on Pre-code Horror Comic Books Splash Pages.

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Splash of Horror is a new 64 page full color and black and white book about those gruesome and glorious rare pre-code horror comic book splash pages of the 1940’s and 50’s. Presented in comic book format with the images carefully sized to approximate the original dimensions of the images as published in the golden age horror comic books.

This terrifying tome features dozens of full color splash pages and fantastic black and white selections from Stanley Morse and the infamous Eerie Pubs helmed by Myron Fass.  Fass was also a pre-code horror comics artist in the 1950’s. Edited by Mike Lyddon (Haunted Thrills, First Man on Mars, Witch Tales).

pre-code horror splash pages - splash of horror

Return of the Ghoul

Filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon is a pre-code horror comics fanatic whose documentary HAUNTED THRILLS won six awards for best short doc and was an official entry in 22 film festivals worldwide.  He also shot a feature film based upon pre-code horror comic book stories called WITCH TALES, currently for rent on Amazon.

Splash of Horror presents a wide variety of pre-code comic book titles.  These include Adventures into the Unknown, Voodoo, Journey into Fear, Weird Chills, Web of Evil, and many more.  Artists include Jack Kirby, Lin Streeter, Iger Shop, Bob Powell, Jack Cole, Ross Andru and a host of others.


voodoo dolls splash of horror stanley morse

Voodoo Dolls

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COMMENTS from Readers –

“Just got my copy today and it’s AWESOME! Great concept, executed to perfection. Hope there are more to come!” David A.

“Beautiful book!” Easy Comic Reader

“You did a great job on this new book – and the resolution is impeccable! Looking forward to Volume 2!” Garth H.

“What an amazing book! I’m staggered how good it is. I keep seeing new things each time I go through it. What a great concept: Splash Pages! This is provoking a serious need to collect Stanley Morse comics, you fiend!” Kevin H.