Adventures Into Terror 43 Pre-code Horror

atlas comics golden age pre-code horror adventures into terrorAdventures Into Terror #43 from Atlas – Marvel is now available at ComicConnect!  Formerly titled “Joker Comics,” this great pre-code horror comic has superb cover art by Russ Heath with attributed colors by Stan Goldberg. It features horrifying stories written by Stan Lee with interior art by Ed Winiarski, Mike Sekowski, George Klein and Russ Heath.  The sub-header reads “Mysterious Tales of Haunted Suspense.”

The cover story entitled “The Thing in the Cave” features the classic text as a couple tries to escape the clutches of a giant monster they’ve discovered in a deep, mysterious cavern.  As the giant misshapen hand grasps at the woman, the man yells, “Listen! The walls are shaking!  The roar is getting louder!  The…GOOD HEAVENS!  LOOK!  The thing has found us!”

This golden age horror anthology comic has been rated 4.0 which puts it at a decent lower mid-grade, a very desirable rating for many collectors and fans of pre-code horror comics.

It is important to note that there are two versions of this comic.  The original version was published by Atlas-Marvel in 1950, but Superior Publishing in Canada reprinted the issue later in the same year.

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Filming Continues on Witch Tales Horror Film

witch tales horror film in production

Raul Chamorror as Dr. Chadwick

Reel Progress continues production of the feature length horror anthology movie WITCH TALES with director Mike Lyddon confirming that the second segment starring Raul Chamorro, Erick Lopez and Fiorella Vergel has wrapped shooting and production is underway on the third story.
The film is scheduled for a theatrical premiere in October, 2018.
This feature is being shot simultaneously in both english and spanish for a wider world market.

Please visit the official Reel Progress website for further details.

Witch Tales in Production

Dateline: Lima, Peru
Filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon’s latest film entitled “Witch Tales” or “Cuentos de la Bruja” is now in production through June, 2018, with a limited release planned for October of this year.
The film stars talented actress Mayella Lloclla in the lead role of the Witch who presents three tales of terror being filmed simultaneously in english and spanish language harkening back to Universal Studio’s original 1931 “Dracula” starring Bela Lugosi and his spanish counterpart Carlos Villarías, also shot in both languages.

Witch Tales Horror Anthology Announced

horror anthology Witch Tales

Mayella Lloclla stars as the Witch
Photo by Mike T. Lyddon

Dateline: Lima, Peru
Director – producer Mike T. Lyddon is now in pre-production on his next feature film, a horror anthology entitled “Witch Tales.”  The indie horror film will be shooting on location in and around Lima, Peru using an all Peruvian cast featuring the talented Mayella Lloclla.
“We are shooting simultaneously in both english and spanish language in order to expand the worldwide market,”  said Lyddon.  Lima is home to many talented actors and crew people and I’m very excited to begin on this production.
Casting is underway and production is set to begin in the spring of 2018.

First Man on Mars Google Play Xbox

first man on mars google play xboxThe feature length sci-fi horror satire FIRST MAN ON MARS now on GOOGLE PLAY and Microsoft XBOX.  Mike Lyddon’s latest indie horror feature film hailed as a “Hilarious Parody” by UK Horror Scene and a “Great Sci-Fi Throwback” by Horror Buzz is now available online as a streaming video rental or download on Google Play and the Microsoft Xbox platform.

Mike T Lyddon Interview at the Video Vault

Filmmaker and founder of Reel Progress LLC, Mike Lyddon has been making no-budget science fiction and horror films for decades.  In this new interview with Peter Hopkins of Horror Screams Video Vault, Lyddon discusses filmmaking over the years and his various cinematic endeavors.
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Video vault interviews Mike T. Lyddon

First Man on Mars at Mad Monster Party Film Festival

Mike Lyddon’s feature length indie comedy shlocker FIRST MAN ON MARS is an official selection at the 6th ANNUAL AD MONSTER PARTY Film Festival, happening this weekend in Rock Hill, SC.  The sci-fi satire of 70’s drive-in movies will be screening SATURDAY MARCH 25TH, 2PM along with amazing guests, events and exhibits you won’t want to miss!
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First Man on Mars official selection Mad Monster Party