Indie Connect for Writers and Filmmakers

indie connect for writers and filmmakersIn his latest article for Screamfix, filmmaker – writer Mike Lyddon talks about ways for authors and filmmakers to connect and collaborate on new projects.  One excellent way is to attend genre conventions or film festivals that support indie filmmakers and writers and generally have a good turnout of the two.

“There are many horror – science fiction – fantasy conventions worldwide now. Some of the biggest include Mad Monster Party, Days of the Dead, and Horror Hound Weekend…a large number of indie filmmakers attend these events because all of them have film festivals as part of their schedule.”

He goes onto explain that Days of the Dead has recently begun a new series of indie books based upon the cities in which their events take place.  This will definitely draw more writers to the shows, and with Days of the Dead “Reels of the Dead” film festivals, the opportunity for authors and cineasts to mingle and talk shop will greatly increase.

Indie Connect is a new resource created by Mike Lyddon and Screamfix founder D.C. Harrison wherein writers can submit “pitches” to interested filmmakers in a variety of genres and sub-genres.  Stories, novellas, novels, screenplays, and concepts are all welcome on Indie Connect.


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